An Expert Guide on How Slot Machines Work


Slot games are among the most popular gambling games for players across the world. The game is fun to play and easy to earn. Slots can also bring quite a lot of money if you’re lucky and know how to place your bets at the right time. 

Many players don’t know the game actually functions and they don’t need to in order to play it. However, we’re presenting a few important features of a slot game that a player should be aware of. 

How do The Symbols work?

Knowing how slot machines work can help you understand the process better and therefore play better as well. The symbols aren’t rigged in any of the manners that are usually thought of and they are mostly random in terms of the chances you have to win. 

This is because they are based on the random number generator that will produce a new random combination every time that you press the button or pull the lever. That way you can’t predict the pattern of the results since there’s no pattern. 

How Does This Affect Betting?

The fact that the results are random should affect how you can bet and how you can win. This means that there’s nothing you can do in order to affect the results. You can’t feed the machine nor can you chase the loss once you lose a few times in a row. 

If a player knows this fact, they can use it to their advantage. For a careful and prepared player, this means that you won’t keep betting more and more to recover your losses. In fact, it should help you give up once you notice that things are going bad. 

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Return To Player 

A return to player is one of the most important metrics you need to know about a slot game. That’s the amount you’ll get back from your overall bets.  It’s presented as a percentage and it’s usually somewhere between 97 and 98.5 percent. This means that out of every $100 you bet you get between $97 and $98 back.

In the long run, the casino will always take a part out of your deposits and you’ll end up winning less than you’ve invested since the games are made to favor the casino even if you’re winning.


Bonuses are another important feature of a slot machine that you should be aware of. Sometimes these bonuses come in the form of deposits to your account or in the form of free spins. Using these bonuses is one of the best things you can do in order to increase your chances.

Bonuses will usually help new players play a few games without using their own funds or they are awarded for loyalty if you keep coming back to the games for a long time. There are also bonuses for referring the players to the casino.

Wagering Requirements

Another important thing to know about bonuses is that they come with wagering requirements. This means that the bonus isn’t just free money that you get from the casino. In fact, you can’t withdraw the funds until you’ve bet a certain amount of your own money. That’s what a wagering requirement is. 

In some cases, these requirements are so high that it doesn’t pay off to use the bonus since you wouldn’t be able to withdraw it. Many players don’t like to let go of the funds that they’ve got for free but it’s the smart thing to do if the requirements are too high and you won’t be able to use them. 

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How Jackpots Work

It’s also important to be aware of how jackpots work.  The jackpots can come from a single machine or they can come from a network of machines. These networks can include the machines that are physically connected or they can be a part of a larger network that is connected online. 

The larger the pool of bets you’re working is the more you can win. This also means that the larger pools are more volatile and that you have less of a chance of winning. However, once you win you’ll win big if there’s a network pool.

Where to Learn About These Things?

As you may have noticed you’ll be able to play better if you know more about the machine you’re playing on. Some of the information about the machine will be provided by the casino itself and others can be picked up online by using online reviews. 

Take the time to use these resources and learn as much as you can about the machine before you first play it. It will increase your chances and help you win as much as you can. 

To Sum Up

Slot machines are one of the most commonly played gambling games. They are simple to play but the mechanism behind them is rather complicated. A player needs to know the game works behind the scene and what is the force that determines the outcome.  It’s not only an academic interest – it can also affect how you’ll play. 

The game is based on a random numbers generator and the bonuses that it offers are often more complex than it seems since you can withdraw the funds you’ve earned based on them. It’s important to know when to use the bonus and when to let go of it since it’s sometimes a better way to go.


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