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Employee surveys have been around for a long time smart pulse survey, and they did these surveys either annually or halfway the way. They are taking surveys among employees to help in getting the right feedback on a lot of things. It’s essential for the administration to fully understand how the employees are feeling towards certain subjects or what their opinions are towards some issues. Feedback among your employees is something vital as it ensures that all of you are on the same page; there a smooth run for things.

There are a lot of things that you can conduct a survey on,

and these traditional forms of the survey have proved to help a lot. However, there is one problem that comes down when conducting these surveys. Traditional surveys are often time-consuming, and holding them can take a lot of time from you, which is something that can drag down your workforce.

There is, however, some good news to that, and that is with the advancement of technology; it’s so easier for most companies to do their survey online and, thus, the term smart survey. There are so many companies that can use these smart pulse survey apps to conduct these surveys. Even governments are implementing these smart pulse surveys to be able to get the correct info of their citizens in order to apply the best welfare to them. 

When a company or government has the right data that they can easily use to determine what people want,

then it’s easy to do much. For example, when your survey determines that there are areas where there is a shortage of resources and that is the reason why people are not working well, then you can easily solve it.

Data is something that is so important, and many companies must take advantage of this as it can result in changing a lot. Data is the new currency, and those who neglect it can end up accumulating lots of arrears as a result of that, and I bet no one wants that. In this article, we will discuss some of the best apps you can use for smart pulse survey for accurate results. Also, we will look at the ways to create a smart pulse survey and some of the benefits it has. I hope you can gain one or two about smart pulse survey and implement it in your company.


We have already established that data is a very crucial thing in today’s society, and it’s very important to have the right tool for the job. There are many apps and software out there that claim that they can perform the smart pulse survey, but they don’t tend to handle the data right. Therefore, before deciding to take a smart pulse survey, you must check for the right tool, and I will give you some smart pulse survey tools I prefer.


One of the most prominent software that you can use for conducting the smart pulse survey job is Perkbox. This is a fascinating tool that can give you a lot of insight and help in doing successful engagements in your smart pulse survey. Most smart pulse surveys out here claim to handle vast data, but none can match that of Perkbox.

One good thing about Perkbox is that it can handle a large group of people, and if you have a big organization, you are sure of getting the correct feedback. This tool is so magical as it allows you to easily optimize your survey so that you can precisely get what you only need. There are several ways you can make this tool work to you best, and that is through using the available methods like the scale. You can ask employees about a particular thing, and they can have a scale of 1 to 5 to give their opinion about it. Also, they can give out their opinion by typing out what they feel, and the tool can help in providing the best insights.

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The other tool for conducting a smart pulse survey is the 15Five, and this is one excellent tool that can do a lot for you. This software is essential for various reasons, and firstly is it can ask questions that are critical in the job, and the answers the employs give can be valuable. Remember, data is gold, and if you are keen on ensuring that these are the right questions, and then you can implement the proper mechanism.

When running a company, all you want to keep your focus on is ensuring that the company runs well, and there is a lot of productivity going on. If the employees are less motivated, then there is a high chance that your company can start taking a head dive. You must employ these smart pulse survey tools to help you be able to make the right decisions for the good health of your company.


For you to have the right and specific data, you must create an excellent smart pulse survey for proper engagement. I will guide you through a couple of steps that you will need to keep in mind when conducting such surveys. The backbone of any survey is how good the questions are, and this is the area that you have to spend most of your time tackling. Therefore, if your management needs to have questions that lead to proper action, you must follow some guidelines in creating questions. The following are the simple steps for creating the best smart pulse survey.


When creating a smart pulse survey, I would highly recommend that you avoid asking specific questions. I’m not saying specific questions are wrong, but there is a tendency of these questions to bring the sense of a problem. In real life, if you ask a specific question about a topic, then the person can start thinking that there is a problem with that particular topic. Therefore, these questions tend to bring some strong feelings from employees, and maybe the first time they never had such feelings.

