20 Best Apps For Amazon Fire Stick

Best Amazon Fire Stick Apps

Once you have decided to shift yourself to Amazon Firestick, you need to gather ideas on the best Amazon fire stick apps. Yet, it is a smart decision to replace your non-smart TV with a smart TV. The idea Amazon fire stick comes with the android system, allows you to enjoy limitless entertainment. 

When you have finished setting up your fire stick devices, now it’s time to install apps on it. Consequently, choosing the best fire stick apps, you need to consider certain points i.e. functionalities, speed, quality, content relevancy.

This is why I have done the research on your part, separated the most amazing apps that I’m going to provide short details on them. 


Netflix: Top-Notch Service

When the term comes to Netflix, it doesn’t require any introduction, brings you access to their own special contents. They also affiliated with top-level contents from other entertainment sources. Yet, Netflix is not free, you need to buy their monthly subscription to get those fresh content & relieve your boredness.

Furthermore, you will find most of your favorite shows on Netflix which make it one of the best streaming services. You may find some content restricted to a limited place, due to data protection law. But no worry, a quality VPN is there to save you from missing your favorite shows. 

Plex: Dynamic Content

Plex is one of the best streaming Amazon fire stick apps for your Amazon fire stick device. It presents free movies, anime, documentaries, family-friendly shows. You can have news sources from over 190 global famous publishers, covers 80% of local news in the US. If you go premium, Plex Pass will allow you to enjoy content remotely.

The channel which supports digital antenna and tuner will work on Plex Pass and you have no chance to miss your favorite shows. In the meantime, Plex’s interface is very simple, clear visibility presents top-level content and artworks. 

Kodi: Faster Stream

Kodi makes strong competition with Plex in the streaming apps market in recent years. If you searching for a faster firestick app, then Kodi comes in the top position. Furthermore, it provides tons of content including movies. Yet, everything is free to watch, also offers a number of add-ons in the Amazon firestick app. Hundreds of software developers and translators put their efforts to make it one of the best Amazon fire stick apps around the world. In some cases, illegal contents are there, be a little careful if you really want to avoid them.  There are multiple categories of channel subscriptions, with that, you can enjoy and share your great moments with friends& family.

Pluto TV: Offers Multiple Content

If you think about the top live TV app, then Pluto TV will be your great choice, offers live-stream television. ViacomCBS makes a partnership with Pluto TV to provide on-demand service, over 250 unique channels are available there. Not only you are getting channels like sports, news, but also thousands of movies are in the stock to watch. Pluto TV makes a collection of top-listed movies every week, earned major popularity in the list of Amazon fire stick apps. Remember, all it comes to you from Pluto TV is absolutely for free. 

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Hulu: Kids Friendly

Hulu offers one of the largest streaming libraries, has a rich collection of favorite shows, movies, sports. If you are searching for kids friendly Amazon fire stick app, then Hulu considers as to on the list. Per account, you can have 6 profiles, and you can customize your content compatible with teenagers. The premium account will help you to access multiple devices and new episodes of popular programs on a continuous basis. If you like to follow favorite sports, can do it with My Teams and My Stuff to record their games.  

YouTube: The biggest Source of Videos

No doubt, YouTube is the biggest source of videos and you can find any type of video content that you want. So, you may get lost while finding your favorite content, but it becomes easy to search with specific keywords. YouTube covers music, news, entertainment movies, sports, and content that is trending around you based on the demographic survey. 

Spotify: Listening to Music

Your Amazon fire stick device isn’t just to explore videos, but Spotify is there to listen to your favorite music. Amazon Firestick with Spotify can connect to the app of your device and manage music. Using your Fire TV remote or phone, it is now easy to search your favorite songs, playlist, album, or track. Yet, you are accessing all of this Spotify music for free. 

Crunchyroll: Best for Anime Shows

If the Asian entertainment and Japanese anime are on your choice list, then you should download the Crunchyroll Firestick app. This app offers both free and premium accounts, whereas the paid account will show you nop ads. It only needs an hour to watch top episodes after airing in Japan. This app is actually a storage of 30,000 and more than 15,000 hours of anime shows. Which is literally means no ending collection of anime series. Crunchyroll has a 14days risk0free trial period, after that if you think it worth, can go for the premium subscription.

Crackle: Wide Range of Content

In case you may not know, Crackle app belongs to Sonny owned Amazon fire stick app. Consequently, it offers a perfect place for Sony entertainment content. As you already know, it offers a huge range of content including Hollywood movies, TV series, comedy, drama, thrillers. Free account Crackle relieves you from seeing more ads. So, without any subscriptions, you are getting almost everything you need.

