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what is the best free voice changer

Voice changing apps have been on the rise these days, and this is because of several reasons. First, for buddies, pranking is fascinating, and if you know your friend knows your voice, you can change it to something different. This ability allows you to prank your friends without them knowing a thing quickly.

Having these apps alone can be a lot of fun, as you can listen to a lot of different voices and see how you sound differently. I love to use this voice changer apps to prank most of my friends about their late payments posing as the lender and many other things. You might have heard of these voice changer apps, but we will tell you in a few if you are wondering which is the best to choose from.

First, you need to keep in mind that different voice changer apps have various features, which you will like and that we will cover. Therefore, in this article, we will cover the question: What is the best free voice changer app on Android? I hope you will get one that will suit you with their impressive features and use them to prank friend or whatever you up to.


One voice changer that brings out some fun and brightness in the game is the Voice Changer by Androbaby. This is one of the best because it entails some of the best effects that you can find in a voice changer, and you can choose whichever you want and get, and it will work perfectly. This voice changer works with almost all Android phones as long as they are over Android 4.0 and higher.

The good thing about this voice changer is the ability to select the different voices you would like to use, and you apply then and are ready to go. You can change your voice to either a scary one or one that makes your friends laugh, which is impressive. There are so many voice effects that you can choose from, and the good thing about this is it’s easier to apply the effects, which is excellent.

There is even an alien effect that you can experiment and its fun as this will probably scare the hell out your friends or anyone you use it too. This is so much you can do on this application, and it can influence a lot on how you voice sounds. So, if you were looking wondering what is the best free voice changer app on Android, then this is the one to get.


One other fun app that you should get your hands on is Change my Voice. This is a great application that can transform your voice and make it very distinct to your liking. The other reason why I like this application is the fact you can make your voice not be easily recognized by anyone that knows you.

There are a lot of presets that are available which allow you to adjust your voice without any trouble easily. There are a lot of presets I like, and once you have recorded your voice, you easily pick one and apply. These preset make it easy for you to get the type of sound that you want without having a lot of trouble using the settings.

The settings can be troublesome to some if they don’t know how to adjust correctly. In the settings, you can control the volume, the tone, the several effects of echo that are available, and many more. When questioning the best free voice changer app on Android, Change my Voice is fantastic the best I would recommend as it can work significantly.

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The other voice changer app that so many people will recommend to you is Roblox. Some may argue that this is not a free application, and that is true as it offers both the paid and the free version. If you happen to get your hands on this Android voice changer, you will love the excellent features that you will get from it.

Many filters are available for you to choose from, and all these filters work exceptionally fine. In total, 32 filters are available in RoboVox, and when you choose, then you can easily adjust to your liking, and you are ready to go. All the filters can be easily adjusted in strength, which can help make your voice more natural.

This is one of the best voice changer app for Android that you can get to offer you numerous features that you will love.

The RoboVox app itself has several features that you will love. There is a recorder in there, which allows you to record your voice, which is impressive. You can save the recordings and apply them as your ringtones, which can be fun hearing your voice. If you happen to want more exciting things about changing your voice, then this is one that free voice changer app for Android that you need to get. 


When looking for voice changers, there are instances where you want only a scary voice app. This can be a useful application compared to the ones that entail all the several filters at one point. This scary voice changer app will include different kinds of frightening voice filters that you will choose from, and this can be interesting to scare your friends or family with.

Once you record your voice,

you can play with the settings or filters to make your voice frightening, which many of you would like to do. Your voice can sound like that of a robot, mummy, or even living witchcraft. The good thing I love about this application is that you will easily find a lot of scary creature filters that you will love to choose and scar friends off. So, if you happen to be looking for an app that entails only creepy voices, then this can be the best one. It has some good ratings, which means many people have used it and seen how good it works.


When thinking about another application that will completely transform how you sound, I would advise using the Video Voice Changer FX. This is a great tool to have, and it works magic if used correctly. If you are wondering how you will make your video voice sound completely different, then this is the app to get.

This is different from the few we have discussed above, ‘

as you will have the ability to change how your video voice sounds. The other mostly deal with audio as this will now allow you to take charge of the videos too.  There is no much to it as the user interface is so simple that everything is straight forward.

Once your video has been loaded there, you can begin adding effects to it, which can transform the way you sound. The process is fast, and creating the videos you want will not even take more than five minutes. There are lots of effects that are available for you to choose from, which is excellent once you have edited and changed all you like; you can save the video and start sharing them with friends on social media and other places you like.


Voice Changer by AndroidRock is one impressive tool to use for editing voices to your liking. The AndroidRock app allows you to do a bunch of things, which is excellent. With this app, you will be able to record the voice that you want to transform, and this is great because it offers high-quality recording. Once your sound is recorded and if you give it a listen, you will note that the voice sounds crisp, which is excellent.

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Once the voice is recorded, you can superimpose the type of voice effect that you want, which is even more amazing. There are different kinds of effects available at their library for you to choose from, which is brilliant. The other good thing is you don’t have to record the original voice, but you can use the one in the file and do funny things with it.

This can be voices sent to you by friends on social media or sound you have. This application can allow you to make such crazy edits that can impress people depending on your creativity, which is fantastic. There is so much that you can do, and you enjoy yourself too.


FunCall is also one of the best voice changer apps for Android that you should also get on your list of voice changers. This is the voice changer that allows you to change how the voices that you record and even when you get a call. This can give you impressive advantages as you can prank people while on call, which is fantastic. The user interface of this application is so simple, and getting around is not that of a hassle.

This is what you need in an application,

the efficiency in moving around without getting lost. While on call, you can choose any voice effect or filter that you want and prank your friends. It can be interesting to use it to people you know with the weirdest affects you can get on the app and feel their reactions.

FunCall is an exciting app to get on your phone, and this app some of the best reviews, and that means it’s an excellent app to get. Simplicity and the ability to work well are some of the things that I love about this application. This is an app you can suggest to a friend asking the best free voice changer app on Android.


If you are not completely satisfied by the ones on the list above, then I still have another one, and that is Voice Changer by Suttung software. This one will also give you some impressive effects that you can choose from, which is excellent. If you are thinking about changing your voice to a beautiful maiden or even a bird singing, then this is the application to get.

You can record an original voice, and once you have it recorded, you can then change it to whatever filter you want. This is so fun, and when you have already added the filter, there are settings too that you can use to adjust how the filter sounds. This can involve changing the speed of the filter or even adjusting the pitch to create a certain kind of effect. This is so great, and it works perfectly fine, which is so amazing to use the voice changer by Suttung. The several kinds of effects available to choose from plus the different kinds of effect settings make this a great app. 


There is another voice changer app that falls to this list of the best voice changer apps for Android. This app allows the users to take advantage of creating some funny videos and even have the ability to share them with friends on various sites. Recording these funny videos is so easy, and you can even get phrases into any language.

This app works perfectly, and the effects are available in a large number, which is excellent. There are also voices of famous people available for you to choose from, and this can make some of the videos, so fun to watch.


To conclude, we have highlighted some of the best voice changer apps for Android that you can get. The apps have some of the best filters that you can get and apply then to the voice you want, and you ready to go. The good thing about these applications is some offer you the ability to store the voices and use them as ringtones, which is impressive. 


What is the best free voice changer app for Android?

Different types of voice changers offer different features, but I would highly recommend AndroidRock.

Do voice changers work?

Most of them work perfectly fine with the type of sound you choose, which is fantastic.

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