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cortana video game character

Microsoft has launched its very own virtual assistant to compete cortana video game character with his rival Apple’s Siri. They assigned the name assistant Cortana and retained the name for the last product release since it was prevalent. Jen Taylor is the voice behind Microsoft Cortana.

Cortana: the video game character is a fictional artificially intelligent (AI) character in Bungie’s Halo video game series. Cortana video game character is an artificial intelligence construct that accompanies the Master Chief throughout the Halo trilogy, and Halo 4 Cortana is an Artificial Intelligence construct created by Dr Catherine Halsey. She created the Spartan-IIs along with being the Master Chief’s companion throughout most of the Halo series.

Cortana is a “Smart AI” meaning she can learn and adapt,

as opposed to a “dumb” AI, which has only one purpose- point defense of a cruiser, for example. Unfortunately, smart AI, like Cortana, lives a short life of seven years because of their build complexities.

and she chose the Master Chief out of thirty other candidates, as referenced in the opening cinema of Halo 3. The Spartans were to disable a Covenant ship, have Cortana fly it back to the Covenant home world, where they would capture a Prophet and use it to attempt to broker a peace agreement.

However, this mission went awry with the unexpected arrival of Covenant forces at Reach just as the task force was about to get underway. The Master Chief gave Cortana over to Captain Keyes to aid the Naval fight, while the Spartans went groundside, which is the reason Cortana first shows up as the shipboard AI on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn.

  • Character design

In a meeting, female Bungie artist Lorraine McLees expressed that game designers are for the most part men, and “ladies in their games are maybe depicted in the manner in which they see ladies. Here, the same 3-D artist who wanted not to portray women as sex objects coincidentally modelled Cortana video game character.

“Cortana’s original Halo model was based on the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

Voice actor Jen Taylor said that she has remained somewhat distanced from the character, and has attended only one fan convention in six years after the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. Despite her role in voicing other video game characters, including Princess Peach, she is not a gamer.

She felt that portraying Cortana was occasionally challenging as Cortana video game character is not in a stable physical form but exists as “a computer”. Interviewed about Cortana in Halo 3, Taylor said that “There are much more dramatization and significantly less specialized language this time around. 

I completed two or three lines that almost had me in tears.” When picking an on-screen voice character for the character, Bungie initially needed Cortana to have a British tongue. Even though this thought was later disposed of, Cortana still uses British idioms in Halo: Combat Evolved.

  • Cortana video game character appearances in video game

Voiced by Jen Taylor, she appears in Halo: Combat Evolved and its sequels, Halo 2 and Halo 3, as well the novels like Halo: The Fall of Reach, Halo: First Strike and we must not forget this where our hero turned to villain Halo: The Flood. Then comes the last but not least Halo: Ghosts of Onyx.

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Halo: Combat Evolved.

Cortana in her right state in Halo: Combat Evolved. Cortana video game character first shows up in the computer games during the introductory promotional video of Halo: Combat Evolved. In the 2003 novelization of the game, Halo: The Flood, as always Cortana video game character has an outstanding job which she carries out.Under the Cole Protocol, Captain Keyes, Autumn’s boss, plans to relinquish transport.

When the Master Chief shows up on Halo, Cortana helms the communications channels and helps to direct Foe hammer, a dropship pilot, to human survivors scattered across the ring, and assists the Master Chief in the rescue of Captain Keyes from the Covenant ship Truth to restore a friendly relation.

Embedded into Halo’s Control Room,

 The Master Chief and Guilty Spark come back to the Control Room, aim at utilizing the Index, the way to Halo, to wipe out the Flood, yet Cortana uncovers the reality that she has learned: Halo doesn’t execute Flood, but their food. 

If Halo were initiated, all conscious life in the cosmic system would be destroyed. She takes the Index and, in this manner, turns into an objective for 343 Guilty Spark. Having caught the Index, Cortana, and the Master Chief plan to destroy Halo. They succeed after Cortana helps the Chief to detonate the Pillar of Autumn’s fusion reactors, causing an explosion powerful enough to destabilize the halo. The two escape in a fighter and witness the ring’s destruction.

  • Features of Cortana video game character

Since Cortana is artificially made, Cortana has no physical structure or being. However, she generally talks with a smooth female voice and shows up holographically as a lady. Her appearance in Halo: Combat Evolved is comparable, while in Halo 2 and Halo 3 she gets bluer in tone. She has got a whole new hairstyle. Numbers and images move quickly over her structure when she is thinking. 

Master chief (who is the player playing) is aided by Cortana the video game character.

In the story, she is instrumental in forestalling the actuation of the Halo establishments, which would have demolished all conscious life in the galaxy.

 Halsey’s synaptic systems turned into the reason for Cortana’s processors.

