Best Fitbits for Kids in 2020- Details Guidelines

5 Best Fitbits for Kids in 2020

Nowadays, technology has shaped wristband to another high level. Fitbit is the perfect example of the modern-day wristband 5 Best Fitbits for Kids in 2020

You wish your kids to be engaged in some outdoor fitness activities, am I right? Yes, outdoor activities are essential to keep your kids’ health fit. Also, an active mind helps to do more performance in the study. 

Fitbits are Perfect Fitness Tracker

When we think of managing our fitness, we often feel irregularity, which leads to an unsuccessful result. So, this is very important to keep record and track your data to get a precise result. Fitbits have placed on the top position to track and monitor your kids’ daily fitness activities. While using Fitbits from now, you can have a clear idea of your kids’ health. At the same time, you can analyze daily data and make decisions. 

A Short Buying Guide on Kids Fitbits: Will Help You

Fitbits are multifunctional and could serv your kids in many ways. In the present day, Fitbits are becoming more and more popular among teenagers. Your teens like to do running, cycling, swimming, hiking, and make competition with their friends. Here, we have mentioned some essential characteristics of Fitbits to take on a wise journey while buying for your kids.

Design: Select the Best Design

You can find multiple designs are available in the current market, which has its specific shape, size, & color. As you are buying this item for your kids, what you should give more importance that it has an appealing & colorful design. Your kids may like the product with easy and comfortable use while being in outdoor activities. At the same time, don’t forget to select the slim and sleek rather than a thick size Fitbit. Apart from that, it would help if you also cared about touch screen functionality, instant notifications facility, exact display setting, etc.

Features: Check Properly 

You should check appropriately whether the product can serve your kids’ purposes. You will find different Fitbits are laden with different types of features. It happens, some parents prefer the specific kinds of features that others may not. But, one thing you may feel relax that you can hardly miss your desired features. The current markets offer you a list of huge collections. Now, the most common features of a Fitbit are sleep and heart rate tracking. 

GPS System: For Your Location Tracking

Though GPS tracking is a kind of privacy data, you may find some restrictions on it, but it assists in tracking your path precisely. GPS offers an easy understanding of your kid’s every movement. So, it is better to ensure whether your Fitbits consists of a GPS tracking system. 

Waterproof: Keep Safe From Water

Water can destroy your kid loving Fitbit in a matter of moments. So, it is wise to check before buying a water-resistant Fitbit. Still, you will find many buyers who do not care about this opportunity. Rain may fall at any sudden time, or your kid may take part in a swimming competition with its friends. In those cases, you must ensure waterproof Fitbit. Some of them offer slight resistance to water, and some others are entirely immune to water. 

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 Sleep Tracking: Automatic Sleep Tracker

Proper sleeping is a precondition for the excellent health of your kids. Fitbit, with this fantastic facility allows you to track different sleep issues. Moreover, it keeps records of light, deep, and rapid eye movement(REM) which are the different stages of sleep.  

Heart Rate: Monitoring Your Kids’ Heart Rate

There is an increase in heart rate after exercise has been done. This default feature will ensure the normal heart rate or there are any irregularities. 

Notifications: Complete Notifications

When you buy Fitbits for your kids, it provides enough notifications. Therefore, it should include text messages, warning on your irregularities, inactivity notifications on time. 

Battery Life: Provide Enough Power Support

Without strong support from your battery, you may not find the worth of your buying. Longer durability from the battery can relieve you from much pain.                                                                                             

As we have already stated, there is a huge collection of Fitbits to buy. But, from our broad research, we have shortened the list into the best 10 Fitbits for kids from which you may find your suitable Fitbit. 

Fitbit Alta HR: Update Version of Fitbit Alta

Fitbit Alta HR is the best solution for teenagers age 13+ who love to do exercise on a regular basis. This model comes with the heart rate monitor to properly monitor your fitness level. This version is almost the same to its previous model Fitbit Alta, but little extra with heart rate tracking feature. The display is comparatively smaller but still perfect to show all kinds of notifications including incoming calls, reminders, text messages. 

Furthermore, it can smoothly track step counts, active moments, running distance,  and proper measurement for cardio, fat, and calories burning. Also, it properly monitors different stages of sleep including light, deep, and REM. The battery is super lasting can support up to 7 days once you plugged it fully charged.  

Features and Specifications

It comes with black color, weight only 22.68 grams, whereas it provides  1 volt(voltage) Lithium battery. The key features of Fitbit Alta HR are accurate heart tracking, auto sleep monitoring, sports mode for kids, and super lasting lithium battery.


  • Beautiful & smart design
  • All-time tracking activity 
  • Perfect heart rate monitoring
  • Super lasting lithium battery


  • It can’t withstand water properly

Best Suitable For Kids Age 8+

When we talk about Fitbit Ace for kids, the best age range we commend for age 8+ years old. The design is extremely slim, which means no burden for your kids, even for all day long. The best output you can have that it withstand to water, means no worry for parents of being destroyed. 

