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How to screenshot on windows 8

Are you using Windows and need a quick screenshot? Are you having trouble pressing the PrtScn key? Do we need to capture a screenshot of the active window, not the entire screen? So maybe you want to take a free-form screenshot on a specific area of ​​the screen? Or perhaps you are playing a game and want to capture your accomplishments with a screenshot? But how to take a screenshot on windows 8.

We need to take screenshots on the computer at different times for different reasons. And we use different types of software to take these screenshots. But today, I will show you how you can take screenshots manually and through software. I have also commented on the best apps for taking screenshots. Be sure to check the shares.

It doesn’t matter why you capture a snap; this guide will show you how to do it: NOTE. So, this guide applies to all modern versions of Windows: Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1. Some of the methods described in this guide only work on one or two of these operating systems. In this case, I emphasize this fact accordingly. We will explain everything in a detailed manner. We will also share some of the best software to take a screenshot on windows 8.

How to screenshot on windows 8?

So, of course, the function of taking screenshots in Windows has been built in for a long time, and not everyone understands why I praise modern operating systems so much in this article. 

Everything is straightforward, starting with Windows 8; in addition to the usual saving of the current screen to the operating system clipboard, you can immediately save a screenshot in .png format to a folder on your hard drive. Yes, you are no more messing with Paint or any other graphics editor.

So, to take a screenshot, in a modern way, press the Win + PrtScr key combination into a file, as shown in the diagram.

If you are in one desktop application, the screen will dim for half a second and return to normal. If you are in a full-screen app or game, then, in most cases, there will be no effects, but the Screenshot should be created anyway. You can find it in the Pictures library in the Screenshots folder.

This folder contains all the screenshots that you made.

Well, since we have already gathered with you near this article, I propose to immediately consider the option of transferring the “Screenshots” folder to a more convenient place for us, for example, to the desktop—Right-click on the folder and select Properties.

Go to the “Arrangement” tab and press the “Move” button.

Selecting a new folder for screenshots, I created a Screenshots folder on my desktop and picked it. We press the “OK” button.

Windows will offer to transfer all files from the current location to the new one, and I think it’s worth agreeing.

Other Methods to How to screenshot on windows 8

Win + PrtSc

Let’s initiate with the easy one. To take a snap of your full window, use the Win (with checkbox) + PrtSc (Print Screen) keyboard shortcut.

Your computer will capture a snap and instantly keep it to your hard drive in PNG filetype. You can find a picture at: “This PC,” → “Pictures,” → “Screenshots.”

PrtSc + Paint

This technique likewise permits you to capture the whole screen; however, on the off chance that essential, you can promptly alter the outcome. 

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Use PrtSc+paint shortcut a screen capture; however, won’t show it: the framework won’t spare the picture circle, yet duplicate it.

To see the screen capture, run Paint and glue the picture into the program window utilizing the Ctrl + V keys. On the off chance that essential, change the image using the editorial manager. 

Snap the save button and spare the screen capture in the arrangement you need. The picture will show up in the organizer you determined. Instead, utilize some other designs the editorial manager introduced on your PC.

Program “Fragment and sketch.”

Recently, Windows 10 added another app for working with screenshots – “Snippet and Sketch.” It also enables the users to take snapshots of the selected area, selected windows, or the full monitor. Most likely, in the future, this utility will replace “Scissors.”

To call “Snippet and Sketch,” press Win + Shift + S or search for the program search system. After launching it, select the Screenshot using the buttons that appear on display.

To see a screenshot, open Paint and press Ctrl + V. When the image appears in the program, it can be edited and saved to your hard drive… But, In some Windows builds, Snippet and Sketch have a built-in editor that removes the need for Paint.

How to take a screenshot on Windows 8 with external software?

We give you a detailed guide on how you can take a Screenshot on Windows 8 without using any additional software. But sometimes we need some other features which are not built into default windows software. Here we mentioned a few best screenshot software for windows 8.

Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture is a browser plugin that makes it very convenient to take screenshots of web pages. Besides the usual snapshots of the window or selection, it also enables the capture of the full length of the page, even if it does not fit the screen.

Plus, in Nimbus Capture, you can edit images and save them directly to Google Drive. Plus, the plugin can record screen video.