Tubi: A Trending Video Streaming Service

Amazon Firestick app Tubi is famous for the wide range of entertainment including movies, comedy, drama. You will find a great collection of kids’ movies as well as a hub of anime series. Apart from that, Tubi has name & fame for providing award-winning films and TV series, including British TV series. Each week Tubi brings new shows and movies. From the US, you can watch it for free, but it has a restriction in Europe. Yet, nothing to be worried as you can still access Tubi through the VPN server system. 

AllCast: View Photo From Your Phone

AllCast makes it easy to play your favorite music, videos or check your photos from your phone to your Amazon fire TV. You can download it for free to access all of its resources. Here, the DLNa server allows you to play media files and view images.  Apart from that, you can also access files from your Dropbox account. All of these facilities make AllCast a beneficial Amazon Fire Sick app. 

OneBox HD: A Hub of Free Entertainment

OneBox Hd proves one of the most trusted apps. They collect content from reliable sources. At the same time, it offers a robust content library, better quality streams along with faster playback. Watching your favorite shows on OneBox HD on a bigger screen from your phone is a matter of great fun. Even you can control this app remotely, provides more comfortability. All of these excellent comes from OneBox for free. 

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Twitch: Top Level of Content 

If you would like to watch live streaming, top video games along with art, cooking, music, games & sports, then Twitch is there. What it makes unique from others that it uses Bob Ross marathons and top video games events. The navigation system is straightforward, which makes it easy to find your desired content.  Dark mode quality is available for late-night viewing. Mobile broadcasting makes it easy to go live instantly. Now, it’s your turn to discover the unique programs on Twitch at Amazon Firestick and enjoy your self. 

Morph TV: Awesome Interface and Design

Morph TV is the latest version of the Morpheus TV app with multiple upgradations. Besides, the interface design is straightforward & sleek. They are very serious in updating the software system to give a high-level of comfort to its users. The storage of Morph TV is affluent with movies, TV shows, etc.  

Popcornflix: A Place of Original Content

Around 1,500 movies from different genres are available at Popcornflix, yet the subscription is free. This app presents most of the popular content, including romance, comedy, kids’ movies, drama, horror, and many more.  Popcorn provides high-standard original content around the world. You’re not also missing the top TV shows on this app. Popcornflix covers shows of almost all of the Hollywood stars and brings in front of you to watch. 

Titanium TV: Big Collection of TV Shows and Movies

The Titanium TV comes with a high quality of TV shows and movies. As a third-party software you need to install this app on your device to enjoy unlimited fun. You will also see many useful links, also may include HD stream. Moreover, this app comes with different languages, yet the subtitles are there so that you easily understand the content. 

Cinema APK: Huge Collection of Cinemas

This is one of the suitable apps on amazon Firestick, especially for movie lovers. The developers of this app, actively working on it and bring a continuous update on their content. So, you can start using this free app to worth your time watching movies. One important point to note that this type of app does not host its content. 

Downloader: An Essential App

A perfect downloader is a part & parcel for your Amazon Firestick device. What it does, process any downloading, ultimately helps to transfer files without a cord or network connection. But, you need to ensure proper JavaScript installation. You can now easily download any APK files, and there is no cost for this.  

Euronews: News for free

The Euronews app makes it possible to enjoy the news around Europe and Africa totally for free. You could see this app is full of info in different languages and top broadcaster, including RTE, RAI, etc. As you are trying to get continuous updates with information around the world, so it will be an excellent app for you on Amazon Firestick. 

VLC Media Player: Support Multiple Files

You may face difficulties playing some video formats, but with the VLC player, you can relieve it. It happens as the VLC media player supports most of the video formats. Also, you can download a VLC media player for your Amazon firestick device with no cost of money.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Does it heart to install the Amazon Fire Stick device?

Answer: Not really; with the catalog, you do it and requires no in-depth technical knowledge.

Question 2: Do you think that Fire Stick apps are free?

Answer: You will find most of the Amazon Fire Stick apps are free, but not all. Yet, some of the premium apps offer a few days trial period, which means no cost of you. 

Question 3: Can I access all the apps from being in the US or Europe?

Answer: Almost all the firestick apps are accessible to the US & Europe, but you may find some are not. Still, they are available by using a perfect VPN system. 

Question 4: What do you think about the content quality of firestick apps?

Answer: They are super high quality. Moreover, the content is updating on a continuous basis.

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