Will Wrath of The Lich King Classic End in A Disaster?

WoTLK Classic is going to come out later this year, and there’s an opinion out there that it’s going to fail. But not because the expansion itself is bad, but because of what the Classic version of it is in terms of servers, population, and even community. The initial goal for the Classic versions of the past expansions, starting with the vanilla Classic, is to have a game where the WoW community can avoid the issues that are plaguing the retail version of the game. It seems that now Classic is polluted by the same problems as retail. And it’s not that these issues can’t be solved by something like a Lich King carry service that literally helps players bypass the problems this game will have. It’s that Blizzard itself doesn’t seem to be interested in tackling them in any way, shape, or form.

On it’s own, Wrath of the Lich King would be a great expansion as it would offer a very solid experience to players who do not use WoW Lich King boosting service to deal with the grind and the leveling race. The class gameplay and class balancing are both significantly superior to both Vanilla and TBC. Classes are not just better to play for pretty much every single player; the balance between the classes and the specs is a lot better than it has been. It’s not perfect by any means. Not every class is equally viable (at least not if you buy WoW Lich King Boost).Some classes are significantly worse than others. And not to do another shameless plug, but sometimes players buy WoW Lich King boosting to make their class more effective. Nonetheless, Wrath has a lot going for it.

In terms of raiding encounters, you also have some of the best raids that Blizzard has ever released in the history of the game. It has some really good bosses and very challenging ones, such as Mimiron and the Lich King himself.


The Things That Are Not Done So Well in WoTLK

On the other hand, there are a few things that are not great about this particular chapter of the game. The raiding armor tiers are some of the worst in the game. Dungeons are overall just terrible, with the exception of a couple of nicely designed ones. Right next to the two great raids, Ulduar and ICC, you still have some of the worst raids in the game’s entire history. The thing is that Blizzard is fully aware of the shortcomings that Wrath has, at least from the raiding perspective. They know they can’t have people running Naxxramas 2.0 for months and months on end because then the playerbase would plummet. They’re also aware that it is exceptionally frustrating for people to do Trial of the Crusader 3–4 times a week. So, they’re looking to implement some changes to that. PvP in WoTLK is another highlight of the era when classes were truly distinct and they had their own roles in massive battlegrounds and in the arena team compositions. Sure, sometimes the Lich King Gladiator title boost is a better alternative for those who do not possess loads of free time to get there, but still.

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Just to be clear, Wrath doesn’t need any significant fixes. What needs significant fixes is Classic because it is believed to be in a broken state. But before we get there, one quick mention—the Lich King Gladiator Boost mentioned earlier is an advert and an idea for you to try out some of the best coaching services on the market. Think about it—being trained by professional PvP players who know the value of teamplay and effective tactics. This won’t be just about getting some title, this is so that you can learn skills that will help you become a better PvP player.


What’s Wrong With Classic?

The server issue has existed from the very beginning of Classic. Players had way too few servers at the launch of Classic Vanilla for the number of people that were going to play the game. Later on, Blizzard panically added more servers. But by that point in time, the damage had already been done. People ended up on the mega servers with multiple layers, which had a detrimental effect on the community of the game. Because when mega servers ended up being swarmed by bots and gold sellers, it created a situation where leveling on your own was a nightmare. Which is why many opted to using some sort of WoW WoTLK lvling carry and there are not many trustworthy providers out there. Farming in the open world was also bad, so players had to use instances such as dungeons to level up. These issues have gotten worse over the years, especially with TBC. The combination of bad handling of the initial server situation combined with the bots, the gold sellers, and Blizzard’s inaction on them has worsened the problem that existed from the very launch of Classic. 

And now the community is afraid that WoW WoTLK Classic will see a similar fate. The issue got so bad when it came to the economy that not only could you not farm Black Lotus on a highly-populated server, and not only were the prices for this item very high on those kinds of servers, but people would end up transferring their characters to lower population servers just to farm all those items, then take their characters back, and then sell those items to make a lot of money. Obviously, this doesn’t do any favors to the game’s economy on any server. Even Lich King boost providers quickly realized it and started to create services that do not affect the economy of the game.

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A Glimpse At Salvation

All of these issues combined really damage the community of a game. World of Warcraft might as well be called World of Gold Craft because if you can’t farm gold (with or without Lich King service), you’re reduced to instance farming. If you can’t farm in the open world, you’re reduced to instance leveling. So, the adventure WoW fans hoped they would get with the release of Classic, the social experience where you’d go out and meet other players, get together, all of that really took a nosedive because of the way Blizzard handled Classic.

The economy will not be in a healthy state when the WoTLK is released. Some items will be on sale for insane amounts of money that no WoW WoTLK boosting service can help you make. All of this is because the bots run rampant and there’s not enough staff at Blizzard to do the policing and ban them. It’s going to ruin the enjoyment a lot of people will have. If you want to know how to farm gold, do the following:

  • Focus on gathering professions
  • Level mining
  • Level herbalism
  • Use jewelcrafting to make items for sale
  • Do daily quests
  • Sell the materials
  • Get Valor, sell the BoEs

There are ways to make quite a bit of gold in WoTLK, but not if the economy is dominated by bots. Furthermore, instead of leveling by completing questlines while running occasional dungeons, most players will only level in instances. But not because it’s the most efficient way to do it, it’s going to be the only way, especially on those mega servers.

All in all, as a player, you might not want to deal with bots or the kind of players who kill other players for the chance to farm a spot. You can have a lich king carry service that is performed by players such as yourself. It’ll save you time and lots of neurons, allowing you to actually enjoy the best expansion in the history of the game. Using Lich King carry services does not imply that you sponsor bot owners or do something illegal. On the contrary, services such as these evolved to help the community make the game better. And unless Blizzard does something about their game, this is the only option for a regular player to have their nostalgic WoW gameplay.


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