How to Plan the Perfect Group Vacation in 2022

As the pandemic’s most intense periods of quarantine have eased, many travel lovers have been able to return to the world of globe-trotting adventure—and others have taken up travel for the first time. One such travel opportunity is to bring together a group of friends or loved ones for a group vacation. 

But for some, the prospect of group travel is intimidating: it can seem challenging to pull together all the logistics. But fear not, dear reader: we’ll provide you with the best tis to plan the perfect group vacation. Read on to learn more about them.

Use tech

The currently available technology makes it easy to stay in touch with all the members of the party and plan the perfect vacation. Various travel technologies like planning apps and Wi-Fi spots are perfect for this situation.

One of the major difficulties in planning group vacations is that party members might not always be in the know. This information imbalance can create emotional strife, with some party members feeling unincluded. Even worse, it can lead to group members missing out on important events.

You can use a relatively low-intensity solution like a text message thread. But you can also scale things up. You could create a Slack channel for everybody to communicate, a Google Docs folder to brainstorm, a shared calendar to create an agenda–or all three.

Get everybody on the same page

One of the most important steps in planning a group vacation is to make sure that all members of your group have the same priorities. Of course, you should all be in agreement about where you want to go—but more than that, you should know what kind of activities the members of your group want to do.

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The last thing you want, after all, is to get to your fantasy destination and realize that one group member wants to lounge at the pool, another wants to go on high-flying adventures, and another wants to explore the local culture.

The simple solution is to talk about things. Decide in advance what everybody’s common interests are, figure out where folks have differences and determine how to apportion your time. Doing so will make the planning process that much easier.

Select the best of everything

Another benefit of travel technologies is that they can help you select the best options for your group vacation.

Despite all the in-depth details that travel planning entails, a bad hotel, bad food situation, or bad attractions can torpedo a group vacation. But you’re in luck: there’s a glut of resources to help you pick out the best of everything for your trip.

When it comes to hotels, you can use Expedia, TripAdvisor, or other websites to pick out good hotels, sites like Eater to pick out restaurants, or any number of location-based travel guides.

Final Thoughts

Although planning a group vacation can be challenging, it’s nothing that some digital savvy and plenty of advanced planning can’t fix. Tools from virtual communication platforms to content websites can make planning a piece of cake—so all that’s left for you to do is pick a destination and go.


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