What do youtubers use to edit their videos

what do youtubers use to edit their videos

Looking at the current YouTube videos, What do YouTubers use to edit their videos? I mean, there is no way but to be amazed to see such a beautiful video and such a beautiful presentation. The most popular video-sharing platform in recent times is YouTube. Nowadays, many people are making YouTube videos through their talents and skills and are being admired by everyone. And so now people from different walks of life, starting from teenagers and young people, are editing videos with YouTube video making software and uploading them. The more skillful and creative one is, the more popular he is.

With just a few videos made on YouTube, many have no record of becoming overnight stars. We are just thinking about that; what do YouTubers use to edit their videos? You can watch anything on YouTube channels. Here you will find all the topics you don’t want to watch. In general, many people have found success on YouTube, from beauty tips to street food.

If you want, like others, you can do excellent video editing; for this, you need a YouTube channel. Also, if you know how YouTubers edit videos, you will be one step ahead on the path to success. But to be successful, you need to create good quality videos, and to create quality videos, you need useful but straightforward quality video editing software. Today’s discussion is about ten such software that is very popular with almost all YouTubers around the world. And we can know what do YouTubers use to edit their videos. There are many types of video software available on the Internet that offer you the benefits of professional video editing in a short time and without any prior experience.

So let’s find out about YouTube video making software and its features. And also discuss What do YouTubers use to edit their videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a great video editing software for YouTubers. This software allows you to edit more and more advanced videos. Adobe Systems launched the software in 2003 under Adobe Cloud. It is currently one of the most popular video editor software for news channels with YouTubers. Even news organizations like CNN or BBC use Adobe Premier Pro in their daily work. It has a wide assortment of stackable audio and video filters.

The Premiere Pro of this software has several features, including video transitions, video effects, audio effects, adjustment layers, tracking effects, clip speed, real-time render. In a word, it includes all the tools you need to have in professional video editing software. The software supports 360 degrees VR content and 4K and HDR video.

Since no Adobe software is free, you will have to pay. 20.99 per month to use this software. However, yes, you can try the 7-day free trial version first if you want.

Adobe Premiere Clip

We are usually accustomed to using all of Adobe’s software on the desktop. However, it can be installed and used on Android phones and iOS. Supports both of these. Although it takes up a little more space and sometimes the phone hangs. So I try to use it usually. Of course, it also has various benefits. It allows you to edit videos very quickly, and editing videos is also straightforward. The best feature of Adobe Premiere Clip is its automatic video creation capability! No ads are shown while using this app. Video cutting, trimming, transitions, audio, text, filters, effects, etc. can be added to this app. However, it is much simpler than the desktop version. Video can be edited in two styles here. You can use this software for free. This app can work with Premiere Pro CC. But for this, you must subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. 

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Filmora is one of the most popular video editors of our time. This app, made by Wondershare, is handy for use on a personal computer. It has all the features for video editing. It has features like 4K video support, audio mixer, multi-cam editing, tilt screen, split-screen audio recorder. You do not need to take a professional video editing course to use the software. Because it is straightforward to use, personally, this app is my favorite! It is straightforward to use, and it is perfect for editing the video!

Since it is paid software, you have to pay ৫ 59.99 to use it, which is negligible compared to its performance.


Blender is one of the freest video editing software available on YouTube. This is the beautiful software for youtube beginners. It is an open-source program that allows you to use all its features completely free of charge. And for those who are used to using different brands of devices or operating systems, the most significant advantage is that this software is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux at the same time. This state-of-the-art open-source software is capable of meeting all the features that you need in YouTube video making software. 

Blender was originally designed as a 3D animation software. This allows you to do all the basic features of video editing, such as video cutting, spacing, etc. At the same time, it has many powerful video editing tools. With this, you can easily do complex tasks like video masking. It is so easy to manage that it is equally useful for both the experienced and the new. However, we can understand what do YouTubers use to edit their videos.

InShot App

Although this app is usually used for photo editing, InShot is also a handy app for video editing. With this app, you can trim videos, add music and filters of your choice. It is relatively easy to use. The funniest thing is that with this app, you can also change the background of the video! Voice over, narration, emoji, overlays, and more can be found here.


Lightworks is also a top-rated video editing software. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is rich in many excellent features that many current video editing tools do not have. Lightwork ranks first on the list of powerful video editors. There is a paid version which costs around $ 25 per month. But the features that the free version has are enough for most YouTube video editing. If you can afford to buy the paid version then you can enjoy some more advanced features. Notable features in the free version include powerful video trimming, multicam support, 720p pixel export for YouTube, and much more video format support.

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Even though it has most of the features required for YouTube, the makers have reserved the FourK video support system only for their paid customers. Compared to Blender, it is much faster.


VSDC Free Video Editor

This video editing app is basically quite effective for professionals. The VSDC Free Video Editor app will bring a professional look to your videos. It is capable of capturing many large format videos. This program will give your video an advanced video effect, object transformation, color correction, volume correction and sound normalization. The funniest thing is that you can use this professional video editor app for free. Another good news is that you can use the full feature of this program without watermark. Most YouTubers like this app for their video editing. Now we get it, What do youtubers use to edit their videos.

Unfortunately, this is just a catch because if you need any technical support, you have to use the paid version. It costs $ 9.99 a month and এবং 14.99 for one year.


Luma Fusion

This is a multi-track mobile video editing app. This is an excellent app for youtubers video editing. This app is a very powerful and effective app. This includes trimming clips, duplication content, transitions and many more benefits. This app also has the function to undo and redo videos which has not been provided in other apps so far. A variety of UI Layout Templates can be used. It has a Royalty Free Hughes Audio Library. You will be charged $ 19.99 for the premium version but you can also use the free version if you wish.

Magisto Video Editor

This app is good for those who have no experience in making formal videos. Like other software, it also has the facility to add video clips, pictures, effects, text, music. Here you will find many beautiful beautiful video effects. If you select any video clip or picture and add a song or sound to it, the app will automatically make a video! From here you can understand how youtubers edit their videos.


This is another fun app for smartly editing videos! It’s pretty fast and free! Select as many pictures or video clips as you like, then create your own story! The best thing about this app is that Quik has automatic video creation capability! It is possible to add cropping, quick sync, text everything. And this app does not show any type of ad!

Now you can see what do youtubers use to edit their videos?


Which video editor apps are free?

you can get there some free video editor apps for free which are really good. The top free video editing softwares are VSDC Free video editor, Blender, Lightworks, Movimaker, Shotcut, Hitfilm Express, DaVinci Resolve 16.


Is Adobe Premiere Pro free?

Basically Adobe premiere pro is not a free software but you can get it for free. There is an option to get it free for 7 days. It’s a free trial version of any Adobeapp. You can get it from Adobe creative cloud.

What do youtubers use to edit their videos?

Maximum youtuber use top three video editing apps to edit their videos. The apps are Adobe Premiere Pro CC, VSDC Free video editor, Lightwork.

What are the best video edit apps?

The best video editing apps are Adobe premiere clip, Lumafasion, Blender, Inshot, Quick, Filmora, LightWorks etc.

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