How to Download and Configure Sega saturn Emulator

sega setum emulator

The gaming field has changed a lot within the last few decades. Various emulators have come up with the fast improvement of gaming tools. sega setum emulator is the oldest home game console running since 1995. Games at those times were coming in CD-ROM, which need light processing units.

In Sega genesis, Saturn was most successful in providing gaming experience to people of old times. Nowadays, we have an emulator for running such games, even in devices like Android and PC. For running those games, we need to download and set up the configuration of the Sega saturn emulator.

Why Do You Need a Sega Saturn Emulator?

The Original Sega serum comes in the CD ROM version. It consists of favorite movie games like X-man, Resident Evil, WWF, etc. All the games for sega setum emulator are also available for buying on shopping websites like Amazon and Walmart. But, if you have the emulator, then you can access these games on PC.

You can also purchase the original files of the games online from its official website. But, the cracked version of the Games is also available on the internet. But, it needs an emulator for running those Game files. Sega Saturn emulator runs even in the short version of the PC. You don’t need to have vital requirements like RAM space and high processing unit to play the game on PC.

How to download and configure sega setum emulator

The method of downloading the games is the same as PlayStation as the following: –

  •  Search on google for sega setum emulator for PC. you will get a list of websites from where you can download them.
  • sega setum emulator file will get saved with the name of the SSF beta file in your PC.
  • After downloading the SSF beta, go for searching the BIOS file supported with your version of the SSF emulator. Then extract the BIOS file of the file you want to play and start enjoying the game.

Basic Information of Configuring SSF Emulator:

  • Download the SSF-01-alpha emulator on your PC. Your download will save as a ZIP file. So, you need to extract the file to install the emulator.
  • The extracted file will get saved in another folder and contains all the necessary files required for the configuration of the SSF emulator. Now rename the file according to your choice to get rid of confusion with the original file.
  • Inside the SSF extracted file you will get the setup instruction with a text file; you can read it to fix the full configuration for your SSF emulator.
  • It also contains a bios file that you must browse after installing the app.
  • Don’t Go for searching the SSF emulator .exe file because you cannot run the file as administrator. You need a virtual driver for running a Sega Saturn emulator. You can create a virtual driver by using your CD-ROM file.
  • The BIOS file gets saved in a bin format. Open the Daemon tools file available inside the emulator folder. As you must install the game file from CD ROM, so you need to create a virtual drive for mounting and unmounting your images and other files.
  • For creating a virtual drive, right-click on the button of Daemon tools and choose to make a drive option. You can also name the virtual drive with your choice.
  • Now search for SSF-alpha file and open it via your recently created virtual drive. You will now get a popup window asking you to upload all the BIOS files.
  • Ignore the file and hardware option on the top and navigate to the next. Click on the Option (O) button. It will now display you a box from which you have to import the downloaded file to the emulator.
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File Configuration Guide for Sega Saturn Emulator: –

Peripheral setting: –

  • The emulator will display you to import files. The first method is to ship your Saturn files. The option of importing the file is available on the top of the emulator. Click on browse and successfully import the Saturn Sega_100.bin file. Once you do this set up in the emulator, you do not have to do it again and again after restarting.
  • Whenever you open the emulator and tap on the game, your game will start in a few seconds. The best part is that it does not need any internet connection to play games.
  • On the CD-drive menu, select the virtual drive because you are going to run the game in an essential drive tool.
  • You also get an option to select your country. So, click on the area option available on the last option and choose the country from which you belong.

Screen Configuration: –

It is the next option after preferences in the Sega Saturn emulator. You can change here all the screen settings like color, model, screen resolution, etc. Turn on the extended play, Switch the screen to full stretch, or Auto adjust the screen to complete the screen configuration setting.

Sound: –

The sound option does not have more options inside the emulator. You can mute or unmute it with your choice.

Controller Pad: –

It is the controlling unit for your game. You can redefine all the controlling feature from this option. This get the controller settings in two parts, i.e., Part-1 and Part-2, Both options allow you to change the remote while playing the game. You can choose it to mouse or Joystick as per your choice of playing.

Programs: –

The emulator shows you the configuration of 3 programs; you can check your PC type to choose any of the game programs. Do not change any of the program values set by default. Just click on next to auto set the list of gaming files.

EZ Settings: –

This configuration is for providing you a good gaming experience inside the Sega Saturn emulator. If you are using a common processing unit type of system play games, then you can set it to low. If you want a satisfactory resolution with the best gaming experience, then you must have an exemplary processing unit. To play games in the Sega Saturn emulator, you can choose it to be high if all your system meets the EZ setting requirement.

