Head Hurts When I Cough

head hurts when I cough

Introducing head hurts when I cough

Air can have a sudden discharge through the human breathing passages and can cause a head hurts when I cough. Everyone has a coughing problem. It happens during a cold or due to an irritated throat. However, the repetition of coughing is a common phenomenon and makes a person feel uneasy. Sometimes, regular coughing indicates different types of diseases or some physical discomfort. Severe headache is one of them that starts all of a sudden after coughing.

Moreover, it persists for some time. Besides, some other symptoms that generate immense pressure on the head, like sneezing, cause headaches. However, this type of headache is not a matter of worry and can resolve by itself.

However, it becomes severe sometimes, and you have to consult with your doctor. If you can reduce coughing, you can get rid of the primary headache. Drink more liquids and take regular rest. Thus you will get a remedy to this pain. However, for the secondary one, consult with an expert physician. The doctor will study the history of your disease and will provide medicine.

Head hurts when I cough, and types of the headaches

People suffer from two types of headaches. They are primary and secondary headaches. Any sudden pressure on the head can cause both primary and secondary headaches. In that case, laughing, straining, sneezing, and bending over may cause headaches suddenly. Generally, coughing with massive pressure is a common phenomenon if you suffer from sinus congestion. However, this intense coughing increases the risk of coughing headaches. Primary cough headache is not risky. However, the secondary one is hazardous and can cause dangerous effects in the human body.

Primary cough headaches

This kind of headache occurs suddenly. However, 90% of the cases are the primary headache. Migraines and tension-type headaches are the most common primary headache. Besides, these headaches are not that much severe. Moreover, ordinary people with 40 years of age generally face this kind of headache. However, the main reason for this headache is still unknown to researchers and doctors. This type of headache occurs during coughing, as well as just after massive coughing. You will feel this type of headache on both sides of your head. In general, a cough headache only on one side of the head is infrequent. Sometimes, this pain lasts for a few seconds several minutes. But, sometimes, this pain becomes sharp and lasts for more than one or two hours.

Secondary cough headaches

Initially, the secondary headache gives the same feelings as the primary cough headache. But, it has some different symptoms. For instance, it can cause a long-lasting severe headache, dizziness, physical imbalance, and fainting. It causes problems mostly in the neck or head. Moreover, it can indicate more painful and extreme conditions. It happens because of some disorders in the human brain, like tumors.

Head hurts when I cough-causes

Headache is a common problem for most general people. People always want to know the critical reasons for their suffering from headaches. Different types of cough headaches have various reasons. We are going to discuss the causes in a nutshell.

Cause of primary cough headache

The primary headache is not dangerous for people. It is common for all middle-aged persons. However, the doctors yet are not sure about the exact reason for the primary cough headache. Usually, immense pressure in the head is always the main reason for any headaches. According to the experts, massive strain due to coughing, laughing, or sneezing may cause sudden headaches.

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Cause of secondary cough headache

Sometimes, the human body’s skull puts much pressure on the spinal canal and rear and lower portion of the brain. It causes severe pain in the head. Moreover, fragile blood vessels, defects in the human skull also cause secondary cough headaches. Furthermore, the brain tumor is one of the primary and dangerous reasons for this type of headache.  Besides, the blockage or leakage of the cerebrospinal fluid may give a person a secondary cough headache experience. This headache is excruciating. Therefore, it is vital to consult with an experienced doctor about it.

Head hurts when I cough-symptoms

The symptoms of primary type headache are,

  • It will last for only a few seconds or minutes. Rarely, one may feel it for hours.
  • The patient may feel stabbing and sharp pain in his head.
  • The headache occurs on each side of the human head.
  • It will start just after sneezing or coughing.
  • It does not cause any runny nose, watery eyes, nausea, or any harsh feeling to sound and light.

This headache is common for people 40 years old. Most of the time, it is not that much severe.

The symptoms of secondary type headache are,

  • Firstly, the symptoms will vary according to the cause.
  • Usually, the symptoms are more severe than the primary headache.
  • This headache lasts for several hours or more than one week.
  • The human body will feel pain in the lower and back part of the skull.
  • Facial numbness, dizziness, balance problems, blurry vision, and fainting are the different symptoms of this headache.

Head hurts when I cough-diagnosis

The doctor will ask the patient about the symptoms to make decisions. Moreover, he will want to know the duration of the pain. Pain in both sides of the head indicates the primary cough headache. It recovers by itself within a few seconds or minutes. However, you will feel a dull and severe pain only on a single side of the head. Generally, it indicates a secondary type of headache. The doctors will suggest doing a CT scan or MRI. This scanning will capture the unique pictures of the skull and brain. These will also display the brain’s internal problems or other parts of the head’s inner function. Moreover, they will cause hazards and pain in your head. Therefore, the doctors will decide whether the headache is primary or secondary and prescribe some medicines to remedy it.

