How to watch NBA online for free?

watch nba online free

Due to this pandemic and the spread of coronavirus, our lives have stopped in the middle and the can be said about the sports we live. The bummer news of not having new NBS seasons have been downing – say what can’t a league game of basketball do to make things better.

But lo and behold, the NBA has suspended the season’s basketball matches due to many players being positive of COVID, though as it is concerning but still it is sad to not have anything to enjoy during this lockdown. How have we patiently waited for the entire year to enjoy good sports playing to get the thrill and enjoyment? 

So cheers, NBS has announced to re-elect past year’s basketball matches for us fans who are missing out. So we will let you know how you can watch NBA online free.

What has NBS announced?

So for all the basketball lovers, on 18th March, the NBA has announced to release NBA league pass for a limited time, that contains an expansive collection of classic basketball matches l, game relays and whatnot – that a die-hard fan would love anytime for. Along with that, you can also watch the full-length league matches of the past year to enjoy and it is pretty much a good replacement of new matches.

At least after considering the safety of our super talented and loved players. This step is probably the best step taken by the NBA to mitigate the issue of not conducting the matches – like all other leagues of every sport are cancelled. They are letting us enjoy these matches and the benefits of the league last for free. Does it not calls for a celebration?

Each year NBA releases such passes at a certain cost with differently tiered benefits generally starting from 99$ – so this time to get our hopes up, they are offering this spectacular league passes – which were always hard to get, since they were released for a limited time and amount for free. So we can all enjoy and watch NBA online free.

How can one get their hands on NBA pass?

So with the hiatus on NBA matches and this goodness of getting to watch the special content in league passes for free, it is just awesome to have something to hold when our normal, regular lives are not as normal as they were once, stuck in confines of our homes to stay safe. Well, that’s also necessary for lives but yeah, we can watch NBA online free. 

You will need to make an account to get one of these leave passes in the NBA app or website. If you already have one, that’s great you are ready to go. You can get the NBA app on iPhone, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Android TV, Xbox, PlayStation and even Roku. The complementary NBA league pass is available so get started to watch NBA online free – the hottest and most exciting matches and replays, with the comfort of your homes.

Other streaming sites you can use to watch NBA matches?

Well you can also try using various streaming sites which show NBA matches, they sometimes have recorded matches too and one such golden streaming site is Hulu. You can access and watch NBA online free here. Hulu always streams NBA matches on their website and app and with the cancellation of games they are streaming previous years matches and some classics too. So you can now enjoy matches sitting at home, even when the NBA has suspended the basketball league of the year 2020. Hulu is probably the best choice to go for for a good stream of watch NBA online free. They have a month’s free trial so you can enjoy some basketball NBA league matches without much worry, through the website.

And if you lack cable at home and can’t watch some good old ESPN channels then Hulu live streams and recorded versions of games are you best now for your quota of NBA matches to watch.

Torrent sites- 

Other than that you can look for many other torrent sites and websites where you can find some matches like Though the unofficial streaming of NBA matches is pretty much banned there are some sites where you can always go and watch NBA online free. You will need to surf the net and extract it’s potential, for such matches. It can be hard to find, of you are any basketball  lover – you probably already know what the next step is and some sites are already on your mind, go try your luck and maybe you will find some treasures out there and enjoy watching NBA online free

Some other live streaming options- 

FuboTV is another live streaming games and sports option where you can get a free trial. Try our there options and you will find some good matches of NBA present there for you to enjoy. It is not well known but they have a good collection you can enjoy, especially there is nothing else you can her to watch and the season league is all bit cancelled – watch NBA online for free at FuboTV.

There is also the option of getting a trial week of sling tv. It is not that popular and you don’t have the cable then this is your go-to place. They telecast all matches that are shown by ESPN, ABC, TNT, NBA TV Network and all channels which have content for NBA on their site. You can try out their trial week to know if it is any good for watch NBA online free. 

Watch through Apps

If you are lacking the cable then you can catch up the NBA matches and replays through the apps available of TNT, CBS and ESPN. Their channel has its own streaming app where you can access the latest matches and any classic hey are showing on their channel on TV. There sore some other sports channels too with heir individual apps like AT&T. So now without worrying about your awaited leave NBA matches getting cancelled and missing out any repeat telecasts you can get the apps of the channels for you to enjoy the content and watch NBA online free.


