What Are the Mandatory Features That a Broker CRM Software Should Have?

Features Broker CRM Software

Communication Tools Are Essential for a Mortgage Broker Software!

As a mortgage broker, most of your interaction with clients will be through the use of different communication channels. So, if you want to use a mortgage broker software that will help you grow your business much faster, then one of the mandatory requirements it needs is a set of communication features. 4 main communication channels are used nowadays, and as a professional, you should use all of them. Your clients may like to use different channels. So, you must be able to adapt to their preferences. So, the broker CRM software needs to have features for the following channels:

  • Instead of using a real phone, you can use a dialer. And reliable software will provide you with it. Moreover, a reliable CRM will provide additional features together with the dialer. And you will be able to maximize your communication efficiency and save a lot of time. One of the main functions that you should look for is the automated dialer. Which will allow you to more than double the number of calls that you can make daily.
  • Another popular communication channel is SMS. Although it can’t be used for complex discussions. For general or Q&A types of discussions, it is the perfect alternative that you can use. Moreover, you can use SMS to send reminders to your leads or customers about their appointments. Keep in mind that SMS is almost always checked in a short period. N the other hand, E-mails are not so effective for remainders or discussions.
  • E-mail. This communication method is a little more formal. And it is also an incredible alternative to send and receive documents. For this reason, you need to make sure that the CRM will provide you with a customizable e-mail that you can use. Of course, you can also integrate the e-mail in the broker CRM software, but the best alternative is for the software to provide you with everything you need.
  • The last method of communication that you will need is voicemails. Although they are not so popular as the other alternatives. They also have their uses. For example, you may need to answer some complex questions, and an SMS may not be enough to explain the answer. So, you can make use of voicemails to send the explanation. You can also use this communication method for sales purposes. It will allow you to go through a much higher number of leads than trying to call all of them.
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Requirements That the Payment Processing Segment of the Mortgage Broker Software Must Fulfill!

Besides the communication tools and features that you will need, there are also other types of features that you need to look for in mortgage broker software. One of the most important ones is the payment processing segment of your company. As a business in the mortgage industry, you need to make sure that the CRM provides you compatible payment methods. And with features that will maximize the profits of your company.

  • Recurring alternatives. The first feature that you need to look for is the recurring payment method. This means that the software will allow your clients to establish a payment plan and automate everything else. This will not only save both you and your clients a lot of time, but you can also reduce the commissions that you need to pay at the bank. This feature will also reduce the number of clients that will be late with their payments.
  • Multiple payment methods. Another factor that you need to consider is the number of methods that your company has to accept payments. A reliable broker CRM software should provide you at least the most popular 2 methods. Those are credit cards and ACH. Of course, if a large part of your clients wants to use another method, then you can integrate or look for a CRM that provides that alternative.
  • Centralized tracking. All the tasks that you or employees need to do daily can be prescheduled and centralized in the CRM. Meaning, that you will be able to deal with most of the operations of your company from a single place. So, the efficiency of your company will massively increase. Yet again, you will be able to save more time that you can use to find even more clients.
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Top 3 Marketing Methods That You Can Find in a Reliable Broker CRM Software!

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The last set of mandatory features that a reliable broker CRM software must be able to provide is for marketing purposes. Marketing is an essential segment for a mortgage broker. And you need to make sure that your company uses the best methods to maximize the number of leads and customers that it can have. So, a top CRM understands the importance of this segment and provides features that will improve both the quantity and quality of your marketing efforts. The main 3 types of marketing features that you should look for are:

  • Visitor tracking. If you choose the right mortgage broker software then you will be able to use these features to find a lot of useful information about every visitor that comes to your website. That means that you will be able to optimize your website accordingly. And you can focus on the parts that are the most successful ones. Also, you will be able to customize your marketing campaigns using the gathered information.
  • E-signature. Another mandatory marketing feature is e-signature. Time is a very important resource nowadays. And if you can save a lot of your clients’ time through this method, then you will gain even more trust. Moreover, you will have an advantage over your competitors.
  • Borrower tracking. Lastly, the CRM must provide you with features that can track your leads actions as well as those of your current customers. Meaning that you may be able to find new opportunities anytime. And if you can make use of these opportunities, then you can massively increase the number of clients of your company very fast.

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