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If you are searching for a highly rated emulator for playing your favorite game, Nintendo DS, you wouldn’t have to look any further because DeSmuMe speed up is now the tool that will help you. The amazing features of this emulator will just blow your mind and help make your playing experience more enjoyable than before. Since Nintendo has dual screens for playing, which other emulators found difficult to manage well, there was an issue with the compatibility. Still, it could be sorted with this fantastic emulator called the DeSmuMe.

What the emulator does

There are both 64 bit and 32-bit versions to pick from to make your Nintendo gaming fun. You can find the version you want and download onto your playing device or devices. If you happen to play it on your PC, you will check on the latest operating system. You can use DeSmuMe speed up to help your game be faster. It matters as you will see that the 64-bit version happens to be recent and is faster than its older counterpart. I know you will jump at the faster one as who wouldn’t want an emulator, which will help play the game faster?

Anyways finding a 32-bit version would be difficult as they have stopped making them three years ago. Hence finding a 64-bit version is more likely, and you can download this version to play your Nintendo DS.


Since DeSmuMe is a standalone program, you wouldn’t need an install wizard that other programs require. Therefore installation is a more straightforward process by extracting the DeSmuMe speed up from the zip file. You could then place this emulator in the common folder on your desktop. You should avoid placing it in any of your primary drives because it would become read-only access. By doing so, you won’t be able to save anything on DeSmuMe.

As an avid Nintendo DS player, you would have already set your keyboard keys to the virtual gamepad of the game. Now that you have installed the emulator DeSmuMe speed up, you could now switch to the new gamepad button after noticing the green light, which indicates that you have the new keyboard key to play the game better. The transition is smooth, and you wouldn’t have to intervene here because all this is autoconfigured. You could just start with your play and not bother to reconfigure it would be only this one time.


The DeSmuMe speed up emulator has a particular folder wherein you could just put in your games; this folder is called Roms. But that solely your decision if you want to, but it would be a good idea to do so. You could see that DeSmuMe can support the file compressions in almost all the popular formats such as 

  • ZIP
  • RAR
  • 7Z
  • GZ

Among the lot, 7Z is trending in the ROM sites, especially the distribution of ROMs of Nintendo DS. It leaves you with one less job of extracting the ROM before usage with the installed DeSmuMe speed up the emulator.

LCD layout

Since the game boasts of the dual screenplay, you could now manipulate it with the help of the emulator, because DeSmuMe speed up can help you change the arrangement of the second screen. You can do it according to your requirements by blowing one up over the other and hide the one you want and concentrate on the main screen. Previously this was very tricky when you used other emulators to pair with your Nintendo DS game.

There is an option for the player to fiddle with the LCD as well by changing its layout as per the options provided in the drawn menu. Mostly the horizontal layout would be your best bet.


The player can go back to playing full screen by using the mentioned keys to full-screen mode or switch back to window mode. You have a choice to make your screen look appealing. There are screen filters to enhance the graphics on your screen. There are several filters to pick from on the menu, which will be an excellent option for the player to make the characters in the game suit their style.

3D enhancements

You can find the modified version of the emulator known as the DeSmuME X432R to help you with the 3D enhancements in the game, which wasn’t possible with the 2D game version. You can now enjoy a high resolution of your graphics in 3D. To find the particular version of the 3D supporting DeSmuMe, you can go on the emulators’ page, which the other people have cared to make. The DeSmuMe speed up will help you make the game a whole lot faster. The version is old but still good to go. It has worked well for avid gamers all these years as several Nintendo DS fans can vouch for that.

When you install the 3D graphics high-resolution emulator, you are bound to experience a lag to fix this you would need a computer that is fast enough to handle this and make your life easier.

Save states

There are times in the game you would have to withdraw yourself or remember. You now have the option of saving the exact spot that you left the game or want to leave. There is a manual procedure as well using the file menu or the keyboard shortcuts. You could do this in two ways

  • Quick saves
  • Save states files

In quick saves can capture ten of your different spots that you want in different slots as well. You can get back those spots for a quick reload, too, by choosing the slot where it has been saved for you. Either using the file menu or shortcuts on the keyboard.

The save state files will allow the player to customize the name of the save you have made, which requires an extra step, and allows you to capture the save also load it. The saves made with DeSmuMe speed up emulators can only be retrieved and not of other emulators if you happen to be using others as well. There is an option of getting a save loaded from a specified ROM.

