Used Utility Trailers For Sale Near Me – Buying Tips

Used Utility Trailers For Sale Near Me

If you need a trailer and you are thinking of buying one, in this post. We will try to clarify some doubts that may arise when choosing one. Whether it is new or, on the contrary, you should incline to buy a second-hand trailer. So, today we will talk about used utility trailers for sale near you.

What is a Trailer?

A trailer is a non-motorized transport of cargo. Since it does not have an engine or its traction. It has an area where it deposits the load. And it attached through a hitch attached to the vehicle.

The trailer transfers the load mainly to the wheels, contains chassis, wheels, cargo area, and depending on its weight and extensions, it may or may not have its brakes.

The maximum authorized mass does not exceed 750 Kilograms.

Trailers always have to hook to a vehicle for their movement. There are trailers for motorcycles, trucks, cars, tractors.

How to find used utility trailers for sale near you?

Each type of trailer defines with different characteristics. Depending on the type of cargo you are towing. You will need one model or another. It all depends on what you will use it for. Whether to tow a motorcycle, machinery, or other loads.

They generally have a box with a flat bottom and metal sides.

The box supports on a frame to which the axles attached generally using spring-type suspensions. And which can title on the frame (backward or laterally) to facilitate unloading, or fixed. In which case other components prepare that simplify the download.

The entire frame attached to the vehicle by a hooking device known as a lance.

Types of used utility trailers for sale

Hitch Trailer or Full Trailer

It is the most common to use in cars. They usually have a minimum of two axles and at least one steering axle.

The hitch ball can be:

Fixed: The simplest and most economical.

Detachable: This allows you to hide the hook when it is not going to be used.

Monoblock: It uses by industrial vehicles and off-road due to its greater firmness.

Central axle trailer

These types of trailers provide with a hitch device that cannot move vertically. The axles are located close to the center of gravity of the traction vehicle.

Agricultural trailer

They built to pull by an agricultural tractor, rototiller, carrier, or machine.

Tipping trailer

These types of trailers have the advantage that they can adopt different positions.

Animal trailers

The most common are those that allow you to take horses. However, more and more, the number of those who exist to take the dogs is growing.


The semi-trailers consist of wheels, load surface, chassis, and weight, and own brake dimension. The semi-trailer does not have a front axle. And it couple to another vehicle (truck) through which it must towed and steered since they not motorize.

Caravan Trailer

The caravan makes up a mobile home. The interior of a caravan has everything you need to live in it: bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom.

Tips for buying second-hand trailers: used utility trailers for sale near you

Suppose you are choosing to buy a second-hand trailer. It would help if you made sure that the trailer you choose is suitable for your purpose, and you should review it before purchasing.

Check the following points of the trailer:

The Structure of the used utility Trailers for sale near me

A general review of the trailer will give you clues. If it painted, make sure that the paint not rusts. Also, make sure that it is not severely scratched, with bumps, or poorly painted. They usually signing that the owner has not make much effort to keep it in good condition.

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Chassis: Observe that it is not out of square or has areas with a lot of rust.

Throw: That it is firm and does not present out of square.

Wheel axle: That nothing strange or you can observe very rusty areas.

Jockey wheel: If you have one, check that its operation (raising/lowering and anchoring) is correct, as well as the condition of the wheel itself.

Stabilizing Legs: If you have them, test that they go down / up without problems and that they are not twisted or deformed.

Trailer floor: Observe no rust, especially in the corners, holes, cracks, or unsoldered areas of the structure.

Connection pineapple and Lights: The pineapple (electrical connector) must be in good condition. And you must check that all the trailer lights work (brake, turn signals, warning, license plate light).

Trailer tires: One of the great recommendations made when purchasing a second-hand trailer is to replace the wheels, regardless of their condition. Check if you have a spare wheel, the condition of the same, and the clamping system

Technical Sheet of a Trailer

Some trailers require specific documentation when the load is hefty, such as a motorboat. Then it must extend the B permit to the B-96, which is to carry trailers of MMA greater than 750 Kg. With a vehicle of up to 3,500 kg as long as the set does not exceed 4,250 kg.

With the class B driving license, you can take trailers whose maximum authorized mass (MMA) does not exceed 750 kilos, which is called a light trailer.

Must a trailer be registered?

You have to register a trailer if it exceeds 750Kg according to the Law on Traffic. Movement of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety.

As long as it does not exceed that weight, it is NOT necessary.

Do trailers need to be insured?

Trailers of less than 750kg MMA do not require specific insurance. But it is advisable to notify the car insurer to include it in its policy and be covered by the CR of the vehicle.