To take a screenshot, click on the Nimbus Capture button on the browser panel and select an area of ​​the screen. You can also customize hotkeys and image formats: PNG or JPG.

All of these features are available for free. But, if you want to attach your logo to the screenshots, save them to Dropbox and receive prompt technical support, you will have to subscribe to a subscription for $ 15 per year.


An image editor very similar to Paint with a screenshot function. PicPick can take screenshots of the entire screen, any selected area, and the selected window – including scrolling. As for the editor, in addition to essential functions such as adding text and markups, it allows you to adjust the colors of images and apply various effects.

You can customize hotkeys and save the file in one of the following formats: PNG, JPG, BMP, PDF, and GIF. After installation, the program icon appears on the taskbar. To take a snap, select an area of ​​the monitor.

The program can be used for free, but in this case, new versions will have to be downloaded from the site manually. For the auto-update feature, developers ask for a one-time payment of $ 30.


VirtualDub is a video catch/handling the thirty piece and 64-piece Windows stages. It is considered one of the best Screenshot taking software. The software can run with any third party software without having any issues. 

It can take shots in various formats. By default, it would take a screenshot in BMP format and video in AVI format. You can change the settings as per your convenience. But, Many users around the globe felt comfortable using this software for their day to day life use. If you are a person who likes to take Screenshot quickly, it would be for you. It also has some additional editing features which would be useful for you.

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The application takes screenshots of a personal computer, edits the resulting images, saves selected media files to the hard drive. This is one of my Screenshot taking software. You can not only take screenshots; there are many additional features available to this software. 


The editor makes it possible to take and save screenshots on a laptop. You can capture a free desktop, software windows, virtual games, offers assistance in converting the file format.

Rapidly make screen captures of a chose area, window, or fullscreen; you can even catch total (looking over) pages from Internet Explorer. 

Effectively clarify feature or jumble portions of the screen capture. 

Fare the screen capture in different manners: spare to record, send to the printer, duplicate to the clipboard, join to email. Additionally, You can send Office projects or transfer to photograph locales like Flickr or Picasa and others. Apart from more choices simplifying the production of and work with screen captures each day.

FastStone Capture

FastStone Capture is one of the best-recommended software. It got popularity for lightweight design. Although this app is considered thin, you can do all the possible things with this highly effective Screenshot taking software. So, It can capture anything on your computer screen. You can obtain the Screenshot in various formats and various options. 

It can capture all screen and any additional changes. It also charges your mouse movements and shows it with an icon. You can save and sent the Screenshot to email directly from the software. Additionally, you can use this Screenshot to various software such as email, MS Word/PowerPoint, or Upload to your website. 

After taking the Screenshot, you take crop it or resize it with its inbuilt features. You can give a watermark or any caption to the Screenshot. Many options are available if you want to highlight any particular area. 


LightShot is the most straightforward tool that allows you to take screenshots of a selected area in a couple of clicks. You need to click on the program icon and select the required fragment with the mouse. Then you can add text, arrows, or draw something over the image.

Sharing screenshots is very convenient with LightShot. Taking a screenshot, you can immediately save it on the program server to get a direct link to send to colleagues or friends. There are two formats in your service: PNG and JPG.

The application is free, but it offers to download additional software before installation. Don’t forget to give it up.


The software product records and saves high-quality screenshots on a computer, provides a special icon, clicking on which starts automatic photo processing.

ScreenShot of How to screenshot on windows 8

A software platform for creating screenshots and adding visual effects to objects. Additionally, It converts media file extension, improves quality, uploads photos.

The software makes it possible to create screenshots from the device monitor, process them using modern working tools, and convert it. So, they offer you to download programs for making screenshots for Windows 8.1 without registration and SMS. But, The latest versions of 2020 (32/64 bit) are presented.

Conclusion of How to screenshot on windows 8

So as you can see, there are many ways to take screenshots in Windows. However, If you don’t have complex requirements, you can use the built-in tools and functions without installing any third-party software. But, You will get the same results, and it only takes a little effort.

We try to explain to you every possible way how to screenshot on Windows 8. The article also additionally shared some of the extra screenshot software.

We have explained here all the ways to take screenshots in Windows 8. So, Here we have shown you how to take screenshots manually and through third-party software. We have tried to explain all the possible methods. If you think you missed something, please comment.


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