Fast forward

Fast forward is a feature that every gamer can’t do without because all of us seek speed, and this is precisely is what you can do with this tool. You would have to use the gamepad for this and fast forward as much as you want it too and play from anywhere you want. You could also end up increasing the frame rate as well or bring it back to the normal speed as well.

When playing, if you ever want to capture screenshots in the middle of the game, you can do so and give it a custom name and save it up. DeSmuMe speed up emulator has a particular folder for it, and you could fit in your screenshots in here and rummage through them whenever you want to. There is a chance to edit the graphics as well and make the necessary changes in the screenshots. You can save them instead or do it later as well as they are now saved for you.

Making AVI videos

Making the Nintendo videos of your play and upload them on social media, then DeSmuMe will help you do that. You can capture all the action and then post it wherever and whenever you like. There is a video compression window or even have full frames as well. The recording can be a bit sluggish, but the video will come out as a great one and featured with a great layout as well. 

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There is even an editing option, or converting the AVI recording into a more compatible format like an MP4 is now possible with the help of a video converter.

Boosting up the speed

Now comes the critical part of installing DeSmuMe speed up onto your system. Playing Nintendo DS is all about speed and skill. The player will possess the latter, but the speed can be ensured by this emulator that you have got on your hands. You will need to learn how to use it and make it happen for you. The emulator is more known for its compatibility than raking up the speed of your game.yet you can improvise and make use of it and make it work for you by tweaking the tool up a bit and getting the speed you require to boost your game. You could start by

  • By enabling a Patch DelayLoop SWI (avoid using BIOS image slows down the emulator)
  • When you go to setting and press A, you will have to switch to a software rasterizer from OpenGL renderer. It will help improve the speed of DeSmuMe.
  • You would need to go to config and select the emulation setting to unmark the enable bus-level timing
  • You have to go to the sound setting, which will help you increase the speed by setting the interpolation to none. And using dual SPU and avoiding the advanced SPU logic can get you the speed you need.
  • The DeSmuMe speed up emulator comes with builds that you can avail on its website; they are known as unofficial builds that aren’t compatible with your speed increase initiation process. Hence better to stick to the emulator provided builds.
  • When you hide the second LCD and resize the scale of the exiting screen. You can also enable a frame skipping option in the toll menu. All these tips will help you speed up your game to a large extent.
  • If you are working on a laptop or notebook for playing Nintendo DS, then it would be better to turn off the power management option, which will help increase the speed of the game. Using the faster computer with upgraded RAM cards has a greater impact on the speed, especially for gamers to consider. The CPU can be upgraded as well. Clearing dust from the computer components would help increase the speed.


 The DeSmuMe speed up is a great emulator, and when it becomes installed on your desktop, you will notice the difference. It will enhance every aspect of your game. Including the speed which you would have to work on a bit to get it to your requirements. It can give you great 3D play. And the special builds that you can check out. It can help enhance the speed that you so require for playing Nintendo DS.


  • Why do we need a DeSmuMe emulator?

Ans: It is used for greater compatibility and most popular among others in the fray.

  • What are the features that make it better than other emulators?

Ans: The emulator has some excellent features that you can try out

  • Change the LCD layouts
  • Convert it to full screen from a dual screenplay and make the switch easily.
  • Add screen filters
  • Get a 3D enhancements
  • Save states along with quicksaves of the spots in the game you want
  • You can fast forward the game
  • Capture screenshots
  • Can record AVI movies \
  • How can you speed up the DeSmume emulator?

Ans: The renderer decides the speed, and if you SoftRasterizer and not the OpenGL, you can immensely improve the speed levels of the game. You can alter the sound settings to none along with the emulation settings to general. Instead of the enable advanced Bus level timing. All this contributes to making your game to be a whole lot faster.

  • Does getting a faster computer help along with installing DeSmuMe?

Ans: It does help to get a faster processor or RAM upgrades. Getting a new device will help for speeding up the game. If you play on old desktops, it can hang and or lag each time you play. So with a DeSmume emulator and faster device, you can boost your speed very much.

  • Do the speeding up tips work when you play the game?

Ans: These tips for speeding up the computer do work as they have been tried by many users, and it has helped them speed up the game along with using the DeSmuMe emulator. 


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