As children are much fond of inspiration, it presents rewards to motivate your children. Moreover, kids can engage in friendly competition, do greetings each other, make a stronger friendship. As per data protection law, previously it was restricted to age 13+, but Fitbit Ace comes with parental control. This means children under 13 age, now capable to use this technology. 

Features and Specifications

Fitbit Ace brings stunning design with electric purple color,  bright & tap display, and weighs only 30.90 grams. Key features include perfect tracking, water resistance, soft rewarding, and parental control. 


  • Perfect monitoring with parental control
  • Shower resistance
  • Easy functioning with Android & iOS devices


  • It requires to expand more features 
  • Better to increase the waterproof quality
  • A fully charged battery will serve up to 5 days

Fitbit Charge 3: Comes With Varieties of Features

Fitbit Charge 3 offers a complete package of features, actually, it is the latest version of the Fitbit Charge family. Nevertheless, it presents an eye-catching design, easily match with the teenager’s wrist, and has a perfectly workable touchscreen.

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Besides, it offers a wide range of sports mode including running, cycling, swimming, circuit training, yoga. Moreover, it keeps perfect actual track of your kids which will assist you to make better decisions.  In addition to sports mode, it properly monitors your different sleeping stages, and you can easily the details on the app. 

The updated notification feature will present a comfortable understanding along with app synchronization. More importantly, it can resist water up to 50m that no reason to worry about swimming, bathing, or raining. Also, it will accurately track your heart and provide notifications if there are any irregularities. 

Features and Specifications

The main features of Fitbit Charge 3 are proper activity tracking, app synchronization & smart notification system with a strong water-resistance facility. You can find it in rose or golden color, weighs 29 grams. 


It will provide you a unique personal dashboard to see all of your activities

Long-lasting battery life, strong water-resistance

Smart notification system, more than 15 sports mode


There is absent of GPS system in this mode

Backlit Display to Attract Your Kid

Fitbit Inspire has an attractive on-screen celebration facility through virtual rewarding to inspire kids to do more fitness activities. The user-friendly touchscreen with the backlit display will draw more attention to your kids. In fact, it will track and report sleep and daily activity in a very professional way. Fitbit Inspire tracks every moment of your kids, bring the best possible report so that you will analyze and go for better decisions. 

Likewise other models, also offer multiple sport modes including swimming, running and many more keeps a continuous record of them.  

Specifications & Features

Fitbit Inspire presents black color along with lithium polymer batteries and weight is nearly 92 grams. Some major features of this model are smart notifications alert, sleep monitoring, activity tracking, sports mode, etc.


It offers multiple sports mode, professional sleep monitoring, and decent battery support


It is missing heart rate tracking feature and it needs to develop user interface 

Fitbit Versa 2: Built-in Amazon Alexa

Fitbit Versa 2 is more like a proper smartwatch, which means your kids will find more enjoyment while using it. This perfect fitness tracker model is built-in Amazon Alexa which allows you to do daily activities with the sound of the person’s voice. Eventually, it will track your kids’ daily activities, sleeping stages and provide reports on the distance covered, calories burnt, steps count, etc.

Apar from the common facilities, there is storage for 300+ songs which means more fun running with listening to songs. Smart notifications system with emergency voice notes makes it a top-notch product and you can cover any urgent messaging.

Features & Notifications

Fitbit Versa 2 presents black or carbon bundle color with a weight of nearly 40 grams, also includes lithium polymer batteries. Some remarkable features are the Spotify app, built-in Alexa mode, and smart notifications system. 


This model offers listening to music while doing activities to your teenagers

Voice commands through Alexa which means savings of times

All-time monitoring in a professional & smart way

Track swimming up to 50+ meter


You may face some connectivity issues in its Spotify app

Finishing Line

In a nutshell, Fitbits are required to track your kids’ health in a scientific way. Even though they may feel a little uncomfortable in the beginning time, but they are quite helpful in the long run. Moreover, the safety of your kids’ health is at your hand and you don’t want to keep some negligence here. Yet, there are available plenty of models, but we believe, our descriptive guide will help you to choose the best fit for your children.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Can all ages of kids use Fitbits?

Answer: As per data protection law, kids age 13+ years can use Fitbits. But with parental control kids of age 8+ years can also use Fitbits  

Question 2: How the Fitbits can help Kids’ health?

Answer: Fitbits are capable of monitoring your kids’ daily fitness activities which means you can detect and make better decisions

Question 3: Fitbits are too costly?

Answer: Not really, mostly their price ranges are within your affordability

Question 4: Is there any side effect of using Fitbits?

Answer: No, there is not any side effect of using Fitbits.

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