ASK CLEAR QUESTIONS                                        

As we did point earlier, questions are the backbone of everything on a quick pulse survey, and that does not mean any questions. When considering questions to ask, you must ask very clear questions that aim at a topic. If you happen to work in a large company, this is something that you need to keep in mind. There are so many different departments in a big organization, and if your questions are in general, then there is a high chance of getting the wrong data. Clear questions for each department mean that the feedback is more precise, and there is a high chance of doing something about that.      


There are so many instances where the management can bomber the employees with several questions at a time, and it’s not right. When bombarded with several questions at the time, there is a high chance that you can get confused. One thing that you need to keep in mind when doing these smart pulse surveys is asking a question at a time. This is a simple thing, but many people have failed in getting it right.


This is something so vital, and it helps in ensuring that the employees engage in the smart pulse survey. When considering questions to ask, you just don’t put a question on that survey as some cannot generate the right feedback. Therefore, I believe using drivers like communication, teamwork, company strategy, personal development, quality of life, opportunities, and many more drivers for the correct feedback.

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As earlier stated, there are several advantages that you get from conducting smart pulse survey in your organization. We will discuss some of the benefits of conducting these smart pulse surveys.


One good thing about smart pulse surveys is that they offer the company insight into what is going on within the company. A company can easily solve some of the issues that it’s facing just by conducting these surveys and getting the right feedback. If you are able to tackle several problems easily, then there is a high chance that your company performance can improve over time. Some companies take smart pulse surveys each time, and if you tend to look at the company’s performance, you get to see good results.   


Unlike traditional surveys that take a lot of time since you are using papers to fill, these surveys are fast. Smart pulse surveys are so fast to fill, and the questions are straight-forward, which makes them flexible. An employee can quickly feel the survey from anywhere if he has the internet and not spending hours marking some survey papers.


One good thing about the advancement of this technology is that you get instant feedback from the survey. When the employees submit their survey, the tools will analyze the data and compile it for you and give you the feedback instantly. When you compare this to a traditional pulse survey, you had to take some time to analyze all the papers from the survey, and this could take a lot of time. Also, there is a high chance that using a traditional survey could provide you with inaccurate data, which is something you never want.


When thinking about conducting a survey, it can be a problem when it comes to budgeting on big companies. Traditionally you will need to print lots of survey papers and even use some human resources to get the survey done. Smart pulse surveys are less expensive, and they do not require you to invest so much in getting the survey done to a large group of people.


When employees are free to engage and share their thoughts on some issues, there is a culture that develops. Many people feel free when they can easily share what they know about a problem, and if a company encourages that, then employee tends to work well. Some motivation develops among the employee, and all this is a result of a good survey.


To conclude, conducting smart pulse surveys is very critical to many companies, as that helps in bringing out a lot of issues to solve. I think a company must conduct a  survey monthly or even weekly to ensure everyone is on the same page. There are lots of benefits that you get from running a successful survey as you can identify issues easily.


How long should a smart pulse survey take?

Since we talked about how data is vital, it’s essential to keep the survey short and ensure that everyone submits their survey within a day. When you get the feedback, you need to start checking immediately on some of the issues and set down measures to solve them.

After how many days should you conduct a survey?

Different organizations have different ways in which they can decide when to conduct their surveys. A company needs to structure itself well so that the employees can know when they are needed to take the survey. Some companies take smart pulse survey every week while some do that monthly and other even yearly. It all comes down to how a company is structured, and therefore there are no specific days.

Why conduct a smart pulse survey?

Conducting a smart pulse survey is essential as it helps the company track its performance. There are so many reasons why these surveys are essential as they help in solving several issues. For example, surveys can be about a specific topic that the company needs to identify if it’s working or any other thing. Some also help in increasing the engagement of employees.

What is a smart pulse survey?

A smart pulse survey refers to a survey done by employees to give insight on issues within a company. There are questions designed and given to employees concerning a problem, and their feedback is essential.

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