Is any procedure necessary in Traffic?

If you are going to buy a trailer, make sure that it is approved and that you are given the ITV card of the trailer after the purchase.

The installation of a coupling system is a reform, that is, a modification of the elements of the vehicle.

There are 15 days to verify and legalize the reform. This legalization, carried out at a Vehicle Technical Inspection center, will appear on the back of the ITV card of the modified tractor vehicle.

It would help if you remembered that light trailers must bear the registration plate corresponding to the towing vehicle. And non-light trailers will carry their registration plate, with a red background and the letter R, as well as the registration plate of the towing vehicle. I have been studying car trailers for several days since I liked doing kayak routes.

The reason for this post is that a couple of weeks ago, my partner and I decided to buy a kayak. Because, as you well know, it is impossible or at least a little complicated to transport a kayak without a trailer or a cow.

After conducting a study and comparing a cow or a trailer. We decided that the best option turned out to be a trailer with all its pros and cons. Since we could attach it to the car, and if one day we don’t need it. It is effortless to remove it without the hassles and inconveniences of removing the cow from the car.

What is a car trailer?: used utility trailers for sale near you

A car trailer is a wagon without an engine that only has: a chassis, wheels, and the surface to load. Now, to decide between one type of trailer or another. Above all, we must pay attention and focus on what type of object we want to transport. Since people could even transport it. In that case, the correct term would be “caravan.” The more advanced trailers usually have their brakes. The giant trailers usually call trailers. Hence a curious fact – that in Spain. And elsewhere, we call trucks that loaded with a trailer “trailers.”

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Returning to the center axis of my post, I analyzed different trailers and our case. We need a trailer that can fit a kayak. However, we did not want to limit it only because we could only transport one kayak. Since then, we have wanted to give it other uses and to transport other types of objects. So, after giving it a lot of thought, we discarded the trailers to load kayaks since it would only be helpful for this and would limit us a lot.

Indeed, you cannot imagine the amount and types of trailers that exist! We made a mess! Since, from the beginning, we have been in contact with numerous: cargo trailers, light cargo trailers, commercial cargo trailers, heavy-duty cargo trailers, tipping cargo trailers, dog trailers, motorcycle and quad trailers, car carrier trailers, closed box trailers, diesel tank trailers, platform trailers, and a long etcetera.

Conclusion on used utility trailers for sale near me

After all this stuff, I guess the question you all are asking yourself is, what then? Which to choose? What is the most recommended? Well, this question, like many others that one faces in life. That does not have a single or correct solution, and the only answer is yours. However, I can give you a tiny help with a series of previous questions that we asked ourselves to choose our trailer:

FAQ on used utility trailers for sale near me

1.What are we going to store in our trailer?

Our answer was clear: we wanted the trailer to store a kayak or store heavy or oversized objects and transport it.

  1. What price are you willing to pay for a trailer?

There are many types of trailers that we can use, for example, if your option is to buy a new one, its price rises from € 200 to more than € 3000

As for second-hand trailers (which are cheaper) and you can find them from € 100 (the smallest) to € 1500 (some that would cost € 3000). But yes, they are second hand and have a lot of filming. At least those of us who went to see us.

  1. Choose a new trailer or a used car trailer?

We were looking for Wallapop, eBay trailers, but none convinced us enough. Since some were too used, scratched, wheels in harmful use. And to be honest. After all, I’m not a big fan of these platforms because I like to release things. Or if at least I cannot release the products.

That at least has a “new” appearance. So, I preferred other platforms to choose where to buy the trailer. And among them, I opted for Amazon because there is a lot of variety of products.

Some of them very cheap and others not so much. Still, as you well know, if something is not on Amazon, it does not exist. So searching through Amazon, I found the trailer that was the best for me. Here are trailers mine is the ultimate trailer!

  1. Why is the vehicle for sale?

Many used car buyers fail to ask an obvious question: why are you selling this vehicle? Maybe the seller needs the money, is trying to get rid of a second car. And they want to buy a newer or newer car. That is moving out of state. Also, it obtained a company vehicle, and does not need to own another. Which are some of the motives or different reasons they can give.

To get a good idea of ​​what the real reason is. It have a small talk that breaks the ice and opens the way to promote dialogue about the potential transaction. It’s easy to do this while walking around the vehicle to visually inspect it or sitting in the driver’s seat taking a look inside.

  1. How much are you asking for a car?

Any price negotiation has to start somewhere, so the best way to get this process going is to ask openly what the seller is asking for the car. If it’s too loud, it’s the end of the talk. If the sale price is in a reasonable range, you can move on to the next question.

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