How do Children From Rural Areas Get The Best Education?

Children From Rural Areas

Even today, it has been seen in many villages of India that children cannot read properly and don’t go to school or do child labor. Education is the fundamental right of every child, and they must complete their education up to the 12th. Today, many schools in India have the facility of ERP for School. We will discuss it more in today’s article, but before that find let’s find out different ways to enhance the education system of children from rural areas.

Change in the plight of schools for Children From Rural Areas 

Even today, there are such states in India where there is a deep need to change the education facilities. There are many such states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand, where education is declining day by day.

One of the reasons for this is the primary development at the level of schools, such as the construction of buildings, lack of facilities like furniture for children, etc., which obstructs the path of rural schools.

 Awareness of technology

In today’s time, technology is considered an essential tool for the better future of students, connecting with which students can develop their intelligence. The students in village schools are getting separated from other students day by day due to a lack of technology,

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Transparency in the appointments of teachers means that even today, irregularity is found in the appointments of teachers in village schools. Teachers make many types of errors by themselves while teaching the children. So the main requirement is to appoint teachers that are educated and have fundamental skills.

Development of Schemes  

In rural schools, children of different classes are admitted to the education schools. There is also a section of poor students who cannot bear their expenses. To overcome this, the government will have to work on such free schemes and can also give better education to the students.

Emphasis on physical activities

Today, along with the level of education, children in rural India are far behind urban children in competitions like sports and extracurricular activities. The path of mental development initiates from physical development. So the government needs to emphasize the appointments of qualified sports teachers and the development of excellent facilities like infrastructure, sports equipment, and grounds for the students.

Competitive Program

Schools should organize the various type of competition programs that can help in the self-development of the students like, 

  •  Speech Competition
  •  Debate competition
  •  Current Competition
  •  Science Seminars

 Regular assessment of students

Students should be evaluated regularly with better education to know how much change is needed in the students or how much change is happening.

 Connecting students with purpose

The purpose of education and the goal of the students is not to get a job but to learn fundamental knowledge required for their life. Is there a need to emphasize that even today, the village students are untouched by their participants; they do not know what they need to do? So for this, the government should also take essential steps.

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 Linguistic Education

 Along with the changing need and situations, students have to prepare qualified teachers to learn subjects like International Language English, making students strong in subjects like English medium and the Hindi language.

 Adequate arrangement of teachers

 In rural schools, there are many vacancies for teachers in essential subjects, which are challenges for the students, and need improvement.

Summing up:

ERP full form is Enterprise Resource Planning, a software that arranges the data appropriately and presents it to the user; it is also used in many schools to make schoolwork easier. Education is the only way to make one’s identity in society, and every child has the right to achieve it.

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