iPhone se 2 price – Things that you should know and research about it 

iPhone se 2 price

Becoming a famous smartphone brand is not an easy task. It is one of the challenging tasks nowadays, where various smartphone brands are available right now .iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone brands globally. A smartphone brand has to fulfill many criteria for becoming a renowned brand. iPhone has already launched many smartphones model in the market. iPhone se 2 is one of them. But many people don’t know about the price of the iPhone se 2, whether it is too expensive or not. You will get the correct information about the iPhone se 2 price in different countries.

The History of the iPhone

iPhone is not only by its name, but also it’s quality tells its history. iPhone is a smartphone brand. It is a smartphone brand of Apple Inc. Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs got an idea of using a touchscreen with a computer in a way he could type on display. Also, giving input without using a stylus. He decided to create a multitouch triple layer system display. That was very easy to think but difficult to do. Steve gathered a group of engineers to investigate the idea. And created a prototype and jobs find it similar to a mobile phone. Apple did the first demo project in 2005, and its name was Project Purple 2. But it was not published.

 On January 9, 2007, the first iPhone was launched at a keynote address in Macworld Conference and Expo by Steve Jobs. Its name was the iPhone 2G. And at that time, the 2G ne2rk was available. They released it in the USA. And it’s the price $499 for the 4GB model and $599 for the 8GB model. Then, from 2008, the iPhone started to change its smartphone model. After the release date of six weeks, a glass screen replaced the plastic screen. After that, they began to manufacture their smartphone with their OS named IOS and their unique features. They published iPhone 2, iPhone 3, iPhone 3s ,iPhone 4, 4s etc. And the first iPhone se came to market in 2016. And the second came to the market in 2020. 

iPhone se 2 specifications

Before buying a phone, you must be aware of the phone specifications. To ensure that the phone specs are suitable for you and fulfill your demands. Before knowing the iPhone se 2 prices, let us learn about its specifications and see whether it meets your need. 


iPhone se 2 has three variants. They are Global (A2296 ), which is for the Global market, USA (A2275), and the China version that is (A2298) China. This phone’s ne2rk is based on GSM, CDMA, HSPA, EVDO, LTE. You will feel an excellent grip with a dimension of 5.45× 2.65×0.29 inch . its also not a heavy to carry. Moreover, you don’t need to use 2 hands to operate the phone because its weight is only 148 g. There is a nano sim plate to use a sim card. Also, the phone is water-resistant under 1m of the water about to half an hour.

Display and processors

 Looking forward to its screen, you will get 4.7 inches retina IPS display with up to 326 PPI and 750×1334 pixels, which is exciting. Its glass is ion strengthened with oleophobic coating. IOS 13 is used in the iPhone se 2. Apple A13 Bionic chipset with four-core GPU graphics and Hexa core CPU of 2 2.65 GHz Lightning and four 1.8 GHz THunder will give you an exciting gaming experience. It has three variants of different ROM, aka storages. They are 3GB RAM with 64 GB ROM,3 GB RAM with 128 GB ROM, and 3 GB RAM with 256 GB ROM.but there is no option for using a memory card.

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 If you think that the feature is over, then you are wrong. The main thing the camera feature is still waiting in the iPhone se 2. You will get a 12 MP rear camera with f/1.8 with a wide-angle. You will be able to record 4k video at 24/30/60 fps. Also, HDR and video stabilizers are available at the back camera. A 7MP with an f/2.2 camera is there as a front camera. Even though the front camera, you can record 1080p at 30fps.


USB 2.0 and dual-band wifi, hotspot, Bluetooth (5.0), GPS sensor, Compass, and gyro sensors are other cool features.also as always, the fingerprint sensor is in the front, and the sound system is stereo. The battery is an 1821 mAh LI-ion battery with 59H backup. The battery is non-removable, and an 18W fast charger will be in the packet .also wireless charging is available, and you can also use NFC for paying bills.

iPhone se series

In 2016 iPhone launched their first iPhone se series smartphone. That’s name was iPhone se first generation. The acronym se denotes the Special Edition. The first iPhone se was quite similar to the iPhone 5s, but some up-gradation was in its hardware. They were high battery capacity, a 12 MP rear camera that will record up to 4k video recording. That’s why it was called SE. After four years, the iPhone launched their second phone of iPhone se 2 that is quite similar to the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 pro. But some up-gradation such as battery capacity, camera, chipset, etc. The first generation iPhone se price was $249 for it’s 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM. And the iPhone se 2 price will discuss here.

What is the iPhone se 2 price according to Apple’s official website? 