My head hurts when I cough-red flags

The American physicians have published some criteria for cough headaches. The conditions for low-risk headaches are:

  • Firstly, the patient’s age will be below 30 years.
  • They will have a history and feature of the same type of headache.
  • The neurologic examination will not show any abnormality.
  • There will be no vital change in the usual pattern of headache.
  • The condition will not be precarious.
  • It will not have any new findings from the physical tests.

However, these are for the primary headache, and this type of headache is not much risk. The secondary one is dangerous and also sometimes life-threatening. Moreover, it may cause long-term destruction. The secondary headache has some red flag symptoms. They are:

  • Weight loss or severe fever
  •  Malignancy or HIV infection
  • Thunderclap headache
  •  Neurologic signs
  •  Onset when you are more than 40 years.
  •  History of your previous headaches.

Head hurts when I cough-home remedies

People can get remedies either at home or by visiting a specialist doctor. They can do their treatment at their house while suffering from the primary cough headache. But, at first, proper diagnosis is vital to do the appropriate treatment. The headache due to coughing is prevalent. Firstly, try to get rid of coughing. Therefore, you can get a remedy for headaches.

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Moreover, the primary headache sometimes becomes intolerable. Therefore, you can take some painkillers like ibuprofen to get immediate treatment. Besides, cold and flu cause coughing. Try to protect yourselves from these. It will help you to reduce the pain of headaches. Try to clean your sinuses regularly. It reduces the stress in the head. In the following phase, we are going to include some procedures of home remedies.

  • Take enough rest and OTC coughing treatment.
  • Drink enough fluid daily.
  • Try to drink hot water with lemon and honey always. This drink is beneficial to remain safe from the flu and cold. It helps to soothe your throat and will make you feel comfortable.
  • If you are at a high risk of flu, get an annual flu vaccination.
  • Always wash hands with water and soap after coughing.

Head hurts when I cough-when to visit a doctor

The primary cough headache is not severe and recovers by itself after some time. But, when the problem becomes extreme, you have to consult with your doctor. People should visit the doctors when they face some severe symptoms. They should take advice from doctors when they feel dizziness, physical imbalance, and faintness. They can feel sudden and extreme pain in their head, lasting for more than 2 hours. Moreover, they will experience this headache frequently because of coughing. They can suffer from fever and will lose some weight.

The expert physician will do some physical examinations and necessary medical tests of the patient. These will help him to detect which type of headache is this. When the doctor can identify the cause and style of the headache, he can start giving treatment. Firstly, he will make a basic treatment plan. Then he will provide instruction and medicines to the patient according to the treatment plan.

My head hurts when I cough-treatment of doctors

People should visit their doctor when treatment at home does not work. However, the doctors will study history and do some necessary tests to understand the actual problem. After realizing the problem, they prescribe the medication required. When people suffer from flu, the physicians suggest some antiviral medicine. Moreover, they prescribe other drugs to patients with cough headache. For instance, physicians most often recommend indomethacin as anti-inflammatory drugs. Besides, they suggest acetazolamide, ergotamines, and beta-blockers. Acetazolamide works for removing extra salt and fluid from the human body. Therefore, migraine patients can use ergotamines as a drug. These pills reduce coughing or inflammation. Besides, they relieve extra pressure and build up the fluid inside the skull. All of these are for the primary headache.

Moreover, some scanning becomes necessary if you suffer from the secondary one. The doctors will refer to MRI or CT scan as early as possible. They judge the internal situation according to the scanning report. However, surgery becomes mandatory in case of any disorder in the spinal cord or skull. The brain tumor is one of the most hazardous problems of the human brain. Surgery becomes a must when it becomes out of control. Besides, doctors do surgery to restore the normality in fluid flow and relieve extra pressure in the human skull. Moreover, it may help to patch the holes that cause leakage of spinal fluid. Therefore, successful surgery can reduce headaches and prevent the human head from a further severe disorder.  

Wrapping up with head hurts when I cough

Headache has different causes. Generally, when the head gets massive pressure, you will experience a nasty headache. However, the headache due to coughing is not a common disease. Sometimes, people face a severe headache because of coughing. When the abdomen of the human body experiences extra pressure, it raises the stress in the head. Besides, straining and sneezing also increase the pressure and tension in the head. These additional pressures cause a sudden headache. However, this problem resolves by itself if it is not much severe. The secondary headache due to coughing is fierce. Moreover, skull defects or tumors are the main reasons for this coughing headache.

By reducing coughing, one can get a remedy from the primary cough headache. Besides, drinking enough fluids and taking rest is another remedy of this problem. But, for the secondary cough headache, one should consult with a doctor as early as possible. The doctor will diagnose the problem and will give treatment. 


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