Why are some businesses still not using a credit card processing CRM integration?

credit card processing CRM

There are still many business owners out there who don’t fully understand what benefits a CRM solution can bring them and their business. For many of them this is because they haven’t seen what a well-developed solution, like the First Data CRM solution, can do or because they don’t understand how can a credit card processing CRM feature help them grow their business. If they want to have any chance in the new economical paradigm they should start doing some serious research and make a decision as fast as possible.

What Are the Advantages of a Credit Card Processing CRM Integration?

Since trade and commerce began both merchants and clients have been looking for ways to make transactions between them easier. Whether it was the currency they used or the way that payment was made, there was always room for improvement and throughout the centuries both parties managed to come up with more advanced and secured ways to make “doing business” happen. But as the years marched on, and the technology changed and progresses, so did the threats. And because of those threats people had to become more inventive and come up with more sophisticated solutions in order to keep their businesses and clients safe. One of the best solutions that are available today are the customer relations management, or CRM, software that can help any business owner or manager better run his business and better respond to the need of the clients.

One of the best things about these solutions are the features and integrations that they can have. And one of the best ones any business can find useful is the credit card processing CRM feature. This feature lets anyone using the CRM software accept and process credit card payments and have a much clearer image about the behavior of their customers. The feature doesn’t only let the owner or manager see who uses which kind of card most often and from where, it can be also used in order to generate detailed reports about all the transactions made using a credit card. This can be very helpful when running a big company and you need to have a better picture about which of your departments are more productive, for instance, or which agents handle customers better.

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Another great thing about this feature is that it adds an extra layer of security for your customers, and for you as well. One of the biggest challenges businesses are facing nowadays is creating a safe space for their clients, especially those that are from other countries or use different types of cards in order to make payments. This is because the risk of data leaks and information theft is ever present, especially when dealing with payments done over the internet. Sensitive information has to be exchanged between multiple parties, and clients can be very easily frightened if certain situations appear. This is why a credit card processing feature in a CRM software is very useful. It practically comes as an additional step in the payment process, making any accidental information loses virtually impossible. It also eliminates the risk of human error and thus cutting down on any unwanted slip-ups.

So Why Are Some Businesses Still Reluctant to Use a Credit card processing CRM Feature?

Many businesses that started from traditional stores and grew might still look upon such a feature with some suspicion. This is because for them using a feature inside a piece of software can maybe be difficult to quite understand. They are used to doing things in a certain way, and convincing them that this way is better and safer might take some time. The best thing for any owner or manager that has this mindset is to talk to other owners and managers and hear what they have to say about the matter. Certainly, there will be those who would like some improvements to be made, but almost all will tell you that the advantages of such a feature greatly outweighs any downsides it might have

There might also be some business owners and managers that want to use such a feature but are simply too confused about which one to choose. That is quite understandable. Over the years there have been a number of CRM solutions launched on the market, all of them claiming to do extraordinary things and have unparalleled qualities. This can make anyone looking to get a good CRM solution scratch his head. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to the question “which CRM solution is better and which has the best features?”. That’s because each solution has been designed to deal with certain aspects of a business. Some CRM solutions might have more integrations while others might simply have more powerful features, such as payment processing capabilities and phone dialers. The main idea is that there are two ways of finding out which one is right for you. You can either start trying them out one by one, and as you cross them off of your list decide which one best suites you, or you can do a whole lot of research before settling for one. The first option might be more time consuming, but it will give you some first-hand experience, while the second one means that you have to do a lot of reading up. Fortunately, there are a lot of materials on the internet and you can also contact any provider you like directly, and ask them whatever you want to know.

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Why Is First Data CRM A Top Choice?

First Data CRM

Out of the many options out there, when it comes to a CRM solutions provider, the First Data CRM solution stands out among all others. That’s because it was created that way to begin with. Firstly, the solution offered by the people at First Data was developed to have more integrations and features than any other solution on the market. That is because the developers wanted to help businesses both big and small. One of the problems many owners and managers faced was outgrowing their partners. That includes the CRM solution providers. First Data understood this problem and set out to create a solution that would not only be adaptable to businesses both big and small, but also that would be a partner for them while growing and developing.

Another reason why the First Data CRM solution is such a remarkable piece of software is because it was created by people that understood how the financial world worked and knew what both merchants and clients needed. Usually CRM solutions are designed by developers to look good and to be easy to work with. The First Data solution takes this a step further and puts real world financial experience and client experience behind its product. That means that the people behind the CRM solution, with all its bells and whistles really knew what they were doing and why their solution needed those bells and whistles.

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