Why digital marketing is the new normal in marketing practices

digital marketing is new normal

Change is no longer coming; it’s here. Any business that isn’t digital may as well be screaming in an empty stadium. Digital marketing is the new normal. With more and more consumers purchasing everything they need from the palm of their hands; your business needs to be perfectly placed in that rectangular contraption consumers are using to fulfil their buying needs.

However, there are still a large number of businesses in industries that depend on consumers being physically present, which will continue but not in the way they did before Covid-19. When the normal we all knew ceased to exist, such businesses had to take a different approach in order to even stay in business. With the current worldwide pandemic, industries had to adopt a ‘new way of being available’ to the consumer, which meant creating a complete digital presence and adopting a brand new digital marketing campaign. Brands are also doing collaborations with other brands in order to gain exposure to new audiences. New industries are forming right in front of our eyes and they are driven by digital marketing. Head over to EngineRoom if you are interested in digital marketing services.

In digital marketing, you’re able to see what your communication achieves and how it is viewed by your consumers and potential consumers. You get a more targeted marketing strategy based on what your consumers have said they want on social media. Social marketing, content marketing services, SEO and influencer-led campaigns are the new marketing and if you’re going to be counted, you need to hop onto that bandwagon.

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Navigating the new normal

Going digital doesn’t just make good business sense; it’s also a way of giving your business resilience for any future, global surprises. Here are some tips:

Trial and error: A/B testing is the best way to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Quite simply, you identify sample groups to send a piece of communication to, expressed in different ways to see which performs best with the market. This is where you can see your consumer’s behavior and it gives you insight into honing in your messaging to suit your market.

Data management: Collecting the data you need to contextualize your communication to your consumer isn’t the whole story. It would be best if you also were responsible for the data you have on your market. This is what they call data governance. This ensures that all the data collected is consistent and trustworthy and doesn’t get misused.

Geo-location: This, enabled by mobile phones, gives brands a more targeted angle to interact with their consumers. It’s marketing on the go because you can customise your messaging according to where they are and what time it is. This can come across very personalised to your consumer and appeal to them more as it feels like someone speaking directly to them.

Social marketing: Social marketing is the holy grail of your marketing campaign. With more and more people being online, social marketing is the best place to find out your consumer’s habits, their wants, needs and desires. People aren’t just going to a search engine to find something out as much anymore – even though they know they can. They are now asking they’re friends and people that follow them on their social media platforms.

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Get gaming: People spend a lot of their spare moments between being online, working and sleeping, on playing games. A person with a smartphone has at least one game on their phone and they play it – be it frequently or every now and then. Brands are adopting gamification as an interactive way to get their consumers to engage with the brand. The brand doesn’t necessarily have to be a gaming brand. This is just another way that businesses can interact with their consumers without selling something to them.

We’re experiencing a significant shift in the world and you have to keep up to stay in the game. Digital marketing allows a business to not only speak to their consumers personally but also in real-time. Marketing has never been as accurate as of that – observing consumers and giving them precisely what they want and need.

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