Things To Talk About With Your Crush – 13 Things That Can Help You

Things to talk about your crush

A good conversation can make you fall in love! Not in vain does the saying exist: “nothing more beautiful than a conversation with a beautiful mind.” So, we will talk about the things to talk about with your crush.

Falling in love requires dedication and paying attention to every detail. But, beyond the flowers, the chocolates and soft toys of peculiar colors and cards with sweet messages, you have to know how to talk to a woman to keep her interested and seduced enough.

Good conversation starters on your part will result in her finding you more interesting and cultured.

Also, you will obtain good information about their tastes, goals, and interests in the future. Of course, for this to happen, you must pay attention to their words.

Start with simple conversations, in which the answers on her part are basic, and little by little, lead her towards the topics that may interest you.

Still don’t know what the best songs can be? Do not worry! In this article, you will know 15 things to talk about with your crush so that you can start a quality conversation with the girl you love.

Please pay close attention and, of course, apply it in your relationship from now on.


15 things to talk about with your crush

Talk about what they have in common

For two people to start a relationship, it is required that both have common interests. Whether they play the same sport, live nearby, studied the same career, or work in the same area.

These passions usually create a bond between the two of you, no matter how long you’ve been together.

Even in the middle of an argument, remembering the common things that led you to be a couple generates a total turnaround in the conversation and will make you talk about the memories of those early days.

Any negative thoughts dissipate when you talk about what you both share in common.

Put it into practice! Remind her of the beliefs you share with her, your fears, tastes for food, and whatever topic comes to mind. It will bring them closer each day.

Remind her why you fell in love with her

Every woman feels like a queen when her partner tells her that he loves her, but her joy is doubled when her boy tells her everything that made him fall in love.

Talk to him about what you like about his attitude, the way he looks, those little details when he fixes his hair, the special treatment he has with you when you are tired.

You can also indicate everything that still keeps you by his side and, of course, ask him what things he fell in love with before and now with you.

This way, you will discover what you can improve so that the relationship is nurtured and maintained over time.

The most important thing is that beyond words, you support her, and she always supports you.

Talk about religion : Things to talk about your crush

Faith can unite a couple or separate them. Believe it or not, religious beliefs can create a lot of controversy in a relationship.

It would help if you discussed these kinds of topics, and the sooner, the better.

Knowing whether they both believe in God, whether one of them is an atheist or practices a different belief, is a condition that will influence the relationship you have with the rest of your family. Even the education they give their children when they have them.

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It is very important for some women to be clear about their religious beliefs and know their partners’ partners.

Gratitude, the best conversation

If you want to see her happy and create a nice topic for both of you, you can ask her about the things she is grateful for.

The best way to achieve happiness is gratitude. Being in constant gratitude to what surrounds you will allow you to see the world with new eyes every day, no matter how dark the picture may seem.

It is even a special theme to cheer up your partner. Suppose he went through a bad day. You will help him change his perspective on life.

Make fun of the most embarrassing moment of your life

The most beautiful thing about a relationship is the trust that is generated between the two of you. Talking about those ridiculous moments they had gone through, where someone spilled food on them when they lost their car keys, or any other memory that comes to mind will always bring them fun and collaboration.

It would be interesting to tell her about a funny moment that happened to you when she was not there.

That will give him enough confidence to share his own experiences with you, and the two of you will laugh and connect even more.


All people dream of a special destination to go on vacation. Take care of discovering your girlfriend’s and why not, planning every detail of that trip.

Psychologists and therapists say that you live three times when you travel, when you plan it, when you travel and when you remember it.

So, start planning that long-awaited vacation. Both of you will feel as good as if you are on your way to your selected destination. It will allow you to know their tastes and aspirations so that you can prepare a truly dream trip for both of you.

Childhood memories: Things to talk about your crush

Talking about childhood brings beautiful memories to the present. Share them with your partner, and if you have pictures from your childhood, you can show them to your girlfriend.

They will laugh together and surely be touched by your photos and the physical changes you have experienced.

Talk about future goals

Knowing your partner’s goals will help you know if she has a vision for the future. Or if she is an enterprising, fighter woman who pursues her goals.