 This unique feature of the Cortana video game character has made her able to surpass her boundaries and parameters. But everything has its own cost; it cost Cortana her brief lifespan of 7 years. After that, as they say, she “think herself to death”.

transmissions and is every so often arrogant about her abilities.

In Halo: The Fall of Reach, she hacks into Top Secret Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) reports out of boredom. In the Fall of Reach, Halsey takes note of that if she somehow managed to let Cortana proceed with her speculation, the AI would talk all day.

she frequently breaks jokes or remarks wryly, in any event, during combat. Her cheerful moods and absence of programming limitations give her a lot of peculiarities. one of a kind among most AI characters in the Halo universe. For instance, she becomes furious and restless when the Master Chief questions her judgment in Halo: First Strike.

  • Other appearances

 In one version Captain America stabs Master Chief in the face with his shield which kills Chief and Cortana. In the second version Master Chief shoots Captain America in the head with his gun and wins. Cortana video game character has also been seen in a Halo Fan Film.

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Her first chronological appearance in the story is in Halo: The Fall of Reach, a 2001 prequel to the first video game. Halsey permits Cortana to pick which SPARTAN-II officer to go with on a forthcoming strategic; picks the Master Chief, whom she accepts is her best match. Cortana and the Spartans have doled out a close self-destructive mission:

take the cruiser Pillar of Autumn to the home universe of the Covenant, collusion of alien’s races, and catch one of their Prophets to force a truce. Before the mission, Cortana helps the Master Chief to survive the near-lethal exercises designed to test the Chief’s MJOLNIR battle armor. Afterwards, she plants incriminating evidence in the files of Colonel Ackerson, the ONI operative who nearly killed both of them, as revenge.

When the Covenant attacks the planet Reach, the most extensive human habitation after Earth, it instructs the Pillar of Autumn based on star charts on a Forerunner tablet, thus bringing them to Halo.

  • Frequently asked questions regarding Cortana video game character.


Q: A hero or a villain, what Cortana is? 

A: Halo Saga abandons one and only one character from a legend into an adversary that is Cortana. Cortana could be the Greater-Scope Villain of the Reclaimer Saga. Having the upper hand to all the significant types of the Halo Universe. 

Q: What happens to Cortana? 

A: Cortana sends out a distress call to seek help, but eventually. She realizes that it would take several years. Years for rescue to get her. So, Cortana penances herself to spare the Chief. And stop the Didact’s sinister plan. But we get to know afterward that somehow Cortana. Managed to survive in Halo 5 when she calls Master Chief. And his kindred Spartans of Blue Team to the Forerunner world Genesis. 

Q: Does Cortana bite the dust? 

Well in Halo 4 Cortana split off the uncontrolled pieces of herself into the Didacts boat to run impedance. These furious, discouraged, despise filled pieces of her survive. Unfortunately, it took the right part of Cortana to spare the Master Chief from the atomic blast. That Cortana that we as a whole knew and adored passed on 

Q: How did Cortana manage to survive?

A: Cortana’s survival is uncovered in Halo 5 when she calls Master Chief. And his kindred Spartans of Blue Team to the world Genesis. Cortana clarifies she survived the devastation of. The Didact’s boat and her rampancy by entering the Domain, an old store of information. 

Q: For what reason did Cortana pick Noble 6? 

A: Cortana picked Noble 6 to convey her to the departure ship. Since she felt Noble 6 was best able to do as such. A similar way she felt Master Chief was her best partner she could get to coordinate. When Dr Halsey refers to that Cortana explicitly mentioned Noble 6 for her, he said her to leave immediately.

Q: Does Cortana love John? Did the first Cortana love John? 

Indeed, the fact that she was made from a clone of Doctor Halsey. Who cherished the Spartans, but the love for the Chief was explicitly similar to a mother. 

Q: What made Cortana of utmost importance

A: Halo: Reach presented the idea that they didn’t show up at Halo unintentionally. But since Cortana found (or interpreted) the directions in the Forerunner ruin under the ONI base. With the goal that’s the reason, she appears to be so significant at this point. In truth, it’s only a plot to interface with the main game. 

Q: Does Cortana have a body? 

A: She has a physical body now. It’s made of Hardlight. 

Q: For what reason does Master Chief is concerned about Cortana? 

A:It is a mutual relationship, chief protects Cortana and Cortana protects manager. One that became more grounded past solely severely polished methodology. And we see all that finish in Halo 4 (the main game that fills in as a genuine tribute to their relationship). 

Q: Who is the trouble maker in Halo 5? 

A: In any case, Cortana isn’t your companion in Halo 5. She’s the scoundrel. Cortana, as it turned out. Was the primary character of Halo 4 and now. The fundamental nature of Halo 5 too.


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