What the Right Recruiting Database Software will Offer

Recruiting Database Software

Sourcing applicants for a job position has never been easy as it is today. Thanks to the advent of new technology, it is now possible to store information of prospective job seekers and different employment opportunities. The technology that does this effectively is known as a recruiting database software.

As its name implies, a recruiting database software helps to save information on candidates and jobs. It also finds matching employment opportunities for job seekers and makes the entire recruitment process easy and faster. This software does more than being a storage system, it also ensures that the data stored is in order and is accessible to recruiters for use. With the right one, you can make your work as a staffing agency easy.

Getting the best out of a recruiting database software depends on the firm that develops the system. With many of this database firms popping up, it might be a challenge to get the right one. However, it is vital for you to do so if you want to streamline your recruitment process.

With this in mind, let us discuss the types of recruiting database software available and the key features to expect from the best one available.

Types of Recruiting Database Software

The following are some of the types of this software to make use of:

Applicant Tracking Software

The ATS is a standard recruit system. This is due to the high number of candidates that apply for job openings online. The ATS acts as a center for an application process. It helps to organize employment listings, track, and set interviews. 

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Also, this system might be programmed to screen out unnecessary and poorly written resumes. The disadvantage of this feature is that qualified candidates can lose employment opportunities because their resume or CV was poorly written.

Candidate Relationship Management

This is an analytical tool that staffing agencies use to search for candidates through recruitment marketing. The candidate relationship management system uses various channels to alert qualified candidates to apply for a job posting. This is very different from the ATS. While the applicant tracking software focuses on people who already applied for an opening, CRM encourages qualified candidates to apply for this position. For other ways that CRM functions, check here: https://startup.info/recruitment-crm/

Interviewing Software

This system helps staffing agencies to start an interview or send interview questions to potential employees. It helps the agencies to streamline the number of job seekers that applied for the employment opening. The staffing agency can compare the answers from the candidates and select the ones that have the best responses.

One downside of this software is that some qualified persons who find it hard to express themselves in front of a camera might be screened out.

Key Features to Expect From the Right Recruiting Database Software

Whichever software you choose can depend on what you specialize in as a recruiter. Now, here are some key features to expect from any software you choose:

Accessibility and Responsiveness

The best database system must not only be accessible everywhere but also responsive on any device. You should be able to incorporate this software into any electronic device you own. Even if you do not have access to a desktop or laptop, you can work on recruitment information on your mobile phone.

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Automatic Job Openings

The best database software will allow you to post employment openings on different websites, apart from your agency’s site. It would even help in posting ads on specialized job websites, especially when you are looking for tech or design professionals.

Easy Resume Submission

Incorporating the right system into your recruitment makes it easy for you to receive resumes online. You can get a high number of these resumes and store them automatically online.

Screening Questionnaires and Candidate Filtering

The right system must be able to generate questionnaires that screen out unqualified candidates. This feature helps a staffing agency to reject candidates that fail to respond to company-related questions. It should also help you to easily search for qualified job seekers based on the important criteria that their prospective employers want.

Organization and Use of Analytical Tools

The best system will help you to organize the entire hiring process. Some notable features that can effectively do this include contact management, a to-do list, and a scheduler. Another feature that can streamline the organization of recruiting data is tagging. Tagging allows you to organize your recruitment information into appropriate context. It allows you to filter the tagged information when needed.

This software also has an easy-to-use analytical tool that helps to retrieve and measure hiring data. This tool can also help to automatically send job ads to well-qualified candidates. For other uses of an analytic tool, you can read this article.


The importance of a recruitment database cannot be over emphasized. Not only does it help you to store important information you would need during a hiring process, but it also helps you to make better hiring decisions. You can manage contacts, candidates, and applications better. When you choose the right software, you will enjoy many recruiting benefits.

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