You can indicate by asking him about the people he admires so that you will get a slightly clearer overview of his dreams and aspirations in the medium and long term.

Envision a future together

It is unnecessary to touch on issues as complex as marriage or the number of children they may have, but it is important to know if your partner sees you in the future.

If he dreams of having you by his side in a year or ten years, it means that you are really important in his life.

Talking about the future will allow them to create more stable emotional ties and know if they expect to have you for the rest of their lives. It will help them to understand each other even better and will dispel doubts and jealousy that may have arisen.


Things she loved to do, little hobbies like crafts, days out with friends, collecting items, and whatever else she used to do before she met you, will remain a valuable treasure to her.

Be interested in knowing his hobbies, everything he loved to do. And that due to time and his multiple occupations, he may no longer do.

And encourage her to keep going. That will make her happy, and if you participate in these activities, you will have more time to share with her.

Definition of romance: Things to talk about your crush

Each woman perceives love and romance differently. For some, details such as stuffed animals and cards are a waste of time. And for others, they are the maximum demonstration of love that their boy can give them.

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Some women love surprises: an invitation to eat for no reason, some roses, or a bottle of champagne in the middle of dinner.

But other women are quite delicate when it comes to surprises. They can get uncomfortable.

Talking with your girlfriend about what she considers romantic and what is not will be essential for you to avoid wasting money, time, and unnecessary effort.

Goals beyond the relationship

No matter how much love they profess, they must remember the individuality of both. The couple is made up of two different people with common goals.

Talking about the goals that both have individually will serve to adjust and complement each other in obtaining each of them.

Neither you are an object, nor is your girl, so it is very important to recognize the goals that both of you have and find a way to achieve them.

So this includes distancing yourself for business trips or adjusting the economy in pursuit of a goal.

Favorite Movies and TV Shows

Although it seems like small talk, we all like a certain movie or television series in particular, and we can talk for hours about it.

This topic will help you understand their taste and sense of humor, so you can build your arsenal of movies to have fun together on the weekend.

You may be surprised by the tastes of your girlfriend, she may be a lover of action and science fiction, or maybe she is passionate about musicals or comedy videos.

Who do you not admire?

Once you know the character or characters that he admires and with whom he identifies; It is good to know which character or family member is the most distant from you and why you do not want to look like that person. What makes you feel distant?

So you can understand what he is afraid of or who he dislikes. Thinking about people who are not liked will give you an idea of ​​the internal struggles that your girlfriend goes through.


The concept of happiness is as complex as that of romance. Each one describes and experiences it differently.

Ask her about those moments in her life in which she has been happiest. About those people who accompanied her in those moments, the sensations that she experienced.

Happiness is sharing; it is laughing and remembering. Sometimes it is enough to have ice cream with the person you love. You can create many happy moments for him without requiring large sums of money.


FAQ of things to talk about with your crush

  1. How many times a day should the couple be called?

They are busy. Remember that everyone has their things, responsibilities, and obligations. So if they are busy during the day, it is recommended that they write 3 or 4 times a day.

  1. How many days a week should you see your partner?

According to the American psychiatrist Scott Carroll, ideally, couples who have just started their relationship see each other twice a week for the first 30 days.

  1. What if I see my girlfriend every day?

If you see your partner every day, the great love they have could disappear in a very short time. Even if you don’t believe it and refuse to accept it, it is best not to see each other, so frequently or otherwise, in your relationship, there will be no love. So how many times should you see your partner?

  1. How long does it take to fall in love?

To fall in love, according to some studies, it will take 4 minutes of intense gazes, but above all and most importantly, 90 minutes of intimate conversation with honest questions and answers. When this is fulfilled, couples can marry and continue to love each other more and more.


Conclusion of 15 things to talk about with your crush

Women are excellent conversationalists; in fact, much of the day is spent talking to themselves, thinking, and planning.

That is usually a double-edged sword because not everything that goes through their heads is for the best. Sometimes entire movies can be created in which the groom does not always look good.

To avoid uncomfortable situations, and from now on, talk more with your girl so that you can maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the relationship.

Do not forget to comment on this article, tell us what you liked and what other topics you use to talk with your girl. And most importantly, share this information on things to talk about with your crush.


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