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There are hundreds of reasons why people love playing Minecraft Nintendo switch. One principle is that our avatars can die in the game, but we cannot die from them. Minecraft is a sandbox game that has grown in popularity since the first release in the year 2009. Many people like playing this game, and it’s one of the bestselling video games of all time. The goal of playing this game is to survive, build a house, explore, and have fun, and this is probably some of the reasons so many people are drawn to it.  

In the game, players have an avatar that they can use to explore this block 3D world by discovering and extracting raw materials. The player also has tools that they can use to build structures like houses.

Also, players in the game often face attacks from computer-controlled mobs, which can kill you; therefore, you will need to fight them.

The game that was acquired by Microsoft from the developer has now made its way to Nintendo Switch. The game will include all the features that are in the console version that is the Tumble, Battle, and multiplayer mini-games. The good thing about Minecraft on Nintendo Switch is you can have up to eight players all playing at the same time. If the players all have the Switch either locally or online, they can play at the same time. The Minecraft Nintendo Switch version can also allow up to four plays on a split-screen mode using a single console.

Unlike the other non-portable consoles, Switch offers you the ability to play the game on the go even if you are out of the home. 

The other thing about the Minecraft Nintendo version is that the game will be in 60fps and at a resolution of 720P, which is better. Microsoft claims that the Nintendo version will also include several worlds of Minecraft. Some of the new planets are Chinese Mythology, Halloween, Greek Mythology, and Festive. Also, there are more skin packs included in this version, like the Beast Skin packs, Multiple Battle, and Redstone Specialists. This is one of the best Microsoft move putting the game on this console.


The gameplay of Minecraft does not change in this console even though there are some more worlds added. There are no specific goals that you have to accomplish on this game, which is why it’s interesting. Players have this immensely considerable freedom to play the game whichever way they like.

As much as gamers have this freedom, the core gameplay involves picking up and placing objects. These objects or blocks allow the players to now build anything they want. You can explore this game world, and it’s infinite, but you will need a map seed to do so. The gameplay offers gamers different modes and difficulties that enable them to explore the world of Minecraft. We will discuss some of the Minecraft game modes and what goes on in each game mode.


Creative mode is one of the best modes that are in Minecraft Nintendo Switch that anyone fascinated by building things should play. In this mode, the players are free from the entire disturbance that is their world, and you can build anything no matter the size. This mode helps bring out the creativity of a player. Remember to make things in the Minecraft world, you will need to have an inventory menu, but this mode is different.


Players have access to all the resources that they want and the items to build their projects. In creative mode also, players have that ability to flying around the world, unlike other modes. The avatar of the player does not get hungry, nor do they get damaged by the things in their world. There are mobs in this world, but they are harmless as this mode, unlike the survival mode where the mobs attack. If you are a fan of a building, then it will be ideal if you choose the creative mode in Minecraft Nintendo Switch to build your things with no disturbance.


Survival mode is probably one of the most famous game modes in Minecraft, and depending on the difficulty it gets more fascinating. The mode requires the players to gather some items and natural resources which they can use to make items or blocks. There is a wide range of items that a player can craft in the Minecraft world, which include armours, weapons, and other tools. 

The crafted tools are so essential as some you use them for protection from monster spawns that hide in the dark. Some devices also assist the player in building shelter when it gets late at night for protection from monsters that can attack the player and reduce the health bar. The health bar is one thing that determines how long you will last in the game. When your health bar almost diminishes then you will die while in survival mode.

There are a lot of things that can cause your health bar to decline. Some of the things include falling, drowning, starvation falling on lava and other many things in the world.

There is a whole lot of fun that goes on in this mode. Do you know you can cook and sell things? In Minecraft, Nintendo Switch Survival mode players can make furnaces where they can cook their food. If you happen to be having some items or goods, you can do a trading system where you can exchange goods with local villagers. 

If you happen to be playing with other players in this mode, you can earn points by killing them. The points are called the experience points, and you can also earn them by killing mobs cooking food and other things. If you happen to die at some point in the game, all the tools that are on your inventory will drop and you will re-spawn where the game did start. Players have five minutes to reach the point where the tools dropped before they can de-spawn. This is an exciting Minecraft mode that you should try if you want to experience how long you can last in the game. 