Hardware: –

The option allows you to open and close the CD Drive while playing and finishing the game. Whenever you want are going to play the game in Sega Saturn emulator, click on the CD-OPEN option. The emulator will open your virtual drive for running the game. Similarly, click on CD-CLOSE to stop running the actual CD ROM file and end the game.

Importing Game File:

Download the Game BIOS file and ship it on the emulator to save it for playing. You can also play the game by inserting a CD in your PC and running a virtual CD driver to access the game from the Sega Saturn emulator. For playing the game, click on CD-OPEN, the game does not take time to load and play within a few seconds of clicking the open button. You will get the same experience of playing a game using a DVD player.

Sega Saturn Emulator Guide for Android: –

In android, you can play all the Sega series games with the help of a Yaba Sanshiro emulator. It comes in both a free as well as the paid version. If you love playing Sega series games, then you can try it by installing it on your phone.

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How to Download Sega Saturn Emulator On Android?

  • Play Store: – Both the free version and paid version of the Sega Saturn emulator are available in the Google play store. Do not search Sega Saturn but search Yaba Sanshiro to download the app.
  • Apk file: – If the app does not run in your android, then install the older version of the Sega Saturn emulator. You can find the .apk file of the lower performance in other app markets or app streaming websites.
  • For installing the app file from another website, turn on the unknown sources from your app setting option for easy installation.

Configuration for Android: –

  • After installing the app, you must download the game files to play from the emulator.
  • You can download games Saturn games files like resident evil, sonic boom, etc. The file format for fun comes in “MDF and bin” formats. The game also has a lot more files inserted inside a ZIP file.
  • After downloading the ZIP file of your favorite game, bring out all the files to the external directory folder using any ZIP extractor tool. Paste all the files inside the Yaba Sanshiro folder.
  • Now open the Yaba Sansbiro app and click on the search option to search all the game files available inside your android phone. The app will automatically detect all the gaming BIOS file and save it to the game.
  • You can click on any of the game saved files from the interface of the app to start playing. Sega Saturn emulator for android does not come with many features, so the screen stretching resolution is not satisfactory on the free version of the app. Still, if you miss the old games, then you can take the help of an emulator to enjoy playing the games.

Final words

Sega Saturn emulator is an alternative for playing games for those users who do not want to purchase a Sega videogame system. It allows you to play all types of Sega Saturn games using a virtual CD-ROM. You can play games by uploading the BIOS files to the emulator and configuring the settings in the emulator.


  • How to install an emulator for the Sega Saturn emulator?

You must create a virtual CD-DRIVE for running Sega Saturn games on your PC. You can do it by installing the SSF beta file on your PC.  Inserting involves importing all the Sega gaming files from your PC to the emulator.

  • What is the best emulator of playing games from Sega Saturn in Android?

The most popular Sega emulators for Android are Classic boy, MD.emu, Sega games, etc. All these paid are not free. You must pay some annual subscription in dollars to play Sega Saturn games. The android emulator does not need CD files, but you can download and save the BIOS file of games for enjoying games on an Android phone. All the apps, as mentioned above, are legal to use and available in the play store. Some of the free emulator apps are Retroarch and MasterEmu.

  • What is the name of some working Sega Saturn emulator for PC?

Some of the most widely used Sega emulator for PC are VisualBoy, PCSX2, DOSBox emulator, etc. All the emulators allow the option to create a virtual drive where you can access the game without creating load on the central processing unit of the computer. Other popularly used emulators for playing games are Project 64, Mame, etc.

  • How to Import Games Inside The Sega Saturn Emulator?

After configuring the setting inside the emulator, click on the program files option and click on the Browse option. Select the game file available inside your PC and export it to the emulator. The emulator will take some time to import and emulates the files inside the game option. Now navigate to the game’s choice. If you see the thumbnail of the original version of the game, it means that your game is ready to play. If you do not get any game file, it implies that your game file is not compatible with the Sega emulator.

  • How to use Virtual CD ROM for playing games in a sega setum emulator?

You can create a virtual CD room from the Daemon tools option. Open the SSF emulator and go to the Daemon tools option. Right-click on the bottom of daemon tools. You will find the possibility of creating virtual CD-ROM.

Enable the option for turning it. Now, whenever you thought to play the game, go to hardware, and click on option (o) button to start the game. Similarly, if you click on the Option(C) command, it will close the game and virtual drive for running your Sega games.

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