Addicted to video games: Symptoms and Test

addicted to video games

People needed entertainment from the beginning of this world, and until now, they need this. But why do we all need entertainment? Because entertainment keeps you refreshed after a long hectic time. Nowadays, kids, young, and adults have different sources of entertainment. But there is a unique type of popular game among all kids, young and even adults also love this. What is that? That is any “Video Game.” But, it is a matter of sorrow that some people become addicted to video games. But how to check this? For this, we are here with “Addiction to Video Games and Video Game Addiction Test.” 


In the first place, you need to know the actual meaning of games. Do you have any official ideas for games? Official means authentic knowledge of games. Usually, we do have some experience with games. Conversely, we also do not have a clear concept about it. Do you want to know about the ideal meaning of games? If you want to know, then this section is for you. So then, dig into this to quench your thirst about games.

 Usually, we know that everything has a structure. We play from our childhood, but we always do not play in a structured way. In the first place, the game is mainly a structured form of play. Usually, we play for our enjoyment, fun, relaxation, and many more. Typically, games are distinct from work. Games are meant for entertainment. But, there are some people who have taken games as a profession. They can earn money by playing games. Those are professional gamers.

There are various reasons behind playing games such as pure enjoyment, achievement or reward, and even some for building a career. There are various types of games all around this world, such as one player, two players, and some require more. One does not need to be a professional to play games. Anyone can be an amateur and play, and anyone can be a professional also. The thing is, it does not even matter whether you are an amateur or a professional. What matters the most is the will. We know there are plenty of games in this world such as with the audience without the audience etc. The most important thing is to play games as the games are structured.

There are a lot of components in games. A player must need to know and follow these.  

Video Games

Video games! What are these? Mainly, there are many divisions in games. Video games are one of those. but, do we really know what a video game is? If no, then we are here with the “Addiction to Video Games and Video Game Addiction Test.” 

On a massive margin, games are divided into two sectors. One of them is indoor games. Again, indoor games also have divisions, and that is device-dependent or electric connection dependent. Video games are in this sector where you must need a device and even an electric connection. 

So, basically, a video game is an electronic game that requires an electric device and connection. A video game mostly depends on input devices such as a keyboard, joystick, motion-sensing devices, controller, and many more. In video games, you play in a video as a player, watching it on the device.

Professionals define video games based on their platform, such as PC games, console games, arcade games, etc. Recently, the gaming industry has expanded its work on mobile gaming. Mobile gaming means you can play video games on PC and mobiles from now on. In the 1950s and 1960s, the first video games were out. The first video games were just the extensions of electric games. In 1971 the company launched the first consumer arcade game, “Computer Space.” In 1972 they released the second one, “Pong.” Again, in 1972 the first consumer console video games were available in the Magnavox Odyssey home console.  

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Addicted to video games: Definition and Signs

This is an article named “Addiction to Video Games and Video Game Addiction Test.” Right? Previously, we were talking about games and video games mostly. So, where is the addiction part?

This can be a usual question. So then, this is the time to talk about addiction. Earlier, you may have heard this word. But, in reality, what is it? Do you know? If you do not know, then this section is for you. So then, do not wait more and dive for further.

Addiction is a disorder of human brains. Psychology characterizes it by compulsive engagement despite adverse consequences. Conversely, it is a biological process where people get attached to any stimulus object.

There is a conflict between these two concepts of addiction. Moreover, many scholars and researchers who have studied addiction do not accept the brain disease model. They argue that the brain model is mainly misleading and also incomplete.

In short, addiction is a limitless attraction towards anything. That anything can be a food, and entertainment purpose, a drink, a snack, medicines, even games can be addictive. 

Here, how will you understand that someone is addicted to anything? Do you know? For instance, we are here with the signs of addiction. Basically, there are just two significant primary signs of addiction. These are,

  1. Sometimes, you use more than the limitation. For example, if you are drinking then, one drink leads to more drinks. Again, if you are playing, then one set of games leads you to more sets. At the moment, you lose control over yourself.
  2. Having regular negative consequences, you continue your habit. For example, you continue to play games even though it hurts your relationships.

