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fallout 76 mods

It is a fact that the team of fallout 76 mods never fails to deliver the best. Its community is always creating the mods whose main objective is to fix the bugs that have occurred in Bethesda games. Its last series i.e., Fallout 76, has been out there with the least approval of fanbase.

However, the mods that are there in Fallout 76, does not fix each bug, but it makes life easier. You will see an improved version of the Inventory system; manage the graphics and looks of the game to make it look more real, and much more.

You will not like to install all the mods at once, but here are few Best fallout 76 Mods that will enhance your gaming experience.


It is the component that is needed for working the mod Text Chat.

  • Requirements-

This mod does not require any other thing rather than just a base of the original game.

  • Purpose-

However, this mod does not have its functionality. It is just a tool for other mods so that they can work efficiently with the help of this one. 

It provides the primary function to the mod Text Chat and also saves the future work.

Better Inventory

Better Inventory is the type of mod that helps you to seek in some of the inventory filters. It shows youtube details of each inventory in your category. Whether you want to save yourself or in search of food, a better checklist will help you to know which type you are down.


This mod does not require any other thing rather than just a base of the original game.


  1. You can filter the food and drink tabs.
  2. It can filter all your weapons according to their range.
  3. You can filter your apparel and change your outfits accordingly.
  4. This can filter your records of plans and recipes.
  5. You can collect your passwords and keys under the MISC filter.
  6. You can view your inventory weight and manage it accordingly.

Perk Loadout Manager

With Perk Loadout Manager, you can add the capability to import custom layouts and interchange them according to your needs.


This mod requires SFE mod for its working.


This mod is one of the best fallout 76 mods. It has the feature that allows you to import up to 12 Perk Cards and interchange them according to your needs. If you like to swap shotguns with melee, you can easily do it, depending upon the situation.


  1. It is capable of saving 12 perk cards.
  2. If you open the Perk card menu, it will select the screen by default and will not show you the PVP tutorial if you are above level 50.

Improved Health Bars

Suppose you are confused with previous health bars status and could not see your health status in the game earlier. Then this is the best fallout 76 mods related to improved health bars. It attaches an extra visual segmentation and a percentage indicator so that you can easily manage your health based perks.


  1. You can see a markup of 20%, 40%, 60%, and 80% on the bar of health.
  2. Attach a percentage indicator to manage your health status better.


TZMAP focuses on improving the quality of the maps in the game. This mod does everything to enhance the features and qualities of the plan. It can show the map up to 8k resolution with better bodies of water. You can now see every detail of the map very clearly.  It has various warm or cold color palette options to enhance your experience.


  1. 8K resolution
  2. Highly detailed map
  3. Different color filters
  4. Map boundaries
  5. Unmarked Fissure Sites

Fallout 76 Quick Configuration

It is one of the best fallout 76 mods. This allows you to adjust the INI settings and download different mods. It can fix mouse sensitivity, change Pipboy color, etc.

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The version that is required to make this mode run is .NET Framework 4.7.2. It must be already installed in Windows.


  1. Allows you to manage all the mods
  2. Allows you to manage resolution and display mode
  3. You can remove VSync
  4. Allows you to manage graphics settings
  5. Improve mouse sensitivity
  6. Allows you to store a backup before applying anything

Recipes and Plans Glow

It would help if you felt very awkward when you go out to explore the things out and find out that you are out of recipes and plans. Well, with this mod, it will not happen again. This mod comes with all the programs and books of different recipes to make you naturally green.

Text Chat

This mod is also one of the best fallout 76 mods. With TextChat mod, different players can talk with each other throughout any group chat, clan chat, or party chat.


The Text Chat mod will not work without the installation of SFE mod. Therefore the SFE mod is needed to be installed for its functioning.


With this mod, you can easily communicate with each other irrespective of their groups. The only thing to keep in mind is the person whom you are talking with also needs to install this mod.


  1. The chat is fully encrypted
  2. The conversation is supported on all servers
  3. Trade Chat 
  4. Group Chat
  5. Clan Chat
  6. Global Chat
  7. If the player is using this mod, it will appear in blue
  8. Gives you permission to block other players
  9. You can see the history up to 100 messages

Cloudy01’s Fallout 76 Mod Manager

This is the type of supporting tool and also one of the best fallout 76 mods. The main objective of this mod is to simplify the installation of new mods and manage the older ones.


This mod is used to download and install the other mods and also manage the older ones. It is also used to enable or disable various other adjustments.

The function of this mod is to automatically detect what kind of mod you have installed and enabled. It does so by examining all of its contents and then giving it the right load order.


  1. It allows to instant install or uninstalls all the mods
  2. That allows you to enable or disable the mods
  3. It combines all the mods into a single mod which helps to enable all the mods at once.
  4. This combines  multiple mods into .ba2 files
  5. It detects for every update of the mod when installed

Ratmonkeys Easy Sorting And Tagging

This is the mod that is added to the inventory. It includes all the foods, junks, etc. It has more than 20 unique tags. The highlight of this mod is that it arranges all the things in a particular order so it becomes easy to search what we want. 


