How to block a website on chrome

how to block a website on chrome


Surfing the internet is an excellent thing as you can access vast information on how to block a website on Chrome, which is fantastic. We live in an information era, and having a little bit of information is like having a currency. The internet is growing every day, but we cannot finish even surfing the whole of the internet. As much as the internet is an excellent place, there are instances where you don’t want people to access some sites. As we did state, the internet is a perfect place for gaining information, especially kids, and it can be distracting too. For example, our kids are using computers every day these days, and getting distracted is so easy as there is so much they can do there.

Not only are kids who can fall, victims of distraction,

you, too, can run into issues where you don’t want to access some sites. There are, of course, several reasons that motivate you to block websites, which we will tackle in a few. Chrome is one of the world’s leading browser as it’s fast, and it’s optimized in a way that is good for the users. Most internet users prefer Chrome because of the bandwidth it saves and many other things. Therefore, Chrome being one of the leading browsers that so many people opt for, it’s ideal you know how to block a website on Chrome.


In this article, I will highlight to you the three ways of how to block a website on Chrome, which you can employ. Firstly, there is a third-party extension called Block Site, which allows you to stop a website from appearing on Google Chrome search. I will demonstrate how to use the Chrome extension and be able to block several websites. Firstly I will highlight how to block a website in Chrome while using a desktop and the other while using an Android phone, all with Block Site. 


The first thing while in a desktop that you need to do is to search for the Block Site page and go ahead and install the extension. The good thing about Block Site is that it allows you to block either individual pages or even an entire website. The other remarkable feature Block Site has you can set your password, therefore, preventing other desktop users not to unblock the sites you blocked.

Once you install Block Site, you can then add the extension to Chrome,

and it will be added to the upper right side. You can click to check if the extension has been added, and this will prompt a drop-down menu. At the drop-down menu, you can click to edit sites that will lead you to the Block Site page where you can make some edits. The Block Site page, you will see an area where you will be prompted to add a site that you want to temporarily or permanently block. At this point, you will need to add the web address of that site, for example,, or you can copy the page address and paste it at that part, and it will block it.

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After you add the web address, you can then click on the + sign next to the point you added to the address,

and the website will now be added to blocked sites. If someone might want to access this site later, you must use the Account Protection feature on the Block Site page. You can set up this feature by adding your email and entering a password and then saving the changes.

A verification email will be sent to your email, which you will need to confirm, and this is the ones that keep the account secure. Once you verify your email, your Block Site page will be ready, and it will ensure that the blocked sites cannot be accessed. The final thing you need to do is allow Block Site to access in Incognito Mode as many people tend to use this site as an alternative. This is how to block a website on Chrome while using a desktop.


Apart from using a desktop, we also access Chrome on our smartphones, and this even needs to be protected primarily when kids use them. I will highlight to you how to block a website on Chrome if you are using a phone. For a phone you will also need the Block Site app which will block the website and you have to download it from Google Play Store. After you search and find the app you can download and install it to your device.

This is the one app that you need to recommend a parent or anyone asking how to block a website on Chrome.

Once you install the app tap to open it and get started in setting it up. At the app you will need to enable Block Site in your Android setting which it often does automatically. The bottom of the Block Site app you will see a + sign where you will click and it will take you to where you will block sites.

At this part you will get two options one of blocking websites and the other of blocking an app. We will not talk much about blocking apps as the utmost question you have is how to block a website in Chrome. Tap on the website part and start adding the website address of the sites you wish to block. Once finished, there is a tick sign at the upper right corner, which will ensure that no one will access restricted sites on your phone browsers, including Chrome. That way is how to block a website on Chrome if you are using Android or iOS.   


The other way of how to block a website on Chrome is by using Personal Blocklist. Personal Blocklist is entirely different compared to Block Site. The thing you need to keep in mind about Personal Blocklist is it does not prevent users from accessing blocked websites like Block Site. Personal Blocklist works differently as it hides websites from Google search results. If you happen to be searching for that particular site in Google you will not get any search result of it.

To get Personal Blocklist, you will need to make sure that your Chrome is up to date.

Once Chrome is up to date, you can then head to the Personal Blocklist site and install the extension to Chrome. Chrome is installed, you can go to the website that you want to block and click on the Personal Blocklist icon, which will prompt if you want to block the site. Once you confirm blocking the current site you will not be able to access the website in Chrome search results anymore.

You can test a few times to see if there are any results that will be displayed if not then the site will be blocked. Those are the few ways of how to block a website on Chrome, and it’s a simple process that can save you a lot. There are so many people abusing the power of the internet, and this can be your lifesaver.

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Several reasons can prompt you to find out how to block a website on Chrome. However, it’s essential you know this, and there are several benefits that you can gain from this. For example;


Distractions are one of the biggest reasons that prompt you to learn how to block a website in Chrome. You can easily get distracted from what you are doing and end up on sites that you can spend a lot of time doing nothing constructive. When it comes to companies, you can easily find your employees falling victim to this, especially when it comes to social media.

One thing I identified is that many people spent a lot of sites on Facebook or Instagram and thus becoming less productive. If you happen to note this kind of trend in your company, you must ensure that you block all the distracting sites to keep them focused.


The other thing that you can easily run into while accessing the internet is the risk of a virus attack on your phone. Many websites on the internet are just clones, and they can easily affect your system if not contained. Therefore, knowing how to block a website in Chrome can help you a lot in curbing these kinds of virus attacks.


The other thing that is also an issue with accessing the internet is how easily you can access sites with explicit content. When dealing with instances where you have kids using the internet to study, you must ensure that they are not accessing specific sites with explicit content.

Pornography is on the rise these days, and even kids know about these sites, and if they have ready access to the internet, they can easily try accessing them. If you are a parent and you suspect as a parent that your kid might be accessing the sites, you must learn how to block a website on Chrome. This is one of the many steps that you can take in curbing the habit of kids.


The other reason why you need to block some websites is to ensure that you are conserving the bandwidth. Some sites drain a lot of bandwidth when accessed, and this can be very expensive. For example, playing live videos on some sites tend to drain a lot of data because of quality and various other reasons. People can be downloading movies on your network, which at the end of the day, can be expensive on your path.


There are instances where lawsuits can cause a rise if your company happens to access certain sites. For example, if your employees are using pirate sites to download or watch movies, there is a high chance you can face a lawsuit. Therefore, the best way for your company to avoid running into issues with the law is ensuring that all of the sites that can cause such problems are blocked. This is one measure of preventing such occurrences as you never know when one will arise and end up costing the image of your company.


The other advantage of learning how to block a website on Chrome is you help secure your data. There are so many dummy websites on the internet which if blindly accessed, can cost you. For example, if you access some target sites, you can end up clicking on something on that site and unknowingly give permission to your data. This kind of site has been around for some time, and you must know about them and learn how to block them to avoid such instances.


To conclude this article on how to block a website on Chrome, we have highlighted the several ways you can do so. Knowing how to do this is very important as it allows you to keep safe from a lot of things. We have also highlighted the importance of blocking a website on Chrome. I do hope this article has taught you how to block a website on Chrome plus a bunch of other info. 


How can I block a website?

To block a site in Chrome, you need Block Site extension and follow the simple steps of adding the site you want to block. Once you add it, the site will be blocked.

Can I block a website on my phone?

Yes. You can easily block a site on your phone by downloading the Block Site app.


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