List of discord commands and their working

discord commands

Discord is a social gaming platform that is made only for gamers. It has all varieties of gaming channels or servers that allow users to gather in one place. The interface of Discord has more advanced features. than Facebook or any other platform. It sends welcome messages, will enable us to calls, and does video calls among its users. You need to register on the app to start accessing its features. If you are a gamer, then you can find a community of many gamers like you and make your new gaming friends. But, it supports a lot of discord commands, so, you must know about the direction for managing your gaming server. You can type these commands on in your server to make something happen in your community.

What is the need of Discord commands?

After creating a server, it needs to be regularly maintained; otherwise, there are chances that your followers may leave your server. If you have a massive community of gamer on your server, then it’s the responsibility of the admin to interact with each member to create a better comfortable community. Therefore, more managing the server more intellectual. Discord has hundreds of bots that can handle your server even if you are absent. These bots can help you as a community manager to tackle the users and reply to them as per your command. It is, therefore, necessary to know about Discord commands to manage an eco-friendly technical environment in your gaming community.

Useful Command list:-

  • Ban user command: – This Command is to ban someone from your server. After typing it, the User will not be able to send any messages and can’t see the conversation having in the group. He even can’t chat with the admin of the group. To ban someone from your server, you have to type ‘ ban [User][limit][reason]. The user field indicates the username of the person who you want to exclude from the community. In the Reason section of the box, you have to type the reason for prohibiting the User. You also can set the ban time like weeks, months, years, etc. to allow the person to join your server again. It is just an optional choice, but you also held a permanent ban. 
  • Short time ban: – This Discord commands also come in ban category but, it has some different meaning. You have to type the command ‘soft ban [User][reason]’ to let a short time ban to nay users in the community. Just like the same, User here stands for the name of the User, and the reason is the explanation to ban him. This command can ban a user for a short time. If some person is using offensive words in a group, then by typing this command, you have the right to delete all his messages and allow him a short time ban.
  • Kick-out a user: – You can use this Discord commands to remove someone from the group. It will not ban them, but they can enter the chat room again until you send an invitation link to them. It is a method of removing someone without prohibiting it. For allowing this command just type kick [User] [reason] to apply it to your server.
  • Mute a user:- Most of the users don’t know about this discord commands feature. It disallows a person from sending messages to the group for some time. The admin has to type ‘mute [user] [minutes] [reason]’ to mute any user in the server. The admin also gets an option to apply it to all the members and set time to 1 hour so that nobody can send messages to the server for 1 hour. If you want to unmute them, then change the command to ‘unmute [user] [minutes] [reason]’ to make everything familiar in the group.
  • Role and Color customization:- This Discord commands can give many results. It will help to change the font color as well as add some role of the User to the server. You can make someone group leader by assigning a Red cooler. In the group description, you can mention that the user-customized with red color are the leaders. It applies this discord commands just type and role [name] [hex color] [hoist]. In the hex code of the box, you have to type the color code if you don’t know the color code the search on Google ‘ hex code of red color’ for getting an alphanumeric code starting with ‘#’. In the hoist section, you can assign the role of the person like a moderate, leader, sub-leader, etc.
  • Delete role: – It is also a personal command from all other discord commands that allow deleting the total assign role to the User. You can delete all the moderators or leader at the same time by applying for the post ‘del role [role name]’ in the group. It will not remove any member but change the moderate User to a regular user. This type of discord commands can be useful if you are absent in a group for some time and want some other user to control over your server until you come back.
  • Role assigning: – This command allows setting a role to a user on your server. You can change the position of May person from ordinary to group moderators by typing part [User] [role name]’ in the server. In the role section, you have to type the part of the person to apply it. You can assign a function to the User, which suits him best according to the group. He may help you as a short time manger to maintain your server in your absence.
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Most Used Discord Commands

