6 marketing tips to implement in 2021

marketing tips to implement

In 2021, everyone knows that online marketing has a massive rise. The pandemic showed that the offline world is not stable. Your office or store could be closed anytime by the government or local authorities. You need to put everything online. That’s why today we will talk about the latest marketing trends in the digital era. For instance, if you are a musician, then start with Soundcloud. Buy Soundcloud plays and get a very strong strategy. With the right upfront investments and strategy, you’ll succeed in 2021’s world. 6 marketing tips to implement in 2021-

Automated customer journeys based on AI and machine learning

The tools that are customer data platform type will allow you to create and manage customer trips that are highly personalized, making use of email marketing in a segmented way based on consumer habits and behavior. Thanks to this, you will be able to create messages that are highly effective and that take into account all relevant aspects for each type of client.

You have to go further. Personalization is much more than placing the user’s name at the beginning of the email. According to top machine learning companies, there are many existing tools in which you can take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to adapt customer journeys. These two technologies can personalize the content that the email itself has based on the different types of data they have obtained: environmental data, interest-based, behavioral or other data.

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Programmatic advertising on wearables, TV and radio

Programmatic advertising turns out to be another digital marketing trend in 2021 that has gained a lot of steam in recent years. In addition, it is a strategy that has been opened to new channels. The wearables are interesting to accommodate advertising program because of the large amount of data about their users host:

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality in ecommerce

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality will be combined to form part of the trends that have the market in 2021. Thanks to them, it will be possible to personalize the process of users’ online purchases. In this way, you can guarantee a good user experience and transform deliveries.

Biometric identification

Biometric identification through facial, iris, fingerprint and other physical features has significantly improved its ease and security in terms of digital payments, being a key component in the expansion of e-commerce. According to a study carried out by Visa, two thirds of Europeans prefer to use biometric identification to make their payments online .

Natural language procedure (NLP) that is based on big data

The function that this has is to be able to help big data systems to understand the information that has been obtained much better , in order to allow more conversations and interactions between the software and the users that are much more natural. 

Limitation of the number of ads in Facebook Ads

It is always said that less is more, or at least that’s what the people in charge of Facebook think  who have implemented a limitation on the number of active ads that a page can have. The objective of this is to be able to improve the performance of the advertising, in order to have more information about the performance of each ad.

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