Apple’s official website is the platform where you will get every sort of Apple product news. Like their iPod, iPhone, accessories, PC, etc. According to Apple’s official website, the iPhone se 2 has three variants of color. They are red, white, and black. For the 64 GB ROM with 3 GB RAM iPhone, the se 2 price is $399. For the 128 GB ROM and 3 GB RAM variant, the iPhone se 2 price is $449. And the 256 GB ROM with 3 GB RAM iPhone se 2 price is $549.     

iPhone se 2 price in India

 India is one of the most significant communities of using Apple’s product, mainly the iPhone. According to www.91mobiles.com, the 64 GB ROM variants iPhone se 2 price is 37,900 rupees, and the 128 GB ROM variants iPhone se 2 price is 43,900 Rupees. And the last one, the 256 GB ROM variant iPhone se 2 price is 53,900 Rupees. Those are all available on Flipkart’s favorite online shop, and you can buy any color variant you want. 

iPhone se 2 prices in Bangladesh 

Though the iPhone is not one of the top brands in Bangladesh. But a good number of people use the iPhone in Bangladesh. Only the 64 GB ROM variant is available in Bangladesh. The 64 GB ROM variant iPhone se 2 price is 45,000 Bangladeshi Taka. That is about a high price range phone in Bangladesh. iPhone officially launched iPhone se 2 in April 2020. 

iPhone se 2 price in different countries ( Global version)

You guys already have known that the iPhone se 2 has launched three patients. They are global, China, and our variant. The international variant is available across the world. We are mentioning the iPhone se 2 price of the worldwide variant in different countries below.

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India – 42,500 Indian Rupees.

USA- 399 USD

UAE- 1699 AED

Japan – 44,800 Japanese Yen

UK- 419 Euro

Hong Kong – 3,399 Hong Kong Dollar.

Singapore- 649 Singapore Dollar

Canada – 599 USD

Australia- 749 Australian Dollar

Spain – 489 Euro

Italy- 499 Euro

We mentioned all the prices of 64 GB ROM variants above. 

iPhone se 2 price in China (China Version)

Iphone’s another version that is A2298 that is a china version. It is launched only for China. In mainland China, the iPhone se 2 price for 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB is RMB 3299, 3799, and 4599. It doesn’t make any difference whether you buy any color of them. 

iPhone se 2 price US Version (A2275)

The iPhone’s other version that is US version A2275. It is the official model for the US, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and Canada market. It is a comparatively low price than other countries in the world. iPhone se 2 price started from 

$399 for 64 GB ROM, $499 for 128 GB and $549 for 256 GB ROM. Also, sim free factory unlocked edition is available in the USA. 

iPhone se 2 price in online markets


Flipkart is one of the popular online marketing sites in south Asia. You can get iPhone se 2 at 37900, 43900, and 53900 rupees for 64 GB, 128GB, and 256 GB in Flipkart. Also, discounts were available for pre-orders. 


Amazon is a worldwide online marketplace. It supplies the product over the world. You can buy any products from Apple from amazon. Also, they will provide you warranty and offers. This product is out of stock right now at Amazon.

Would the iPhone se 2 price attract customers?

The iphone se 2 price looks the cheapest mobile phone from Apple. You can get the latest cheapest, that is Apple’s A13 Bionic chipset. For many consumers, only a camera and chipset is not the deal. They want chipset. At the same time, the same chipset as powerful as iPhone 11 and 11 pros. People will also move on to the iPhone se 2 for its 4k video recording, dust, and waterproof features, etc.

Will the iPhone se 2 price replace iPhone XR?

In India, the iPhone is always in the top premium brand. However, many cheaper smartphone brands are still available in the market, but Apple knows how to grab the market position. The dominant selling of iPhone XR and iPhone 11 pro is an example of that. 

Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone se 2 price

First Question: Is the iPhone se 2 price varies from color?

Answer: No, it doesn’t make any difference whether you buy any color of them. The iPhone se 2 prices will be the same for the different colors in the exact specification. 

Second Question: Can I buy a China version from the USA? 

Answer: No. The China version is only available in the China mainland. You can’t buy an iPhone China version from the USA.

Third Question: Is the iPhone se 2 cheaper than any other iPhones in the market?

Answer: Partially, yes. The iPhone se 2 price is lower than any other iPhone models in the market.

Fourth question: Is the iPhone se 2 prices more than it’s the specification?

Answer: No. The iPhone se 2 price 

Fifth question: can I use an external memory card in the iPhone se 2?

Answer: no. There is no external memory card addition slot available on the iPhone se 2?

Sixth question: is there any discount for buying an iPhone se 2?

Answer: there is no announcement from the iPhone itself that there will be any discount on buying an iPhone se 2. But some local retailers often announces for exciting deals .you can grab them.


The iPhone se 2 is full of the latest specifications in-market. Though it is always a high price range brand till now, it’s is one of the cheapest models of the iPhone. However, the price in the local market will vary only slightly that won’t be displaced enough. Also, according to it’s specifications, its price is not much. So you can buy the iPhone se 2 models for you.


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