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Are you loved to play shooting games? Then it would be best if you played Garena free fire hack. It is one of the best shooter games available on the internet. In this article, we will give you full details about Garena’s free fire. We will provide you with some tricks that you can use in this game to win the battle. So, let’s start it. 

Introduction to the Garena free fire apk

You can check the popularity of this game on the internet. More than 50million users use this game. The overall rating for free fire is 4.5. More than 40milluons people give almost five stars. This is a massive success for this game.  The Garena open fire hack is a fantastic game that is fully compatible with your device. This game is full of adventures and exciting features. In this game, there are a total of 50 players, including you. The players are offers to choose their teammates from their friend list. Apart from this, you can also search for any random person for matching.


If we talk about launching, then Garena was launched by Garena studios in Nov 2018. Initially, the free fire hack was launched for Android devices only, but after getting colossal support and success, this game launched for iOS and PC also. 

Today we will introduce you to the modified version of the best action game, Garena free fire hack. You can use this version to get unlimited coins, health, and to unlock many interactive features that you will not find in the original free fire. 

How to download the Garena free fire Mod apk for Android devices: – 

You can download hack free fire hack very easy and simple to use. In this section of our article, we will give you detail about how to download and install the open fire mod apk in your android device in free. You need to follow these steps: – 

  • At the bottom of our article, we provide a link where you can download the hacked Garena in free. You can download this game by just clicking on the provided link. 
  • After clicking on the link, you will be directed to a page where you find a download button. After clicking on the downloaded button, you have to enable new resources from your Android settings. 
  • Now, you have to choose a folder in your file manager where you want to place the file of Garena free fire apk. 
  • Now, you can download the hacked free fire in your device and install it. 

When you finish the installation procedure, you can open the game in your device. 

How to play Garena free fire in android phone: –

Garena free fire hack is a viral game because it’s straightforward to use. You can play this game without any disturbance. In this section of our article, we will give you some steps about how to play Garena free fire. 

When this game starts, you find that you are standing on an island. There will be other competitors that can be seen by you. You and your squad can be differentiated from other players by showing the number of your teammates. This takes some time to starts the battle. By using your parachute, you can land on any desired location within the zone.  After landing successfully, you should search for weapons, and you can use these weapons to kill the enemies.

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You can drive vehicles to reach in the safe zone. There will be a total of 4 members in your team. If any member of your team is knocked out, then you should give him revive; otherwise, he will die. One thing that you should keep in mind that you must play safely to win the battle. The player who will survive at the ending of the game will declare as the winner.  

Suppose you see any enemy than shot on him immediately by pressing the fire button. In this way, you can win the battle by playing with your teammates. 

Free fire for PC: – 

The fire mod apk is also compatible with your PC. You can download the game for pc by clicking on a link that we provide at the bottom of our article. Now, we will give you every detail about how to use and install Garena free fire hack apk in your PC. 

You can use your keyboard and mouse to control the characters in battlegrounds. Use the following keys of your keyboard to play the game on your PC. 

W- Move to forward

Z- Prone

D- Move to the right

S- Move to backward

A- To move left

C- Crouch 

Spacebar- for jump

Tricks that you should use in Garena Fire free: – 

  • Drive the vehicles so fast to visit every part of the map or reach your desired destination. 
  • You can hide in big trenches; it will make you invisible. 
  • One thing that you should keep in mind that you should prove yourself in grasses so that the damage by bullets of the enemy becomes minimize. 
  • Try to loot the airdrops so that you can get better and more damaging, causing weapons such as snipers. 
  • Always use high-resolution powers scope to use the snipers. You can kill your enemy in just one headshot of a sniper. 
  • Avoid entering the red zone as it can kill you by bombs. It would help if you played in a safe area. 
  • Make some strategies if you find that enemy is hidden in the building. You can tackle your enemy easily if your teammates are with you. 
  • Features of Free fire Hack Apk: – 

In the above section of our article, we discuss features of the original free fire hack, now we will discuss the hacked version of Garena. 

  • Unlimited money: – 

You can get unlimited money and fire diamond free in this version. You can use this money to buy anything such as skin color, etc. So, hack Garena and enjoy unlimited features. 

  • Health: – 

No one can deny that health plays a crucial factor in the Garena free fire hack game. Apart from this your survival skills also important for your winning in the battleground. The hacked free fire allows you to use unlimited health so that you can’t kill in the battlegrounds. Use unlimited health and push your rank easily.

