Restaurants Open On Christmas Near Me 

Restaurants open on Christmas near me.

Surely, every year Christmas comes bringing joy and a little bit of stress. Because it is hard to choose which restaurants to eat along with their availability. Usually, you open your chrome tab and search for restaurants open near me. As a result, a considerable list comes before you, which becomes much tougher for you to choose. So, we have enlisted some famous and favorite restaurants that you would like to dine at on Christmas. Do you want to visit fast-food restaurants or restaurants for family dine-in or maybe a buffet? In this article, we enlisted varieties of Restaurants open on Christmas near me to help you choose your favorite spot.

Fast Food Restaurants Open on Christmas near me

Generally speaking, healthy or not, everyone loves fast food. However, some of us avoid fast foods, usually in normal times. But it’s unavoidable to resist delicious quick foods on Christmas eve. Because Christmas brings us joy and happiness and we like to share our moments on such a day. So, who cares about Fast Food, good or bad, on this day? Instead, think about what restaurants are open near me and give yourself a treat.

Burger King

Do you know what time it is? It’s burger o’clock. However, know that Burger King got your back on Christmas day so that no one has to die for a burger. I was just kidding! Check out your nearest Burger King restaurant. Besides, take advantage of the offers they give for Christmas eve. Also, you must check out the time of the holiday hours because most locations have limited ones. 

Pizza Hut

Craving for a big ass pizza? Don’t hurt yourself. As Pizza Hut opens on Christmas eve, you can grab as many slices as you desire on Christmas. Unfortunately, they only open a few selected locations. So, check out the nearest outlet of Pizza Hut. If your fortune supports you, you will find it open. After all, what’s better than a slice of pizza on a cold Christmas night?

Steak ‘N Shake

Since 1986, Steak’ N Shake has served to satisfy people’s hunger. Holiday or not, you can always find it open day and night. After all, a delightful shake wins every heart.


Undoubtedly, a perfect day starts with a perfect cup of coffee. Forget the morning coffee. Especially, you will be busy more or less on Christmas morning. While you are busy decorating your house or opening gifts, a cup of coffee can save your soul. That’s why Starbucks will always be there for you, even on a Christmas holiday. Besides, you can grab cakes and pastries of various types. Most of their outlets keep open on Christmas. Nevertheless, don’t forget to check before giving yourself a caffeine boost.


If you can’t find any open Pizza Hut, why not try Dominoes? Undoubtedly Domino’s pizza is one of the best pizza’s in town. Unlike Pizza Hut, Domino’s also opens some selected locations. So, confirm holiday hours by calling your local Domino’s or check their page.

Panda Express

Are you a real fan of spicy Asian food? Still, searching for Asian restaurants open on Christmas near me? Unquestionably check out Panda Express. They are well known for Asian cuisine and holiday service. You have better check out their holiday hours for your location and then grab yourself a box of noodles or other cuisines. Asian foods are delightful with your whole family.


Sonic Drive-In

Though most Sonic Outlets do not have fixed holiday hours, you can check in your location. However, they keep some areas open on Thanksgiving, New Year, and Christmas. Don’t worry, as a little bit of luck will indeed help you find it.


Need a quick meal on Christmas day? Why not try KFC? Of course, Kentucky Fried Chicken is always open on a Christmas holiday. So, take out your friends, family, and share the moment.

Bakers Square

Unlike KFC, grab some delicious quick meals from Bakers Square on the Christmas holiday. You can find them open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, don’t forget to try some of their world-famous pies.

Family Dine-in Restaurants Open on Christmas near me.

During Christmas, most people search for what restaurants open on Christmas near me for family DIne-in? After all, what’s Christmas without enjoying every moment without family? For this reason, I listed some family dine-in restaurants that open on Christmas. 

Buffalo Wild Wings

If you wish to try a different menu, then you must try Buffalo Wild Wings. Even if they do not open early on holidays, you will find them open at lunch. Surprisingly, their variety of dishes can make you a bit wild.

Legal Sea Foods

Generally speaking, dining with plates of seafood could be a unique choice on Christmas. Legal Sea Foods indeed will make it attractive for you. So, join them in lunch or dinner. Furthermore, you have to reserve your seat online first. Also, confirm private dining rooms in advance. 

Cheesecake Factory

Although a majority of the Cheesecake factory remains closed on Christmas, some selected locations open only. So, check out your nearest Cheesecake Factory restaurant. If you are lucky, you will be finding one open. Don’t forget to taste their ice creams, not to mention over 30 legendary cheesecakes. Once a wise person said, “Happiness is cakes, cupcakes, and more cakes.”

Village Inn

Still, busy searching for restaurants open on Christmas near me in 2020? Worry no more because you can indeed find Village Inn open on Christmas this year. Also, this is a perfect place for family dine-in with loads of delicious dishes.


If you are searching for a perfect steakhouse, then head towards Benihana. Usually, this Japanese steakhouse opens for lunch and dinner on Christmas. Enjoy their sushi, steaks, or other delicious dishes with your family.

Chevys Fresh Mex

Do you like spicy food like Mark Weins? Chevy’s Fresh Mex indeed could be the perfect place for you. Try their tacos, burritos, sizzling fajitas, mouthwatering guacamole, and other holiday menus. 


