Take a Breather: Five Brain Teasers To Break The Daily Routine

Five Brain Teasers

If you’re looking for some Brain Teasers games to test your reasoning abilities and also to break the everyday monotony, you’re at the right place. There’s a huge variety out there, and we’ve picked the cream of the crop. Here’s a list of the five best Brain Teasers puzzles you must try right away: 

  1. Nonogram.com

Brain Teasers

AKA Picross, Griddlers, and picture cross, this picture logic puzzle is great for anyone looking for something fun yet relaxing. Unlike many other puzzles, this one isn’t overwhelming or with a complex set of rules. You just have to color the cells based on the numerical clues provided outside a grid. Once you mark the right squares and finish the puzzle, it rewards you with beautiful pixel images. In short, you’re playing to uncover a hidden picture – pretty much like a jigsaw puzzle.

  1. Prune

Brain Teasers

Well, prune may not really fit into one particular category of puzzles, but that doesn’t stop it from being the most uniquely captivating game you’ll ever come across. It’s somewhat a tactical gardening action where you grow bonsai trees, avoiding any dangers like excess shade or sunlight. It’s one of a kind puzzle where experimentation is the key but not the only solution

  1. Alphabear


As the name suggests, Alphabear is an exciting and humorous word game with a strategic twist. But what does the bear have to do here? The better you play, the more bears you collect, the bigger these get, the higher your rewards are at the end of the game. All the words you spell appear in funny cartoon or prop like shapes to keep you interested throughout. Wit and logic is the key to success here. 

  1. Monument Valley
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Monument Valley

Amongst the most mesmerizing and surreal puzzles is Monument Valley. Your aim in this game is to navigate the lost princess through the gorgeous and manipulating landscapes. Nothing’s obvious, surprises and hidden paths keep unfolding. This game’s undoubtedly worth a try!

  1. Two Dots

Brain two dots

This puzzle will tell you how a simple-looking game can be genuinely challenging yet enjoyable. You just need to connect two dots or circles and remove a said number of these listed under each color. Plus, the concept evolves as you escalate – lines take the shape of boxes, and then comes fire and bombs into the play. But the approach remains very much accessible. With a gorgeous design, the interface is minimal, but entertainment is guaranteed.  

No matter what you’re doing – there’s always a need to take a quick break.

So wait no more – cut the mundane and get going at these incredible puzzles. We liked Picross and Two Dots. Let us know the ones you enjoy and how many levels you were able to crack. 

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