How to Increase Memory Power With Simple Lifestyle Changes

how to increase memory power

There are many people who have got a strong memory. All these things happen due to the excellent health vitality of the brain. But there are some people as well, who all are there looking for ways to improve brainpower. To increase the power of the brain is not an easy task for you all. Here, we will help you know how to increase memory power.

When you look at different ways, you can find that there are various ways to increase brain power. The brain of the human is extraordinary and got the ability to change as well as to adapt to the conditions. This kind of ability is known as neuroplasticity, and with the help of it, the brain can go for the new neural pathways.

If you take a look at the learning and improving memory power, then the brain has many abilities to do that all. There are many ways by which you all can go for increasing the power of the mind. There are also some scientific papers for the same where it shows how one can improve brainpower. To make it clear about it all, you can understand these things from below.

Take a look at the research

In a study paper from Lila Davachi, who is from New York University, it shows some astonishing facts about the memory power. Earlier, there was a belief that by sleeping, you can boost the memory, but in the study, this indicates that these things also occur when a person is awake.

Let us come to the study, and in the first phase of the study, all the participants who all are there for the study ask to start to memorize two pictures. While learning, they all need to match a face with an object or even a scene. After that, they all asked to lie back and then let the minds wander for a short period.

After that, the researchers find that there is an increase in the communication level between the hippocampus and some areas near the visual cortex. At the end of the task, the results show that the people who all remember more of the task show a significant increase in connectivity between those two.

Apart from the normal people, there are some Alzheimer’s patients who all are also included in the test. It is seen that they all are advised to engage in the mindfulness techniques, and they also help in relieving the stress. With that, it will help in improving brainpower, and it works as well on them.

With so much prove clinical benefits, now it seems that one should go for increasing the power without any distraction.

How to increase memory power?

The study already shows that you can improve brain productivity by not getting any distractions to the mind while doing the work. But there are people who all wonder about how to increase the productivity of the brain in better and natural ways.

Memories of a person are an essential and integral part of life. But as the age increases, the memory too declines. The decrease in memory can be seen in old adults comfortably, and for all that, they search different ways to improve memory power.

For all of them, they must be happy to know that there are various ways by which you all can go for increasing brain power. There are multiple ways by which you all can do these things. To make it easy for you all, here are the top 13 ways for you all to increase your memory power.

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Here are ways to improve memory power

Here are the lists of 13 ways that you can follow to increase the power of the mind is a great and effective manner.

1. Try to learn new things

The very first method to boost memory is to go for learning new things. The strength of the mind is compared with muscular strength. To make it strong, you all need to use the same in a big way. But to do that all, you need to go for the new skills and for that you all need to learn about it in a better way. When you all learn a new skill, then you can get it in an excellent way and can strengthen the capacity of the memory.

If you look at the ways for that, then you can find any kind of activity for the same. All you have to do is to choose the best one and force the things in the right way outside of your comfort zone and commands.

2. Listening to music

The next way to boost the memory of your mind is by listening to music. A study by a group of researchers shows that when you all listen to music while working or reading, it helps in retaining the memory in the right way. The study shows that nearly a 40 percent increase happens in the brain by listening to music.

So, if you are an intense mood or not in a happy mood, then opt for the music. With the help of it, it can boost your mood as well as it can help you in increasing the memory power in a significant way. All the lines are dipping due to the deadlines as well as projects in the right way.

3. Start doing meditation 

Many people now consider being going for meditation. It is seen that when you all start to do the meditation, it helps your mind in a significant way. The study shows that the people who all regularly meditate have got sharp memory. Not only that, but there are also other benefits that you can get from here as well. It takes the mind in such a positive way that it helps in going for social relationships and goes for all role conflicts and other organizational developments as well.

Always try to go for a short meditation in the morning and evening hours.

4. Control your thoughts

When you are in a plan to increase the power of the brain, then the first thing you all need to do is to control the thoughts. You can see that it is very much easy to do it and all is need practice to try it.