Whether you want delicious burgers, seafood, or hand-cut steaks, Sizzler got it all. Besides, with fresh salads and soups, you can make your whole Christmas holiday warm. Contact your nearest Sizzler to confirm holiday hours.

Smith and Wollensky

Found no better steakhouse for family dine-in? Immediately contact Smith and Wollensky. Undoubtedly, they are willing to take your reservations on the Christmas holiday. In order to dine in Smith and Wollensky, confirm first whether you want a private dining room or a regular one.

Waffle House

Before you start decorating your house and gathering the toys under the Christmas tree, dive into a plate of your favorite breakfast at Waffle house. Basically, they are famous for opening 24 hours every week. So, check your closest Waffle House and give yourself a delightful Christmas breakfast.

Buca di Beppo

Want some favorite Italian food for family dine-in? Then, no need to search for restaurants open on Christmas near me to get your favorite Italian dishes. Besides, they serve Italian dishes whole family-style. They open their restaurant on the Christmas holiday. Check out their time and enjoy Italian foods with your family.

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Where pancakes flip perfectly, there is life. A perfect pancake will make your Christmas lively. For this reason, The International House of Pancakes (IHOP) opens 24/7. Also, hours might be shortened for some locations on Christmas.

Buffets Open on Christmas near me.

Enough talking about restaurants open on Christmas near me. Now, let’s explore which buffets open on Christmas near me.

Bon Appetit

You will be delighted to know that Bon Appetit is serving an impressive buffet on Christmas day. So, make your reservation online, or you can call them to save a spot. Enjoy their variety of dishes with your favorite wine.

Old Country Buffet

If you want some classic feelings with all you can eat, Old Country Buffet will be perfect. Take your family out to Old Country and make this Christmas day special.

Rainhas Churrascaria

Wondering about special restaurants that open near me? Introducing Rainhas Churrascaria, where you can enjoy massive all you can eat Brazillian dishes. Before visiting with your family, make sure you all are suffering from hunger.

Golden Corral

Golden Corral locations will be opening on Christmas to serve. In the end, you can relish their all you can eat buffet with a mixture of nourishments. 


Is McDonald’s Closed on Christmas?

Generally, it depends on the location. Corporate-owned locations are most likely to be open on Christmas. Nevertheless, check your nearest McDonald. You may get lucky; who knows?

Is chick fil A Open on Christmas?

Unfortunately, Chick-fil-A won’t be opening on Christmas Day. Because restaurant team members also need to spend quality time with their family. Otherwise, you can find them open on other holidays.

Is Panera open on Christmas day?

Unfortunately, Panera bread will be closed on Christmas 2021. They will also remain closed on Thanksgiving. Moreover, you can enjoy their fresh slices of bread, soups, sandwiches on other holidays in the regular hour. Check their holiday hours 2021 at Panera Bread.

Does Ross open on Christmas?

No. Ross will be closed this Christmas. But they will be opening for the rest of the holidays at the regular hours. Check their holiday hours for 2021 accordingly. Some of them might change later.

How do you spend Christmas alone?

Remarkably, the question of how to spend Christmas alone is increasing rapidly. Due to the Corona pandemic, everybody is getting locked down in the house. Obviously, it has made our holidays worse and lonely. But with some mood-boosting stuff, you can make Christmas enjoyable. For example, spending time with friends online, reading books, watching movies, listening to music, doing what you love, a little bit of exercise, and others. 

Though you can’t spend time with your friends physically, you can always reach them out online. Spending time with friends, of course, will make your day amazing. If you are a bookworm, then you will be easily spending your time reading books. Watching movies and series will indeed make your Christmas more fantastic. Moreover, nothing but food makes us happy. So, order your favorite foods and enjoy. Listen to some of your favorite soundtracks. Above all, do what you love (Play games, cook, paint).

Is Lincoln Park zoo open on Christmas?

Usually, Chicago’s one of the significant zoos Lincoln Park keeps open on Christmas. So, people can enjoy the holiday with their family. But due to the Corona pandemic, it is closed for the people’s safety.

What is open on Christmas day in Waco, Texas?

If you are celebrating Christmas in Waco, this list is going to help you.

Restaurants open on Christmas day:

  1. IHOP
  2. Applebee’s Grill
  3. Golden Corral 
  4. Denny’s

Closed but offering dinners for pickup on Christmas Day

  1. George’s Restaurant
  2. Jon Lillie’s Steakhouse
  3. Brown House Cafe
  4. The Eatery
  5. Uncle Dan’s BBQ
  6. Honky Tonk Kid BBQ

Wrapping up Restaurants Open On Christmas Near Me 

After a hectic year, Christmas brings us joy, and we try to enjoy this holiday by visiting restaurants and eating lots of food. Once a famous chef said good food always brings people together. But what restaurants to go to and which Restaurants Open On Christmas Near Me? These questions bother most people.

However, you will find these enlisted restaurants open on Christmas. Just make sure of the holiday hours before visiting them. Because it differs according to locations. After all, Happy Holidays.


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