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port to jio

Nowadays, you will see many smartphone users choosing the option of the port to JIO. You may wonder what the same scheme or plan behind port to JIO? And why so many people are choosing to port their numbers into JIO when there are so many options available?

To understand this, we will first have to talk about the history of Reliance Jio. We will have to know how they managed to reach up to the position where they are standing today.

Reliance JIO is one of the biggest telecommunication providers in India.

Ever since its launch, it has seen rapid growth in business. And they have achieved this by providing the best quality services to their customers. Within a few months of its launch, Reliance Jio went on to occupy a leading position in the telecom industry of India. And they were able to achieve this because they kept customers at the epicenter of their business. 

If you look at all the plans provided by Reliance Jio, you will see that they are easily affordable for an average Indian smartphone user. Plus, these plans offer some of the best benefits and offers when it comes to data plans and Talktime offers. Thus, spending a particular amount on Reliance JIO plans feels genuinely worth it.

And this is the reason why they acquired millions of subscribers within a year of their launch.

And now, they have become a leading brand and a tough competitor for all other brands in the telecom industry. They have created an excellent image of themselves in this industry and are working hard to maintain it. And the best way to do that is, obviously, by providing good quality services to the customers. 

The telecom industry of India is one of the fastest-growing and ever-changing sectors. Since the privatization of this industry, many private firms have entered this market, and it has seen so many changes over the past 30 years.

But why so many firms are interested in making investments in this field? One of the primary reasons is India’s population. India recently surpassed the USA and became the second-largest smartphone market in the world. And India occupies the second position in terms of the most significant number of smartphone users. After China, India has the most significant number of people who use smartphones in their day-to-day life.

But even after this, there are still many people in India who don’t have access to a smartphone.

And this number, too, will probably go in millions. Some villages have no internet access, and some people use outdated mobiles. Or, they don’t have the latest versions of smartphones that will allow them to do you several tasks just by a single click.

Again, Reliance Jio came to the rescue of such people by launching the Jio smartphone. It is just a regular keypad mobile phone, but it has all the features that you can find on a good smartphone. 

The Jio mobile phone was launched by keeping the price as low as possible. Jio launched this smartphone for those Indian customers who could not afford to spend thousands to buy a good quality smartphone, and this venture became successful as well. But you can’t enjoy quality services by just having a smartphone in your hand.

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The number that you use must also be providing you satisfactory services,

without which you cannot enjoy various services on your smartphone. And this is where JIO came into the picture. It brings affordable packages, with excellent benefits for its customers. This is one of the primary reasons to opt for the port to JIO. Also, if you port to JIO, it provides you with some of the best, exciting, welcoming offers. And these offers last for over a year. So, your journey with Jio will begin with benefits only.

JIO has 387.5 million subscribers. Maybe you can also give it a try. And if you are still confused about why port to JIO, then we are here to help you out. 

Why port to Jio?

  1. The service of porting your number to Jio is available all over India. So, you’ll never face any problem just because you ported your number.
  2. The Reliance Jio provides customers with some of the most affordable packages. It has inspiring talk time plans, data plans available for both prepaid and postpaid connections.
  3. Reliance Jio has a vital connectivity service spread across the whole of India. They have also reached some of the most rural, unexplored regions in our country. So, you will hardly face any connectivity issue after porting your number to Jio.
  4. The JIO 4g voice is also available for models that do not support 4g voice calling.
  5. JIO has also introduced services like JIO cinema, JIO music, JIO magazines, and JIO tv for its subscribers. These entertainment services require a paid subscription. But when you port to JIO, all these services are made freely available for you. You can enjoy these entertainment platforms for a free trial of one year.
  6. When you port to JIO, it provides many services for free, as a part of welcoming offers. All these additional services are worth Rs. 15,000/-. So, you can enjoy benefits worth rupees 15k for free.

Things to keep in mind before porting

  1. Postpaid users must clear all of their pending bills with the previous service provider of the sim card.
  2. You will be subjected to eKYC, and once that is done, your sim will be ported within 5-7 days.
  3. Your sim card will continue functioning during these 5-7 days. So, there will be no loss of work.
  4. The unique code you get for porting your sim is valid for 15 days only.

How to port to JIo?

You can easily port your current number to JIO (MNP) without any complications. The process for the port to JIO has been kept very simple.

Just follow these easy steps to port your number.