Ratmonkeys Easy Sorting and Tagging is compatible mostly with all other mods in Fallout 76. However, it runs best with the Better Inventory mod. If you download Better Inventory first and then this mod, then your gaming experience will increase.

Enhanced Water

If you have played this game before then you must be knowing that the quality of water is a very bad experience for most of us. Therefore, this mod is again one of the best fallout 76 mods which are known as Enhanced Water mod. The main functionality of this mod is to Fix the dreadful quality of water in the game.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you should not try this mod in Nuclear Winter Mode.


This mod is out to increase the quality of water in the game with its own assets. However, it also has some of the limitations-

  1. The mod does not apply to every water body. It enhanced only limited water bodies.
  2. Since the creators have a limited amount of kits, therefore, it is hard to change the color and reflection of the water.
  3. This mod does not allow you to manage the weather and time of the day, unlike previous versions.
  4. All changes in the game support only 4K resolution maximum.
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Ultimist’s High Detailed Map Plus

It is a newly updated mod and has vendors and 440 resource deposits also. The map is in a very detailed manner and shows every specification that it can show. If you are fed up with faded and blurred maps in the previous versions of the game, then this map is definitely for you. Give it a try.


However, this mod requires the Baka File Tool-(Loose) File Loader for its working. The Ultimate High Detailed Map Plus will not work effectively without the above-mentioned mod.

Save Everything

This mod is used to save the users from dropping or selling their favorite items mistakenly. Hence, this mod is also one of the best fallout 76 mods. It allows you to save all the works under the Save My Stuff option.

You can now add different quantities and prices under different menus. It saves time from using the slider.


Save everything is the best mod that stops you if you drop or sell anything by mistake.

Moreover, it has the capability to add quantities and prices for most of the items. 

Event Notifications

This mod shows up the notifications available on the HUD as soon as they are available.


It has an amazing feature of showing up new event notifications as soon as they are available on HUD.


However, the Event Notification mod is not compatible with the mods such as Text chat, Imperfect, Ultra-wide, and Show Health. But if you load any two mods that are not compatible, then only the mod in the last of Fallout 76 Custom.ini will be loaded. The support of Text Chat will be attached further.

Baka File Tool- (Loose) File Loader

This mod I would say that it is the best fallout 76 mods amongst all. It makes the work simpler with its features. You can easily use all the modded files without making any manual changes in the archives section of the game.


Baka File Tool mod does not require any mods for its working. It just needs the original base of the game. However, several files are required by this mod which are-

Mod name Notes
Blank Map
Different Colored Teammates on Map
Emoji Sorting Tags (JAPANESE)
Fallout 3 and 4 Songs Begone A MUST HAVE
Imperfect Ultrawide
John Cena Car Explosion
Neptune Pip-boy 2000 Wallpaper To install the mod
Remove Pipboy Dust and darker screen Needed for the loose version
Simple Military World Map For Install
Stalker Outfit Tweaks
Ultimist’s High Detailed Map PLUS


This mod gives makes the work easier by simply packaging loose files into the Archives. It does not repack the older game archives nor manually change any .ini settings. The working of this mod includes analyzing the directory that is pointed at the game’s data folder.

Custom Crosshair

This mod allows you to change the shape and color of the crosshair in whichever way you like to do. It has many configurable choices which you can download all at once.


  1. This mod allows you to attach dots and circle or any static crosshair\
  2. It allows you to radius with a glowing effect.
  3. You can alter the size, length, and thickness of crosshairs.
  4. You can manage the target and default colors according to your needs.
  5. It gives you the option of removing the default crosshair.
  6. You can hover inner and outer shadow effects according to your needs.

Available Colors

  • All the colors are available. You can edit CustomCrosshair.txt with any color of your choice.
  • The colors that are available in older versions are- Blue, Green, Pink, Red, and Yellow.

So these are some of the best fallout 76 mods that will definitely be going to improve your experience in gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you be banned if using Fallout 76 mods?

However, it is seen that some players have been banned by Bethesda for using the mods. These are done to improve the game graphics.

  • Can Fallout 76 be modded?

Till now, it is seen that Fallout 76 does not support any type of mods.

  • Is Fallout 76 doing better?

Many players who play Fallout 76 discuss that this game is doing better day by day. As soon as developers find any bugs in the game, they modify it quickly.

  • Is Fallout 76 free?

Fallout 76 is free for all when it was released on 14th April 2020.

  • Does Fallout 76 charge any monthly subscription?

Yes, this news is true. Bethesda is giving some premium features in the game. It is known as “Fallout 1st and costs $12.99 per month or $99.99 per year.


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