PUBG Mobile APK + Data Download for Android & PC

PUBG Mobile APK + Data

Do you want to experience intense war missions where surviving is the ultimate goal? Besides, don’t you like to kill enemies and get a chicken dinner with your friends? Also, do you want to know how to download PUBG Mobile APK + data? Surprisingly, you came to the right place. PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile game is the best suit for gamers of this era. Notably, this game is exclusively designed for mobile users. And, you can pick your phone and play anywhere, any time. This game offers the most intense multiplayer gaming freedom only on a mobile. So, make your team, drop in a mission, train up and win chicken dinner.

You’ve come to the right place if you really want to get the most out of this game. In the following, you’ll find the link to download the APK and OBB files of PUBG Mobile for your Android and PC. We give you the recent version of PUBG. Therefore, you can download the latest version from the link below and install it on your PC and Android Smartphone or tablet.

Interestingly, the APK is completely free. Therefore, once you install it on your device, you can access to all the features. Each team consists of 4 players; you can even play solo also. Moreover, the user interface is simple and straightforward. In the following article, we’ll talk about the PUBG Mobile features along with the installation process of both Android and PC.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

PUBG Mobile APK file specification:

The name of the app PUBG MOBILE
Size 41 MB
Version 1.4.0
Android Version Android 4.3 and Above
Category Gaming

PUBG Mobile game feature:


PUBG Mobile version has a slightly lower quality. Moreover, if you ever played on your PC or Xbox, you should see the difference easily. And, everything is very simple and compresses the graphics drastically. For example, the houses seem quite empty. When you jump with a parachute, the island and buildings seem vague. Besides, you cannot identify where you are landing. What we normally don’t see on the PC version. For example, the fog, small details, texture are missing. But with the recent update, it brings many changes. And, the game is sufficient for mobile users.

Sound designs

If we try identifying one of the main reasons why this game is successful is the crisp sound design. The shooting and the footsteps sound is crucial for a smooth gaming experience.

PUBG game development team working to nailing the sound design perfectly. With the most authentic sounds, you will be drawn into the “Battle Royal” universe. The clacking of hostile footsteps of enemy, real-life gunshot sound makes this game more intense. Moreover, different elements and body movement’s sound as postures and strolling, crawling, breathing, etc., make a huge difference from other games.

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Not just PUBG, other FPS games also face the same challenge to make the controls smooth. The immense agility in movement is required for intense situations. The whole controlling panel is based on the touch display. That’s why it is difficult to manage everything during shooting.

PUBG Mobile APK + Data

For PUBG, they introduced a flexible and bland controlling system. Users find the controls very much reliable. Users can also customize the controlling panel according to their preferences. There is an option for two fingers or multiple fingers as well. You can also make the adjustment for action buttons on the screen. But users find it annoying sometimes as both the shooting and dodge or sleep on-ground action don’t work perfectly. However, you’ll get used to it and eventually find solutions for such situations by yourself.

Fair Gaming Environment

This game displays strong arms with no cheating features. This means there is no cheat code for this game out there. The game ensures a pleasant and fair atmosphere for players. However, many users claim there are hackers found in the game. They use unlimited bullets and life-saving kits. Also, users reviewed that vehicles travel on air out of nowhere.

Team-Up and Voice Chat with Friends

This game got more popular as gamers can play with their buddies and talk to them at the same time. Friends’ makeup teams of 4 people and have a wonderful time together. If they get to win, the ‘Chicken dinner’ feature will make the bond even stronger. That gives them the boost to start a new match with the same team again.

The Installation process of PUBG Mobile APK+ Data on your Android device

You may know the Android smartphones do not permit the installation of any potential or externally dangerous apps. That’s why, you have to get permission. Don’t think the step is complex to understand; instead, it is simple. However, in order to install PUBG Mobile APK on your Android device,

Step 1: At the beginning, you need to locate the Settings and the find the Security to turn on ‘Install from Unknown Source‘. After that, you will get permission of installing APK file from any third party source. Once you’re finished with that step, move on Step 2.

Step 2: Now, use the direct downloading link and then download the PUBG Mobile APK and OBB files on your device.

Step 3: After downloading all the necessary files, you need to install them promptly.

Step 4: After that, you have to change the OBB file name using the following title,

“” and then copy and paste the file into the directory listed below: Android/OBB/com.pubg.imobile.

Step 5: If there’s not currently a folder called “com.pubg.imobile,” then you should create one.

Step 6: Then, simply open the Battleground Mobile India and choose any resource pack between HD or Low spec. The size you will find is 618.2 MB and 379.6 MB, respectively.

Step 7: Every time you open the app, you have to put in the login credentials.

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PUBG Mobile APK for PC 

If playing PUBG on the small screen can’t ensure much pleasure, you can play it on your big-screen computer. So, how to get the PUBG Mobile APK on your big-screen computer? Whatever the process is, we are here to make it easy, so, let’s see the steps in the following.

  1. At the initial stage, you need software named emulator which will make the APK running on your PC. The market is full of various types of emulator software, such as Nox Player, Bluestack, and so on. In our process, we download and install Bluestack. You can download it easily on your PC from the official website using the normal download process.
  2. Once you click on the download link, you will get an exe file and you need to click here to install. The installation process is also easy, just like the regular installation process. You will get on-screen instructions to finish the download.
  3. Now, in this step, you need to make the simulator ready by providing an authentic Gmail account, otherwise, the play store won’t allow installing anything.
  4. After getting the install permission, now, you need to visit the Play Store and locate the search bar (which lies at the top right corner). Then write the name (PUBG) on there and wait for the list.
  5. Once you find the app on the list, you need to click on that to enter. After that, you will find the install button beside the app so, click there.
  6. After clicking, the PUBG app will install on your device automatically.
  7. Now, provide all the required information after opening the game and enjoy playing PUBG on the big screen.

FAQs of PUBG Mobile APK + data

Q1: Do I need to download Maps & Resources again if I update PUBG 1.3 version? 

Answer: If you have a low internet or low bandwidth data connection, you can update your PUBG mobile APK without downloading the maps and resources again.

Q2: How can I download the PUBG Mobile Players 1.3 version update without using VPN?

Answer: When a country imposes an access restriction, then the gamer of that country needs a VPN to access it. If you play PUBG Mobile from a country where PUBG game is banned i.e. India, then you need to use a VPN to install and play PUBG Mobile.

Q3: What is Auto-Adjust graphics in PUBG Mobile?

Answer: Usually, Auto-Adjust graphics will prevent your frame rate from fluctuating during gameplay and making sure your mobile processor won’t get lagged or overloaded

Q4: Can I download PUBG PC for free?

Answer: PUBG is for mobile users mainly and you can install it on your android device for free. Interestingly, using emulator software like BlueStack, Nox Player, and others, you can easily play on your PC. We also discussed the process of how to play on PC in this article also. Check that out.

PUBG Mobile APK + Data

Final Thoughts PUBG Mobile APK + data

Well, downloading PUBG Mobile APK+ data is quite easy. Notably, you will find almost every gamer likes to play PUBG on their Android device. Those who haven’t the spec or want to play on PC can also do the same.

We do our best to describe in-detailed in a simple manner. Use the direct download link. If you face any difficulty downloading, feel free to let us know. You may need to turn off ad blockers.

If you are facing any further questions, let us know in the comments section. We will try to help you ASAP. Feel free to share the article with your nearby who are facing the same problem. Also, if you face any issues regarding installing this popular game on your device, feel free to ask using the comment section.

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