What You Should Know About Google partners in Singapore: Pay Per Click

About Google partners

If you’re running a business in Singapore, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest changes in the digital landscape. One of the most important changes in recent years has been Google’s increased focus on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. In this blog post, there is a discussion on what you need to know about Google partners in Singapore. You will know how to find qualified PPC professionals and what services they offer.

There are three common types of Google Adwords Partners in Singapore which you should know about. Not all of them will provide the same services, so it’s important to take note which type suits your business the best. The three Google partners in this country are:

1. Google Certified Agencies

Agencies that partner with Google but aren’t certified by Google. They offer support for online marketing through AdWords, however the quality of service may vary, depending on whether they’re an expert agency or just starting out. You can find these partners by exploring their websites.

You can also contact them directly via email, phone call, and more after finding their website link on Google’s Certified Agency List here . These agencies have likely spent money to be listed there and so take what is written on their listing seriously.

2. Google Agencies – Certified

Agencies that are Google certified, meaning they have at least one fulltime Google Adwords qualified professional working there. Expect them to have expertise in many of the following fields: account management, conversion rate optimization, copywriting, search engine marketing, and web analytics.

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These agencies were likely spending a lot of money with Google before being accepted into the program so be sure to read their reviews, test out their services if possible or gather enough information via research online or contacting other SMEs which use these partners for AdWords campaigns.

3. Google Agencies – Premium Support

The highest level of support with your adword campaigns is offered by these partners who helps provide your business with all kinds of Adwords solutions. From the development of AdWords strategies, to campaign management and best practice sharing and more. These agencies provide a lot more than just simple pay per click advertising.

What You Should Know About Google partners in Singapore: Pay Per Click

Are Google agencies easy to find? They’re not as easy to find as regular Google partners in Singapore since they’re still fairly new and may not have been uploaded on Google’s Certified Agency list yet. There are also other types of paid search marketing partners which you can contact directly or through your digital marketing agency.

However, this list covers the most common ones. As always with any form of marketing, it’s important to do your research first before committing to anything so take note of all three types and know how much budget / time you’re willing to allocate before choosing the best Google partners in Singapore for your business.

Final Thoughts!

There are many reasons Google partners should be considered for Pay Per Click campaigns. The first is that they have a variety of experience with different kinds of companies, which means the client will get the most out of their campaign by partnering with an agency who knows what works well for each industry. Second, it can provide cost-effective advertising to any size company, from very small startups to large multinational corporations. You can partner with Google to improve your website performance!

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