No one can notice you: – 

The best feature of hacked free fire is that it provides you immunity from cheat detection. It means that you can hack the game safely and no one can notice your activities. 

  • Shooting during swimming: – 

In the original free fire hack, you can’t shoot while you are swimming. While the hacked version of this game allows you to shoot during swimming. You should use this feature to surprise other players in the battleground. It will increase the chances of your survival. 

  • No root required: – 

Usually, you have to root your device when you hacked any game. But you can hack free fire hack easily without the rooting of your device. You just need to install this game in your device and play it safely. 

Pros: – 

  • Multiplayer game: – 

This game is available in multiplayer mode in this game there are a total of 50 players for a battle. In this way, you can enjoy this game with your teammates in an interesting manner. 

  • Vast map: – 

The Map of Garena free fire hack is very vast which increases the chances of your survival.  There are a lot of bushes and trenches. You should use them to prevent from your enemies. You can drive your vehicle for exploring the whole map. 

  • Variations in Weapons: – 

You can use various types of weapons to kill your enemy.  You must use a weapon that has high firing speed, less reloading time, and which gives more damage. If you are landing on a place where you don’t find any weapons then you can use your fist or pan to counter the enemy. 

  • Smooth control: – 

You don’t need to worry about control. You can adjust your controls according to your choice. So, customized control allows you to get better control. 

  • Graphics: – 

The graphics of the Garena free fire hack game are excellent which makes it a smooth game for playing. One of the most important features in this game is that you can adjust the graphics resolutions as per your choice. We recommend you that you should use medium level graphics for saving the data and minor glitches. 

  • Communicate with your teammates: – 

You can talk with your teammates when you are playing squad mode.  No one can deny that if you formulated better strategies with your team than you can win this battle easily.  

  • Auto-aim: – 

 Auto-aim is the best feature that you can use in the Garena Free Fire hack. By using this feature, you can shoot your enemy at insight. So, use this feature and win the battle easily. You should not need to jump or fire through walls if you will use this feature. 

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How to generate free fire diamond generator: – 

In the above of our article, we informed that you can use unlimited diamonds in free fire hack apk.  You can use these diamonds to purchase things and characters in the game. In other words, we can say that diamond acts as a currency in the garena and you can buy everything by using them. This currency is also used to spin the wheel. Let’s talk about the diamond generator in brief. 

Firstly, you have to open the app that is already installed on your device. 

Then, you should buy only 1or 2 things in a day. Here, one thing that you noticed that you can’t buy more items because if you buy more items than your activities will be notified resulting in banning your account. So, we recommend you strongly that you should buy the skins or characters in fewer amounts. 

FAQs: – 

  • Is it safe to use Garena Free Fire hack?

Garena fire is safe to use so you don’t need to worry about security issues. This game doesn’t use any personal information. 

  • How to download Garena free fire? 

You can download the file from a link that we provided at bottom of our article. You can download the file from this link without any trouble and there is no threat of data theft. 

  • Can I use this game in my laptop?

Yes. This game is fully compatible with android devices, iOS, Mac, PC, and Laptop

  • How to get a free fire diamond hack in Garena? 

You can get a diamond hack by using a hacked version of this game. At the above of our article, we provided you a detailed knowledge so that you can use a free diamond hack. 

  • Can I unlock all characters in Garena free fire hack apk?

Yes, you can get all skins and characters in free by using hacked Garena in free. You can use a free diamond that you get by using a free diamond generator. These unlimited diamonds are used to purchase certain things.

  • Conclusion: –

In this article, we give you various details regarding the hacked version of the Garena free fire hack game. There is no doubt that Garena is the best game in the action category. But you can make it more interested by installing the free fire hack apk in your device. We discussed many tricks that you should use in the game.

As we discussed in our article that there is a total of 50 players in a match and the last survivor is the winner. The total duration of this game is about 10 minutes. There are a lot of features in the hacked version of free fire that are not present in the original Garena game.

The main and most interesting feature in the hacked version is that you can use shooting options while swimming and auto headshot. There are a lot of players in the battleground who want to buy the skins of weapons but they haven’t sufficient balance to purchase them. So, they must use a free fire mod apk version to purchase various things by using diamonds as a currency. 

In other words, we can conclude that the hacked version of Garena free fire hack is full of features that increase the chances of your survival. You should use this version once in your device. Also, we provide a link to download the file. So, download the file and enjoy it.

Link for android:- 

Link for PC:-

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