Addiction Test

There are many tests regarding this issue. Those tests help doctors with finding the habit. Just not for doctors, these tests also help many ordinary people to find their addictions. Are you interested to know about these tests? So, this is for you.

To begin with this, you need to know about the procedure. How do people or doctors test this? So then, let’s start.

Basically, these tests are based on some questions. These questions can be metal, can be physical, and can be habitual. You can go to a doctor, or you can use an app for this test. The doctor will ask some questions and also the app. So, what you need to do is answer the questions correctly. The physical problems will be related to your physical condition for a specific time. Addiction is not also good for mental health. So, the cognitive questions will be associated with your mental health and chronic problems. These questions will be related to your behavior for a certain period. Remember, these questions’ answers should be of a specific period. Doctors or apps will mention the period. 

Lastly, doctors or apps will count your result based on your answers. They will give you an impact and will show a meter. That meter will show the addiction level and how it is. You will know how addicted you are. Thus, you will find how much you have to work on this. Doctors will help you with medication and discipline. If you maintain these, then you may get over this.

Video Game Addiction

Have you ever addicted to video games? New to this, right? We are also shocked to hear this. Earlier, you may have heard about drug addiction, drink addiction. But this is new. For this, we are writing this. We are writing this to let people know about this addiction. Problems of excessive gaming are the other name of Video Game Addiction. 

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Generally, researchers define video game addiction as the unnatural, compulsive, and problematic practice of games. Exceptional services of games may result in substantial impairments. Addiction to video games may cause harm to someone’s life. This video game addiction concept is now a subject of debate, research, and disputation among the experts. It is making controversies out there. This is being the subject of discussion with medical, physical, psychological science. Gaming communities are also concerned about this subject. This video game addiction is easy to diagnose. An individual plays video games at any cost and for the full day without doing the routine works. Again, he forgets all his house chores, personal appointments just for the sake of gaming. If any individual shows up with these, you can consider him as a video game addict.

Usually, the World Health Organization records all types of diseases, disorders, etc. So then, in 2013, WHO comprised this as “Gaming Disorder” in their ISCD’s 11th revision. The APA stated that to have video game addiction in the DSMMD, and there is not sufficient evidence out there. But they declared it worthy of further study.

 Addicted to video games Test

The controversies about the diagnosis procedure of Video Game Addiction includes many confusions. For example, it is quite confusing; that is it any different clinical identity? Or any psychiatric problem? Researchers asked that question with different viewpoints, but it led to various issues in the development of these recommendations.    

Let these things go away. Now, this is the turn for the Video Game Addiction Test. Do you know about this? How do they do this test? We guess it is a No. So then, we are here with the “Video Game Addiction Test.” In this section, you will find the details about this test. Why wait for more? Let’s dive into this.

So, mainly, it is not easy to find addiction to games because drugs, medicines can be found in veins or blood but not games can not be found. Why? Because nobody inhales or inserts game inside the body, So, what do the doctors do? They researched and found out some helpful questions. From the answers, they can find out the case of addiction towards games.

Other than that, they researched some gamers and found out the time range of gamers. They made a minimal range, and it helps in the case of addiction. If anyone’s gaming time range is higher than this minimal range, doctors consider them an addict. But, there are differences in addiction levels.

Thus, by questioning, doctors made the Video Game Addiction Test by checking the routine and many more research types. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers of Video Game Addiction Test

Question-1: Is playing video games harmful?

Answer: Absolutely not. Playing video games is not harmful until you cross the time limit.

Question-2: How do people get addicted to video games?

Answer: It depends on that individual’s life, place, and many more things. Sometimes, something may push one into this point.


Question-3: Is it really possible to get addicted to video games?

Answer: Absolutely, yes. Any individual can get addicted to video games.

Question-4: How to test video game addiction?

Answer: You can go to a doctor, or you can use apps.

Final Insight of Video Game Addiction Test

We started this by thinking of knowing about games, video games, addiction, video game addiction, and its test. Here, we presented all the facts, examples, the test procedure, and many more throughout the article. We tried to provide you with the facts here. In this, we also provided you with the system for a video game addiction test to make it easy. We hope you went through the whole article and found all the essential information. Thank you for being with us.  

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