How to Activate a New iPhone

how to activate iphone

Firstly, the keypads, then small touch how to activate iphone, then advanced versions of android with advance feature and now notepads and iPhones. Apple takes away the credit of introducing iPhones to technology lovers. The iPhones are favorites among costumers because it fulfills security and privacy concerns.

It is believed that iPhones are more secured and can’t be hacked easily.

 The iPhones are special and distinct from all other mobile technologies. Every other person desires to buy an iPhone once in their life. It is a little tricky to know how to activate iPhone. The iPhones are distinct in every manner; they use their browser – Safari browser.

 Using an iPhone is not a joke; it can trick your mind. The iPhones get registered with the person who buys it. Unfortunately, the iPhone is lost; no one can steal your data. The passwords on the iPhone can’t be recovered easily. 

Only the person who owns it can recover and no one else can make it. 

After you bought a new iPhone, or you are going to use a used iPhone, it is necessary to activate it. Only activating the iPhone will enable you to use cellular services. Well, in the case of the iPhone, it is an essential part of the initial phone setup. It is not a hard task and can be done very easily. 

To activate an iPhone, you must need a Sim card that is already activated by the service provider. Or in the other case, it will get hard for you to carry on. If you have not stolen the iPhone, then learn how to activate iPhone in the article. 

There are 3 things you can do to have your iPhone set up and running. 

  • Using cellular connection or Wi-Fi
  • Using iTunes
  • Troubleshooting 
  •  Keep reading the article to learn how to activate iPhone.

Using Wi-Fi or Cellular Connection

If it is necessary, kindly insert the SIM card into your new iPhone. The need for a SIM card depends on how you got your iPhone and your services. And then you look for to insert the SIM card into the iPhone for the sake of activation. Usually, the SIM card is inserted already in the iPhone if you bought it directly from a carrier. That SIM card needs to be activated and it will be activated by your iPhone’s carrier. 

The iPhone activation will fail in you don’t activate SIM card from your own iPhone carrier. This attempt of using a SIM card from a carrier other than own on a carrier-locked phone fails the iPhone. Well, when you buy an iPhone in a carrier’s store, they do it for you – insert and activate the SIM card. Read the below steps on how to activate iPhone.

Switch on your iPhone to start the process. For this, just hold down the iPhone’s lock button until the registered iPhone logo – white apple appears on the screen. 

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Now you can start setting up the iPhone. 

To do this, you have to press the Home Button and now select a language and the region. 

To continue, you have to make a connection. There are two options available, first is you can try Wi-Fi (if you have its password). The second option you can use is establishing a cellular connection to carry on the process of activation over data.  

you will use data to complete the activation procedure, then it may add charges on your bill. 

If at this moment, you see Connect to iTunes, then you must connect your iPhone to iTunes on the PC. It is the only way to activate via iTunes. 

After doing these things, now wait for the iPhone to be activated. As soon as you become successful in establishing an internet connection, the phone will itself try to be activated. 

Good thing is that you don’t wait more before it gets activated and you get access to your cellular services. 

During this, they may ask you to enter the Apple ID email address and password before the activation process can continue. 

After activation, you should now proceed to set up the iPhone. 

To continue, you will have to choose a backup from which to restore your iPhone. While even setting up a new iPhone, enter the Apple ID and setting various other preferences is essential. Once you are successfully reaching the lock screen, your new iPhone is successfully activated and set up. 

Using iTunes

Learn through the below steps how to activate iPhone.

To go with iTunes, iTunes you are using must be the latest version. To carry on, navigate to the help tab in the upper-left corner of the screen and click. Now hit on Check for Updates. Now sit relax and wait for iTunes to look for the updates. If there are any updates, click Download iTunes. 

In the iTunes, first sign-in with your Apple ID if you have not yet signed in. For signing in, click on the Account tab in the upper-left corner of the screen. Now tap on Sign in and enter the required preferences – Apple ID email address and password. 

Switch on the iPhone and start with setting it up. You will be then asked on the screen to select a language and region. 

Next, click on Connect to iTunes. This option will be available under the other wireless networks. 

If in any case, you might not find this option – Connect to iTunes and screen displays. Use Cellular Connection instead. To continue, click to activate using the iPhone’s cellular connection instead of using iTunes. 

Using the charger cable, connect the iPhone to the PC. Into a port on the PC, plug in the USB (more extensive) end. 

If your iTunes is not opened on the PC yet, then it can start automatically. It depends on your iTunes sync settings. In the other case, you will need to open it and follow steps on how to activate the iPhone.

Tap on Set up as a new iPhone. You can also go for Restore on this Backup. Choose the method which is suitable for you – neither will have adverse effects on the activation process. 

