Download iSunshare BitLocker Genius to Unlock BitLocker Drive on Mac

iSunshare BitLocker Genius

If you have the external hard drive or USB drive which is encrypted by Windows BitLocker, how can you get into the drive with your Mac when working at home these days?  As is known to all, it is necessary to have the encryption password or the recovery key file if you want to open BitLocker drive, is it works the same on Mac? Yes, you need the password for the BitLocker drive or the recovery key file. Of course, it is also essential to have BitLocker reader for Mac. iSunshare BitLocker Genius is such software for Mac users to unlock BitLocker drive on Mac with a password or recovery key file. 

Download iSunshare BitLocker Genius for Mac computer. This software enables you to open, unlock/decrypt, read, access, mount and unmount BitLocker encrypted external drives on your Mac. With iSunshare BitLocker Genius, you can easily access the data in BitLocker drive which is encrypted under Windows 7/8/10 computer. 

iSunshare BitLocker Genius Overview 

iSunshare BitLocker Genius is a great helper that provides users the ability to make unreadable BitLocker drive accessible on Mac.  You can instantly access all data in the drive after decryption. Similarly, you need to enter the password or import the recovery key file to mount the encrypted drive on Mac. 

Moreover, it is feasible to transfer files from BitLocker drive to Mac or Mac to the encrypted drive. And this software provides the facility to open dmg files without any difficulty. iSunshare BitLocker Genius is super easy to use and everyone can work with it without any experience. 

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Features of iSunshare BitLocker Genius 

Easily Unlock BitLocker Encrypted Drive on Mac 

With this user-friendly BitLocker reader on Mac, everyone can access encrypted external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, CF card and etc. on Mac.  Once the software detects your drive, it takes just few minutes to decrypt the drive in a few steps. 

Works on Almost All macOS and Mac OSX 

This software is compatible with almost all Mac, including Mac OSX Lion, Mountain Lion, and Mavericks, Yosemite, EI Capitan as well as macOS Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina. For the newest mac OS Catalina, you need to gain full disk access before launching the software. 

Two Ways to Mount BitLocker Drive 

You can either supply the encryption password or the BitLocker recovery key file to mount the drive. And the password option is chosen by most people. 

How to Unlock BitLocker Drive on Mac with iSunshare BitLocker Genius 

The software is free to download on its official website. But it is not free to use. Everyone is affordable to purchase and get the registration code to activate it.  Besides, the code comes with lifetime usage and online technical supports. 

Step 1: Download and install iSunshare BitLocker Genius. 

After downloading on Mac, you can double click and follow the introductions to install it on your computer. For the newest Mac Catalina, you need to access System Preference > Security & Privacy > Full Disk Access and add iSunshare BitLocker Genius into the list to gain data access after its full installation. 

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Step 2:  Insert the BitLocker drive into Mac 

Now, you can plug the BitLocker drive into Mac or use the USB cable to connect the external hard drive to Mac. When opening the software, you can see that the BitLocker drive is marked with “bitlocker” text in the Encrypt section. Simply choose the drive and click the Unlock button to go on. 

drive into Mac

Step 3: Mount the drive with a password or recovery file 

In the pop-out prompt, you can enter the encryption password and click the Mount button to decrypt the drive. The second option is to tick the box next to “Use key file”, click “Open” to add the recovery file, and finally click “Mount” to unlock the drive. 

Mount the drive with a password or recovery file

Step 4: Access the unlocked drive and manage your data 

After unlocking, you can view the unlocked drive on desktop. And you can directly enter and open the files to manage. Also, you can copy and paste the documents between the drive and Mac.  When you finish the working and want to eject the drive, you should go back to iSunshare BitLocker Genius interface. On this interface, you need to select the unlocked drive and click “Eject” on the navigation toolbar. Finally, you can pull the drive out manually. 

 Access the unlocked drive and manage your data

iSunshare BitLocker Genius Free Download 

Download iSunshare BitLocker Genius free trial version for Mac now. It just takes you few minutes to get it done. 

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