Though going through illegal streaming sites can be bothered and the illicit content shown they’re as advertisements can be a downer but sometimes you can come across some golden sites crop up every day with fewer ads to it you and actually give you some content worth watching and not just endless fillers.

So Reddit is the best place to get some idea about these hidden gems. You should be at your own risk when going through the web and searching terms of NBA but who doesn’t wants some exciting watch of NBA matches online free. You can get access to monitorings of comments from people in the forum from different Reddit users. You can try and see if they are legit, and if you come across one you are good to go enjoy watching NBA online for free.

The NBA Website

If you want some matches to spend your time then you should definitely try for the there you can get your hands on some free matches which are streamed on NBA TV. So you will have an enjoyable and binge-worthy content and get to watch NBA online free unrestrictedly. 

You should really have a look at the website and enjoy good content and matches when you are at it. 

Other than this you can also access to the NBA basketball league matches in the website of TNT, they generally stream some matches on their channel as well as their app and website. This will be showing some repeats and great matches which are considered classics. So with this, you can get some more places where watch NBA online free facility is available.

Amazon Prime

You can try out watching some NBA old matches and content in the prime subscription if Amazon. You have a free trial for you to see whether you want to enjoy there content. Otherwise, they have an area from NBA league passes so you will have some glorious experience of watching  NBA online free. 


  • Which classic matches to watch?

you can look into lists released by ESPN and major websites, you can also get to know the matches in the preview of the league pass.  You can get this list and cherish the classic moments while waiting for the league to resume and well our lives to normality. With the listed streaming sites and apps along with the free league pass of NBA, you can get to watch NBA online free. You can try finding them online to watch, you can get some content and highlight clips on YouTube too. Just simply type the match you are looking for and you will the major moments of the league match there. 

  • Where to watch NBA highlights and clips?

YouTube of NBA – you get some amazing some great enjoyment in watching NBA online free at their YouTube channel named as NBA. They have some classic clips and highlight is famous matches and replays of previous year’s league too. So even with this situation amidst lockdown and cancelling of the league – NBA is giving it’s awaiting viewers some content to enjoy. So go and dig up while watching NBA online free.

  • Team details and other mercy stuff on NBA?

The NBA website is a golden treasure you should really visit for some stats and nice sorts content if you are missing the league. If you haven’t gone to their website till now – if you really missed big time. They have a solid content of watching exclusive shots, stats, team details and wonderful matches playing out so you can go all fanning about it and get some worthy watch NBA online free.

  • Where to get good old critique and debated discussions on NBA matches?

You will find some amazing critical discussing on the YouTube channel of ESPN, Fox Sports and more such channels that broadcast NBA sports. They are releasing special content over their channels which you can’t miss out on. You will get to accompany your watch NBA online free with some eye-opening commentary and analysis.

Though the season of NBA league is delayed and suspended for the current situation of crisis and for the safety of players and audience. But most probably once the situation gets any better the season will take place and estimates aya it to probably around the months of September, but who knows what will happen in uncertain times. So wait it out while enjoying some old matches of the league and we have listed out all the best methods out there to watch NBA online free.

  • Why is an NBA so famous?

 NBA or the National Basketball Association is a professional basketball league of North America and is a premier sports association across the States and Canada.  It is considered to be the most repeated and renowned mems professional basketball sports organised.

It has some 30 teams playing int heir games but amidst these situations of the pandemic, the current sorts have been suspended by the association as other sports league. So getting one’s hands on some worthy content to watch NBA online free such as repeat telecasts and highlight matches or even the previous season will be a great way to spend the time. 


Hopefully, our help and resources mentioned in this article have given you some idea and information to get watching NBA online through various sites, torrents, YouTube channels, league passes and steaming channels.

Instead of getting upset about the sudden declaration about the cancellation of the sports league you should think about how you can relive and cherish the moments of past year matches, well we all know it was going to happen at the rate all sports associations and organisations were suspending their matches.

But is the sadness is any less, no of course not? A bit yes we have methods to enjoy and remain satisfied with something or the other and here it is online places where you can get some NBA matches and special moments to enjoy.


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