How to stop being the jealous type in relationships

the jealous type

There’s nothing exciting about being the jealous type irrespective of your gender. You shouldn’t get to the point where you get jealous of your partner. If your partner is doing something you don’t like, ensure you chat with them rather than bottling it in and becoming jealous. Jealousy over time has had a bad reputation. You shouldn’t allow that to be your rep. It’s one of the famous relationship breakers, and you’d often hear,”stop making me jealous, why are you being jealous,”etc. however, what constitutes these emotions? How can it be curbed? Can one be in a relationship without being jealous? Some individuals believe being jealous results from immaturity and lack of trust in the relationship. While this might be true, sometimes, it goes farther than those. Jealousy is one means of knowing there are loopholes in a relationship. Either one partner is being unreasonable, the other is being immature about the whole situation, or both are just immature. Either way, it is worthy to note that when jealousy grows in a relationship, such a relationship is only doomed to fail if something is not done to salvage the situation as soon as possible.  

Most of the time, jealousy is found in romantic relationships, but the truth is that it exists everywhere. As mentioned earlier, there’s nothing interesting about being jealous. So, for the sake of this content, we’d be discussing how to stop being jealous in relationships. So, peradventure, you are the jealous type, and you’d like to put an end to it; you should read this to the end

Always air your concerns:

One of the means of stopping yourself from being jealous is by trying to avoid it in the first place. You could achieve this by always vocalizing your concerns. It’s unhealthy to bottle up concerns in relationships. If your partner is being unreasonable, let them know. You might be surprised, it’s not as complicated as you think it might appear. Most times, when you don’t air your view, your partner might find no fault in what has been done, whereas you pick offense. They’d probably keep at it while you suffer in silence. This could result in jealousy. So, ensure you always air your opinions and concerns whenever you have them. 

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Get your facts right:

We often act on impulses that we forget to get our facts right. If you are a porn lover, you must have noticed some porn categories are filled with jealous porn videos, where you get to see how jealous partners act in relationships. It frequently starts with them not getting their facts right and acting impulsively. In the end, they get hot sex for it as punishment. So, be sure you get your facts all mapped out before acting. You’d marvel at how quickly the jealousy disappears when you find out what you think is the problem isn’t even a problem in the first instance. Do not at any point jump to a conclusion without listening to your partner; this is very important. 

Speak to a therapist:

If you find it difficult to curb your jealousy, or it’s beginning to negatively affect your relationship, you should speak to a therapist. Seeking professional advice is the last resort for getting rid of jealousy. Depending on how severe it might be, it could take months before you finally get the hang of your emotions. Jealousy is not a one-off situation. It starts small and begins to grow. Once you cannot curb it, and it becomes wildfire, it’s always very tasking to curb. Your therapist understands all that needs to be done to help you through this phase; hence, be sure you open up and are as cooperative as ever.  

So, make sure you do away with anything that could make you the jealous type. If you are beginning to exhibit traits of jealousy, take a conscious effort to put an end to it. If you can’t on your own, speak to your therapist as fast as possible! Jealousy could come in any form, so be open to schooling. Once two or three persons have established the same fact about you, that’s a pointer; you should see your therapist immediately. If you aren’t in a relationship yet, and you have begun showing signs of jealousy, it’s great; it gives you the opportunity of sorting yourself before coming into a relationship. Several porn categories have scripted various porn movies, with jealousy being the central theme. This shows how much jealousy is doing in romantic and friendship relationships. Jealousy is negative; ensure you curb it before it gets out of hand.

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