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Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was developed in the year 2011. Before the game came into the market, the first version of the game was released to the PC gamers to try it out. The version was called an Alpha Build. This build meant that the game was in flux, and it would be updated as the gamers gave back their feedback.  Minecraft pe apk is more of an experience compared to just calling it an ordinary game. When it first arrived, it had this unique look like the one that the old games of pixel art had. The experience that you get from gaming Minecraft is like no other; therefore, just deeming it as a game is undercutting its impact.

There are a lot of things that you can do in Minecraft pe Apk;

therefore, what you do is pretty much up to you. However, the basic mechanic of what goes in Minecraft pe Apk is that you wander through the Minecraft world and breakdown the resources that you find. A player can use these resources to build your structures, weapons, and many more. Some of the resources can be hard to find; therefore, a player does lots of exploration. There are lots of modes that are available in Minecraft that you can choose to play.

Minecraft pe apk is considered as one of the most influential games of all time and has won many awards. Microsoft purchased the game in 2014, and it’s the best-selling game of all time. The reason for all this is the creative freedom that grants a player.


If you want to download the latest version of Minecraft pe Apk you can easily get it on Google play store although it’s a paid version. However, you can get it for free if you will need to follow these steps. First, you will have to download an Apk from the internet know as the HappyMod Apk. Once downloaded and installed, you will then have to search for Minecraft Apk.  The HappyMod Apk is just like the Google Play store, where you can find a whole bunch of stuff.

When you locate the application, you can just download it pretty much the same as downloading an app from Google. Then install the Minecraft pe Apk, and there you go, you have a free Minecraft Apk. You can now start building your excellent features and start exploring the Minecraft Apk world.


Several game modes are available in the Minecraft Apk. Each of these modes offers you some level of exploration. The modes include; survival mode, creative mode, adventure mode, hardcore mode, and spectator mode.


This mode is one of the main game modes that are in Minecraft Apk. In this mode, you have the responsibility of collecting a list of items that they offer you. These items can include wood or even stone or any kind of resource in the inventory, and a player finds them in the environment. Once you have gathered these items, you can then combine them to create a block using the recipes offered. This process of combining items using a recipe is crafting. The reason you are building these structures in survival mode is that you need to protect yourself at night from monsters spawn depending on the difficulty of the level.

If you don’t shelter yourself, then you might get several attacks from monsters,

falls, and even falling into lava. There is a health bar that indicates where your health is, and it gets depleted if you keep getting attacks. If you receive extensive damage, you will die and return to the spawn point. Also, there is a possibility of you dying if you don’t eat the in-game food, and you will see this through the hunger bar. If the hunger bar goes all the way down, you will stop healing automatically and eventually die.

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Earlier, we said that you could obtain the items in the inventory by crafting; however, you can not collect some of these items manually.  The items require a furnace for processing. Also, some stations are only meant for crafting, and they include; repairing and enchanting.

The main goal in Minecraft Apk survival is mode is ensuring that the player reaches the end and defeats the ender dragon. When you beat it, you will get a trophy item called a dragon egg; however, the game won’t terminate. What the dragon egg offers you is a tremendous amount of experience, and it triggers the end poem and also opens end portal explorations.


The other mode in Minecraft Apk mode is the Creative mode, which is the opposite of survival mode. This mode allows players to create and destroy structures and mechanisms easily. This mode also gives players several items to build within the inventory menu.

The other thing in the creative mode is the players can fly,

which you can easily activate using the key jump. You can also disable this flying by double-tapping jump again. Unlike in survival mode, players don’t receive damage that often, but if you happen to go too far, you can get killed, especially in the void.

There are also Mobs, and they still spawn just like in the other game modes; however, they don’t attack the players; they are passive. Also, like in the survival mode, you can go to The End in creative mode, and the Dragon attempts to attack, but it cannot harm the player. You can create the world, and once finished creating it, you can change the mode manually to other game modes. The good thing about this mode is ensuring that the player can focus on building the world of any size without any form of destruction.


The adventure mode is a mode in Minecraft Apk that is so similar to survival mode. In this mode, the players still receive damage from their worlds, and they can even die.  In this mode also the players must manage their hunger or else they face the possibility of dying. The players in adventure mode can destroy blocks; however, not any item can ruin a block. The only items that destroy blocks are those with the can destroy tag.