When the screen shows a prompted dialogue box, click on Get started. After it, click on sync. By doing this, you will synchronize the iPhone with your iTunes library and activate the iPhone. 

For this process to work well, you must need an internet connection. 

Continue to finish the process of setting up the iPhone. Enter the Apple ID, set up a password, and setting various other preferences. 


If you face this, you have to contact the previous owner to remove the iPhone from their account devices. Or else ask them to sign in the iPhone. Else then this, there is no other way to solve activation matter. Follow the below steps on how to activate the iPhone.

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Once you went successful, contacting the previous owner and making him sign in at with their Apple ID. After this, they also removed the iPhone from their “My Devices” section. Successively, it enables you to activate the iPhone as owner.  

If you encountered an “Invalid SIM” message on the screen, restart the iPhone. By doing this, you can get this issue solved. Well, few other things can cause this error. 

Go for swapping Airplane Mode, once on and then off. 

To ensure that the O.S. of your iPhone is up-to-date follow given below steps-

You can try to remove or reset the SIM card. 

To understand better, take it as you bought the iPhone from AT&T. You are now trying to use a Verizon SIM card. So, you will need AT&T to unlock the iPhone first. Then you can go to further steps of how to activate the iPhone.

Restore the iPhone to a prior backup available with iTunes. If you cannot activate the iPhone, irrespective of what you tried, you can fix it. Just restore the iPhone to get this resolved. 

For this, first, connect the iPhone to the PC and then launch iTunes. 

Select the iPhone at the top of the window screen; now click “Restore iPhone.”

Sit, relax and wait until the iPhone restores. Now start the setup process and attempt activating it. The restore process will require time to complete. 

Contact the carrier if the iPhone won’t activate restoring it. The airline will perhaps have the solution to the problem. They can also start it for you in the store or over the phone.

It is so simple that how to activate the iPhone via a data connection or iTunes. 

Activating iPhone for iOS 11 or higher

Given below are the instructions on how to activate the iPhone.

On the activation screen, first, confirm the phone number and click on Next. 

If anyhow the confirmation fails, you can contact Apple support. 

First, enter the account PIN. You can also use the last four digits of Owner SSN (Social Security Number) and click on Next. 

If you are activating a new iPhone, be sure that the older phone is powered off. It will take some time to deactivate the older phone. If the activation goes successful, proceed with the next step or contact the carrier if a problem occurs. 

Now click on Setup Manually. 

Click on the Wi-Fi network, and insert the network password to join. 

On the Data & Privacy screen, click on “Continue.” 

If the screen pops up to set up Touch ID or Face ID, just hit Continue. Now follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Touch ID or Face ID setup. 

  • Insert a password and again re-enter to confirm it. 
  • Select any of the setup options. (While restoring the Backup, it can take 30 min to complete)
  • Restore from iCloud Backup
  • Restore from Mac or PC
  • Transfer directly from iPhone
  • Move Data from Android
  • Don’t Transfer Apps & Data

Enter the Apple ID and respective password to continue the activation process.

If you forgot Apple ID or password, try Forgot Password or Apple ID and try to create a Free Apple ID.

  • To continue, first, read the Terms and conditions and click Agree. 
  • On the Express Settings screen, click on ‘Continue’ or ‘Customize Settings.’
  • Now click Continue from the Keep Your iPhone Up to Date.
  • Click on Continue or Not Now from the iMessage & Facetime screen.
  • You can go for Continue or Set up Later in Settings for the next two screens. 
  • Click on Share with App Developers or Don’t Share from the App Analytics screen.
  • Continue selecting any options on the appearing on the screens. 
  • After these, now click on Get Started. 

Now confirm the status bar at the top of the screen changes from No Service to Carrier Name. The process can take up to 2-3 minutes to complete. If still the activation fails, try going to iTunes Activation Method. 

For iTunes activation, follow the procedure as described before in the article that how to activate iPhone. 


Q) How to activate the iPhone other than using cellular data or Wi-Fi?

You can activate the iPhone by using iTunes rather than by cellular data or Wi-Fi. For this, connect the iPhone to the Pc via the charger cable. Launch iTunes in the PC and log in with Apple ID and password. Once you reached lock-screen successfully, you have activated the iPhone. Now you can proceed further to do set up. 

Q) What to do if we forgot Apple ID and password? 

For setting up the iPhone, it is necessary to log in with the Apple ID and password. If you forgot it by any chance, you can wither try the option “forgot your password” or go with “Create new Apple ID”.

Q) Why my iPhone is not yet activated?

It happens if the activation server is not available. This defines that the server that activates your device and assures you, is down. It may happen that it is experiencing a high volume of users at once. 


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