In mind, there is always the random thoughts that are running most of the time.

So, to avoid all these things, the best way is to cut the irrelevant thoughts from the mind. You can all do these by going for the relevant thoughts. All these things are considered as the best way to reduce the random thoughts to improve memory.

5. Try to visualize 

The most powerful practice that you can do to increase memory power is by going for the visualization. That also, it will help you in giving the brain a path for success as well. In a study, it shows that the cells present in mind can’t differentiate between the real and imagine memory. It means that when you go for imagination, then you get the capability to create the new kind of neural pathways.

When you all do that, it will help you in giving the real brain a real clear point of focus. So, if you all start to visualize things in a better way, it helps you in overcoming many fears and other things as well.

6. Disconnect yourself from gadgets

You can see that there is a huge way by which you all can go for the visceral response, which all happens when you work. The behavior of human states to help generate several data. These data help in proving the adverse effects, and it helps in always connecting the human psyche, connections, and sleep.

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If you overexpose yourself to the blue light, then there is always a danger of having an impact on the daily productions and performance.

7. Do daily exercise 

In research, it already proves that the power of mind increases with regular use. Most of the time, all have a busy schedule, but still, you all need to plan in such a way that you can include the exercise in it.

When you all start to do exercise, it helps in proper blood flow. Due to that all, it helps in making the brain functioning in a better and fast way. A study shows that nearly 21 percent of people go for high concentration on work, while 41 percent feel more motivated to work in the office. All these things show how good it is for you all to start doing exercise.

8. Take energizing food

As per the research from Havard Health, it states that the brainpower increases with intake of certain foods. These foods can be included in the daily diet, and it can help the heart, brain, and blood vessels to function effectively.

To get better energizing food, you all need to start eating green leafy vegetables, fatty fish, walnuts, and other coffee products. With the help of these foods, you can see that it helps in increasing the performance of the body. The performance of the body increases as it increases the activity of the brain and its power. Due to all these things, one can see that it helps in slowing down the cognitive functions at a very high rate.

9. Take a nap

Giving rest to the brain is an important task. One can easily find that the brain starts to work in a better way when it gets proper sleep. And all these things can happen if you take a nap. A study reveals that nearly 95 percent of adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night.

If you are not getting that amount of sleep, then surely it will start to affect your mind and memory. So, to boost the memory and to keep the brain functioning perfectly, you all need to take a nap. With all that, you can boost the mind of the brain in a significant way.

10. Avoid taking too much stress

If you are trying to boost the memory of the brain, then you all need to do the very first thing Is that to avoid taking stress. When you all start to take the stress, then you can see that it destroys the brain cells as well as damage the hippocampus. Hippocampus is an area in the brain which helps in forming new memories and retrieve the old memory.

Apart from that, all other things lead to a decrease in memory. So, for all these things, it is always the best idea for you to avoid taking too much stress for yourself.

11. Always go for a laughing session or try to laugh

There are many times where you are in an embarrassing situation. There are many people who all get stress due to that all. But you all need to keep in mind that it happens with everyone, and you can quickly come out from that by sharing with others.

There is a saying, “Laughter is the best medicine,” and it is 100 percent true. When you go and laugh, then you all know that the brain and memory get to relax, and it allows them to function effectively.

12. Take fewer carbs

If you are consuming food items like cakes, cookies, cereal, and other rice items, it may damage the memory. The reason for it is that the food comes with the presence of the glycemic index. This composition helps in making the body digest the carbohydrates easily and increase sugar levels.

Due to all that, it may affect the brainpower, and it may decrease the memory power. For all that, take fewer carbohydrates.

13. Play brain games 

The last but not the least way to boost the memory of the brain is by playing brain games. There are several brain games, which are chess, crosswords, bridge, and other things. By playing them, you can increase the memory of the brain.

Final words

So, to increase the memory of the brain, you can follow these above 13 ways. These ways will help you to increase brain power and can help you in a significant way in life.

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