Learn from Batman and His Enemies: How a Superhero Strategy Can Keep You Safe Online

Superheroes have a lot to teach us mere mortals about modern life. No, we don’t mean because they’re physically, mentally, and morally strong. Those are all fantastic traits and something we should all try to embrace. However, they’re also known for their ability to exist in the shadows and evade detection whenever necessary. These are useful skills to have in today’s world, given that online privacy is an ever-present issue.

Batman’s Villains Knew How to Protect their Identities

In fact, it’s not just superheroes that have the ability to blend in with their surroundings. Take, for example, Batman and his arch enemies. Thanks to ExpressVPN’s breakdown of Batman’s villains and their disguises, we can see exactly why this is the case. For example, the infographic explains how the Riddler is actually called Edward Nygma and works as an engineer by day. Similarly, Scarecrow is Professor Jonathan Crane, who works as a psychologist.

The point here is that Batman’s enemies are masters of disguise, but why? Well, if you want to exist in the shadows and avoid a kick to the head from Batman, having the ability to disguise your identity is essential. Of course, the exceptions to this rule are the Joker, who always wears his face paint, and Two-Face, who, for obvious reasons, can’t hide the scars. However, the rest of Batman’s enemies all understand the value of costumes (as does Batman).

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It’s Not Just Image that Changes

It’s not just costumes though. The covert actions of the Riddler et al. don’t align perfectly with their daytime personas. They may be closely linked sometimes, but the ways each enemy behaves will vary depending on the image they’re presenting. For example, the Penguin is a businessman running a legitimate operation by day. That requires a certain amount of competitiveness and desire to make money.

However, when he becomes his alter ego, these megalomaniacal traits are taken to the extreme. The top hat and monocle come out and he becomes the kingpin of a criminal empire. So, what we can see here is that each villain is an extreme version of their daytime persona. They’re acting differently, but not so different they’re out of their depth.

They’re like this because, if they tried to be something completely different, they’d falter. So, by staying just within the boundaries of their personality but being slightly different, they can be effective at whatever they choose to do. And, more importantly, they can be virtually unrecognizable.

Be the Same but Slightly Different

This is a strategy we can all use in our lives when it comes to protecting our privacy. Taking on a disguise to become anonymous while we’re online doesn’t mean we have to act completely different from normal. We can still do the same things, just slightly differently.

Let’s expand on this point and think about how iOS and Android users can use it to protect their data. As you’d expect, privacy comes as standard on Apple devices. For example, you can turn on your device, go into the security and privacy settings, click “general,” and add a password. This protects your devices from external threats, but what about other ways to stay safe online?

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Simple Ways to Stay Safe Online


There are password protection products that allow you to store all online account passwords in a secure online vault. Then, of course, you can install antivirus software such as Murus Pro Suite for Mac to find and eliminate malware, trackers, and anything else that could expose your data to unwanted third parties.

What we’re saying here is that you can’t be too vigilant when it comes to privacy in the modern world. Batman and his foes knew this way back in the day. They knew that parading around in the costumes and causing havoc all day was a recipe for disaster. That’s why they typically came out under the veil of night. That’s why they’d use a variety of tactics for throwing people off the scent.

You need to take the same approach when you’re using iOS products and Androids. As long as you’re proactive in protecting your data and cleaning up viruses, you’ll be fine. Basically, Batman was always prepared to fight, and so should you be. If not, then you may find yourself on the wrong end of an attack from a fiendish cast of villains like the Riddler, Cat Woman, and the Joker.

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