To experience the full adventure mode in Minecraft Apk the way the map maker intends, you will need to collect the items. You will interact with the environment in many ways, like killing mobs and even trading with the villagers. There are several custom maps in Minecraft Apk that you will need them for navigation. Players can’t ruin this map as they don’t allow the players to place blocks or even break them.


As the name suggests, the hardcore mode refers to hardcore levels of the game. In the mode, the worlds are at a challenging level, and if you happen to die in this mode, then you cannot respawn. This is the critical feature in the hardcore mode. If you happen to die, then you have the option of spectating the world and title screen. In the spectator world, a player goes into the spectator mode where the player respawns at the spawns point. Since this is a problematic level, all the cheat codes are usually disabled.  The Title screen lets you be able to delete the hardcore world, and also, multi-players works on the hardcore mode in Minecraft for players who all are in the challenging mode.


The spectator game mode in Minecraft Apk is a little different compared to other game modes. Just as the name suggests the mode you as the player, you become a Spector of the game.  It allows you to fly around and observe the worlds without you having to interact with it in any kind.

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The spectators are invisible except for the players that are in spectator mode only. There are mobs in the world; however, they don’t notice you; therefore, mobs don’t spawn on you. Also, spectators can be affected by glowing status effects though other players and not the mobs only see them.  If you want to see if other players have a glowing effect, you can highlight the players. There is absolutely nothing that you can do, even interacting with items in the inventory seems impossible. There are several commands that you can use to enter the spectator mode while still in other modes if you want to take a look at the worlds.



In Minecraft Apk, there is a feature called Statistics. Since there are a lot of tasks that you complete in the game, the feature allows you to track all the tasks that you have completed. These tasks include the items that you have collected and even the buildings that you have created. You also get the statistics of how long you have played the game, the distance you have sprinted, distance flown, how many mobs you have killed, and many more.


The other feature in Minecraft Apk is the subtitles or the captions. This feature is the one that displays text for sound in games. The main intention of this feature was for people who have a hearing problem or those who like playing the game with no sounds. When you turn the feature of subtitle on, there is a box in black that appears on the screen that lists all the sounds in the world. Also, there are arrows in the black box that points to the direction in which the sound is coming from. The other thing that the feature offers is that the texts will begin to fade when the sounds fade away.


The tutorial hints feature in Minecraft Apk usually shows up every time a player starts playing in survival mode for the first time. The tutorials, as the name suggests, are supposed to guide a new player who may not have a clue on the controls. A tutorial appears that contains a hint title, a brief description that describes how to complete it, and an image that illustrates it further. Once the player has completed the tutorial hint, it then disappears, and another clue automatically appears.


The other feature in Minecraft Apk is the recipe feature. This is a feature that helps guide the new players into Minecraft. Recipes help guide you with crafting, smelting, block, and item transformation in the game. A player can obtain the recipes in various ways, and you can also use the command to get them. You can receive some if you, the player, earns an item that is require4d in the recipe. You can store the recipes that you discover in the player’s recipe book.


The most crucial feature of Minecraft Apk is combat. There are lots of enemies that is the hostile bosses and mobs that you need to defeat. You have to overcome this hostile creature using the several kinds of items that are in your arsenal. There are lots of ways in which you can kill them or even run away until everything cools down.


The debug screen is a feature that you can activate on your phone. This feature shows all the memory usage, the cached chunk, the game’s current frame rate, and many other parameters. The screen displays lots of stuff that you can use to determine how the game is going.


Enchanted book is a feature in Minecraft that lets the players add enchantments to some things. You can get this enchantment books as treasure items from even fishing. Also, you can get them through trading in the librarian’s villages. There is also a way in which players can create an enchanted book. However, books have less chance of getting multiple enchantments.


Minecraft Apk is a game that almost anyone should get. You can get the game from Google play store or App store, whether paying for it or get it for free. The adventures that you get with playing this game are mind-blowing. Also, the features that the game offers are endless, which you can use to your aid. The other exciting thing about this game is the gameplay and the several modes that you will like.

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