    • Search Gif:- Among the discord commands, it is also a command list that allows you to search a GIF file inside the Discord chat app. The order is similar to the WhatsApp GIFs file search. You need to type gypsy [search term] to search for some animated GIF files. All the GIFs are the property of the Tenor platform. Click on any of the GIF to select and send to the group. 
    • Adding songs:- This command lets you add songs to your playlist inside a voice channel. Every order you add will add a new piece to the list. For playing songs inside discord type play [URL] on the server, and it will detect the URL to play the music. If the URL is incorrect, you won’t be able to listen to any songs. For getting it to work, type a YouTube video URL link to play the music you love to listen
    • Music Listing:- It is from the discord commands that work for making a queue list of the songs you have saved. Type /queue list on the server and list the music with your choice. You can arrange mostly played songs on the top for making the queue list easy for you.
    • Google search:- This Command of Discord allows you to make a Google search inside your interface. Don’t worry; you can still see what you have searched. For doing Google search inside Discord type ‘Google [search string ]’ and hit enter to see the result. 


  • Changing Nick Name:- Discord commands also allow you to change your displaying nickname and assign a new username. Changing the username will make all know that you have adjusted your name. All will get a group highlighted text saying user XYZyz has changed his name to use ABC etc. To apply this command type /nick [new nickname] in the box and send it to the server to apply changes. You have the type your new handle inside the original nickname box to see the change.


Interesting commands list

  • Text to speech:- It is among the unique and fun discord commands that allow a user to send text in the server, and it will voice over the book after someone sees the message. If your server has generous members, then, it is a disturbing command. To change your text to communicate type /Tts [note] and send it to the server. It will speak the information you type. If you are not able to see any command after typing /Tts in the sever, it means that the admin has disabled the direction. The admin has all the rights of turning on and off to any order.
  • Flipping Table command:- Table flip is among the fun discord command that can Flip your virtual table sign. This table is nothing but a symbol looking similar to a wooden table. You can type /table flips to send a flipped table in the group. Similarly, typing /Unflip will flip back your furniture. It is for fun on the channel.
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Fun command list:-

  • Cute animal pictures:- Some Discord commands are also available for finding cute animal pictures. Do you have to type? Dog for searching for real dog pictures. Similarly, type? Cat for searching for cat images.
  • Other commands:- Other discord commands can help you while playing a game. For example, if you are playing a chess match, then you can flip a coin for getting head and tail. So, type? Flip a coin and send it to the server for Flipping a coin. In the same way, to throw a dice type? Dice. For getting random facts to type the command? Norris. Type? Dad joke for getting random marks.


  • How can I use discord commands in the app?

Using the command in Discord is very easy. You have to type ‘/’ this symbol and start organizing your base. It will display the list of all the possible commands you can manually select the suggestion or send a text to apply the knowledge. You can use the order on the server. If you have your gaming server in Discord, then you can get a lot more command accessibility to control the gaming community.

  • Can I get the complete list of commands in one place?

There are thousands of commands available in Discord which perform different or multiple functions. The app updates come with more rules for gamers. The more you use Discord, the more list of the command you can get. But, still, you can search in Google to get the list of most useful posts. Knowing a few essential rules will make your accessibility more comfortable inside the app.

  • What is the role of Bots in Discord?

The Bots act as a moderator and help to make your work easier. You can install different bots to your server so that they can do their work also in your absence. They can send welcome messages, ban a user, act as a watch guard to check your violation policy to keep a server updated. The bots operate the same as a normal disciplined human in doing its work at the right time.

  • Can I make my Discord bots?

Yes, discord bots support the external installation. You can also make your discord bots if you know the use of the Python programming language. You can add them externally to your server and give instructions to take control of your server. The bot can perform when you are connected with a stable internet connection to run the app. The look of a discord not and a user profile is quite similar. You can give a new to your bot and also change their profile picture.

  • Why my commands are not working on the discord server?

If you are running your command on an external server, then it may have chances that your knowledge doesn’t work. It is because the admin if the server has blocked his post and allow bot not to access those command. If the admin has set such features, then you won’t be able to see the order on the list while typing. If you are the admin, you have your accessibility to change discord commands.

Final words:-

Discord app has supported a lot more essential features for gamers. More than 25 million of discord users access the app daily. It has successfully established a platform for the gaming community. Gamers are fond of typing access code and critical values while playing games. It is the reason why Discord had setup Discord commands to make it more fun and exportable social app.

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