The other exciting mode in the game is this hardcore mode where the game is at its hardest point. Just like the survivor mode, the player gets to do all the things you can do in survival mode. You kill mobs, collect items and tools if you get an attack the health bar diminishes plus a bunch of other things. The only difference between hardcore mode and survival mode is that you will not re-spawn. In instances where you are playing with other gamers, and you die, you will not be able to come back to the game, but you will go into spectator mode. In this level, all the cheat codes are disabled; therefore, you will not be able to use them easily.


There are several ways in which you can get into spectator mode while playing Minecraft Nintendo Switch. Firstly if you happen to be playing a survival mode and you die while playing, you will end up in spectator mode. The other way is using some commands to access this mode. In this mode, there is nothing you can do but spectate other players playing. While in this mode, there is no inventory or any interaction with the players. You fly through the blocks just spectating the game. There are mobs in the game, but they don’t attack you.

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Adventure mode is also in the Minecraft Nintendo Switch, and this mode is explicitly designed to give users some adventurous experience. Player has some user crafted custom maps and adventures which they can explore. This mode is no different from survival mode as the player still gets attacked and can sustain damage. The difference between adventure mode or survival mode is that there are some restrictions given by the builder of the custom map. Players may need to get various items to help them navigate and be able to experience adventures in that world. In some worlds, you can destroy blocks too, but not just any kind of item can destroy. There are items with the destroy tag that are only responsible for destroying the blocks. There are several custom maps that you can choose from to go into an adventure on a world.


Several features are in Minecraft that make your life easier while gaming. Some of these features include;


This feature in Minecraft helps in guiding you as you navigate through the game world. The feature appears every time you start a survival mode for the first time. What this feature does is it provides you with a hint and a description of how you can solve it. Furthermore, the tutorial feature also offers you an image for future illustrations.


There are a bunch of things that you need to complete while in a game mode like survival. The statistics feature help you in tracking all the tasks that you have and have not completed. Examples of tasks include the kills time you have played the game and many more.


Recipes is another crucial feature in Minecraft that you need to know and as a player and take advantage of. With this feature, you get the perfect guide of crafting the tools you need for the job. Everything in the Minecraft world probably has a recipe of a way you can do it, which is an advantage to a new player.


There is no reason now why you should not get this Nintendo Switch console as Minecraft is nowhere. The fact that you can now play this game on the go at any point in time as the console is portable is a significant advantage. Minecraft is a really entertaining and a creative game and the fact you do what you want is mind-blowing. If you were wondering when you can have the chance to start playing this game, then this is absolutely the time to get Nintendo. Getting this game is going to give you many opportunities and the main is finding yourself creatively.


What is new in Minecraft Nintendo Switch?

There are a few things that they did add on Minecraft Nintendo Switch, but they transform the game experience. There are a few extra worlds that they did add in this Minecraft like Halloween, Festive, and Greek Mythology. Also, there are several packs addition, and they include the Redstone specialist, multiple battles and other several packs. All these worlds and pack elevate how you experience the game in Nintendo Switch.

Why is Minecraft so addictive?

Minecraft is a very addictive game once you start playing it to be able to complete some tasks. The main reason why people can’t seem to stop playing this game is because of the freedom of creativity it has. Players have ultimate freedom as they can creatively build anything they want. The world is so big, and there are a lot of things that you can do with this; thus, many try to express their creativity.

Which is the hardest mode in Minecraft?

There are several modes in Minecraft that any gamer will enjoy. When playing Minecraft, players can choose the difficulty level they would like to play. Many people say that hardcore mode is one of the hardest modes of Minecraft because when you die, you don’t re-spawn. Survival mode is another mode that can be so challenging if it is at a very difficult level. You should try the two modes to find out which is the real thing when it comes to the modes of Minecraft. 

Can you save Minecraft on the cloud?

Yes. You can save Minecraft files on the cloud using the Bedrock Engine. If you happen to be using Xbox One, then the data will be saved on the cloud. If you are using other platforms like a PC, Nintendo Switch and others the files saved locally.

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