Step 1: In your message box, type ‘PORT’ and after that, punch in your 10-digit mobile numbers.

Step 2: Send this text to 1900.

Step 3: You will receive a unique porting number with an expiry date (15 days generally).

Step 4: Visit your nearest Reliance JIO store for verification.

Step 5: You will have to take your AADHAR card with you as an ID proof.

Note: You can also generate a JIO coupon code. You can get it by downloading the Jio app from the google play store.

What makes JIO different?

Telecommunication packs in India have always been expensive compared to other parts of the world. The thing that attracted customers to JIO, in the beginning, was the cheap internet packs it provided. Reliance wanted to bring a digital change in India, and they planned their market strategies just according to that. And people loved their plans so much so that the company saw a huge, unexpected rise in their customers within some time.

JIO brought light to the matter that the communication industry in India had never looked after its customers. Reliance JIO created fierce competition. This led to a change in plans that were provided by other telecom service providers. Still, the number of people who wanted to port to Jio was significant. 

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Reliance JIO packs

As mentioned earlier, it was the plans put out by the JIO that attracted so many customers. 

It has several packs that are designed to fit the needs of their customer, unlike packs by other providers that offer small data plans for a more extended period.


JIO packages are designed to provide the internet daily. This means that they have plans that give net like 1.5 GB per day, 2 GB per day, and so on. This is beneficial for people who are heavy internet users as they have a choice now.

Data boost

If one exhausts or ends up using all of their daily data and still needs more, than they also have the option of getting additional data that starts at a cheap rate of 11 rupees and goes on according to the amount of net you need.


Jio packs come with a varying validity package. One can get recharge for a month or two months or more. They even have packages that have a validity of a year.

In addition to that, if you get data boosters, then they will have the same validity as the current main plan that is active on the device. So, if one port to JIO, then they can surely enjoy their data plans.

Text and calls

After some changes in their offers, JIO now has packs that provide ‘talk-time balance’ and SMS service that has a ‘daily basis condition’ just like the net packs.

The ‘talk-time balance’ is for Jio to non-Jio calls, Jio to Jio calls are free.

What other things does JIO offer?


  • JIO has also launched its JIO phone that is a keypad smartphone. Thus, it has access to the internet and has all the apps launched by JIO. It is cheap and affordable—another feat for a digital India. 
  • JIO apps

Along with JIO sim, JIO has launched some additional apps as well.

These include JIO saavn, a music app, and JIO cinema, a platform to watch movies from all across India. Then there is JIO Tv that allows one to watch a number of channels live on your smartphone. Of course, you might not find some channels but the majority of them are there. One can also watch shows that have already been broadcasted in case they missed it.

  • The jio app allows the subscriber to manage all of these services and hence is user friendly. If you have connectivity issues, JIO has an app for that as well. Net Velocity is an app that lets the user see the internet speed in their area. 
  • For security, JIO has also launched JIO security. So there’s no need to download a third-party security app.
  • And just like that, there are also a number of useful apps from JIO. One can enjoy them as they port to JIO.

JIO Fiber

In another effort for a digital India, Reliance JIO has introduced JIO Fiber. It is a broadband service and would be one of its kind from Reliance. This broadband will provide great speed. The most interesting part of this is that in the coming future one can expect Tv service providers to witness a revolutionary change as your TV, smartphones and the Internet of Things will be connected.

JIoFi is the portable Wi-Fi that is provided by Reliance JIO and so far it has been doing well. However, JIOFiber is a change that might need some time. It required JIO to lay down millions and million long fiber cables underground all across India. Something that is still under progress. 


  1. Does JIO provides 3g service?

Reliance JIO does not provide 3g or 2g services. It operates on LTE and has a JIO 4g voice for smartphones that are not 4g supported.

  1. Will Jio work on a 3g phone?

Jio 4g internet will work in every smartphone but the user won’t be able to make 4g voice calls without JIO 4g voice.

  1. What does JIO stand for?

The full form of JIO is Joint Implementation Opportunities.

  1. How can one recharge JIO sims?

 You can use both online or offline sources to recharge your Jio number. One can use an e-wallet or make online payments. Offline recharges are also available.

  1. What is the customer service provider for JIO?

JIO care is the customer service provider for JIO. A subscriber can either call them for any query or complain or visit the nearest JIO care center. is the website for JIO where one can get all the necessary information, they might need like detailed information on how to port to JIO or where to locate JIO care centers.


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