All Harry Potter Spells and What they Do?

all harry potter spells

Harry Potter! A famous British writer J. K. A series of seven-volume fiction novels by Rowling. It introduces us to a uniquely ordinary magical world. The original series of the story ended in 2006. Today we will talk about all Harry potter spells.

The Spells of this novel is as popular as the story is. Especially, kids like to use the Spells in their playtime. In my personal opinion, I also like the Spells of Harry potter. The story is mysterious to us and we don’t know the all riddles.

But let’s find out about the All Harry Potter Spells.


All Harry Potter Spells

The question of morality is omnipresent in the Harry Potter saga, and the study of the Unforgivable Spells offers an illustration of the complicated relationship between ethics and law.

From 1717 (date mentioned in the Tales of Beedle the Bard, as easy to remember as that of the battle of Marignan), the Ministry of Magic banned the use of three “Unforgivable”spells relating to Black Magic and undoubtedly bearing infringement of rights deemed fundamental by Muggles.

The first of these spells is the “Cruciatus”spell, which inflicts severe pain on its victim, and can lead to madness. The prohibition of this fate is assimilated, in Muggle law, for the ban to practice an act of torture, provided for as well by international law (without being exhaustive: European Convention on Human Rights. International Covenant on civic and political rights. American Convention on Human Rights, article 5.2; Convention against Torture of 1984) than by domestic law. 

The second is the all harry potter spells “Imperium”.

Which consists of subjecting the victim to the total control of the sorcerer who cast the spell thus depriving her of all free will. Both physically and psychologically. 

The victim of this spell then finds himself enslaved, obeying all the orders of the one who launched it against her. It will allow the victim to commit crimes without realizing it. For comparison, enslavement also condemns in Muggle law (for example, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. European Convention on Human Rights. One of the particularities of this spell is that it is undetectable. It is therefore not possible to prove it. Many Death Eaters were thus able, in their defense.

The Last Unforgivable Spell is undoubtedly the most famous in the Harry Potter universe: “Avada Kedavra. “This spell instantly causes the death of whoever cast. No need to justify banning this powerful spell that only two people have survived: Harry Potter, protected by the love of his mother, and Lord Voldemort, protected by the Horcruxes.

Whoever casts one of these three spells against a wizard or a muggle is liable to the heaviest penalty in the wizarding world: life imprisonment in Azkaban ( CF ).

Fine connoisseurs of the wizarding world,

you will tell me that the Ministry does not forgive the Cruciatus curse inflicting great suffering on its victim but uses Dementors as guardians of Azkaban prison. You will add that it prohibits the use of the Imperium but that it tolerates the enslavement of House Elves.

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Finally, you will whisper to me that the use of Avada Kedavra is prohibited, but that, ultimately, other spells, which are not “Unforgivable”, can easily be used to kill someone (for example, Sectumsempra). In reality, it is not the crime itself that is unforgivable. Is truly unforgivable the deep and sincere sadistic will which must animate the author of the fate to enslave or kill, and without which the spell cannot affect. To a certain extent, we can here think of French criminal law in which the intentional nature of the act is taken into account in addition to its material nature to characterize certain offenses.


Unforgivable spells: All Harry Potter Spells

Despite the prohibition of these spells by the Ministry of Magic, they are used several times by the saga’s protagonists.

The reader discovers these three spells in Chapter 14 of the Goblet of Fire. During a “Defense against the Dark Arts”course given by Barty Croupton Jr, in the guise of Moody Mad-Eye. The demonstration then carried out is controversial. Professor consecutively casts all the Unpardonable Spells on a spider. He even deigns to use the Imperium spell on the students attending his course.

He was never worried about it, neither by Albus Dumbledore, head of the establishment at the time. Nor by the Ministry of Magic. However, such a demonstration, even for educational purposes, undoubtedly should have been sanctioned. Imagine, for example, that a Muggle teacher uses torture on his students in an attempt to show them “what to expect, just in case.”It is not conceivable, and neither should it be in the Wizarding World. Too,

In addition to this particular example all harry potter spells, 

“Unpardonable Spells”are permitted in times of war. You should note that the use of these three spells authorized Aurors during the First Wizarding War ( CF ) and under the regime of He-Don’t-On-Ne-Doit-Pas-Dire-Le- Name that we will name all the same (because it takes less time to write): Lord Voldemort.

Under the Dark Lord’s reign, Harry Potter was, therefore, able to use these spells on multiple occasions, without risking punishment (Cruciatus spell against Amycus Carrow, Death Eater; Imperium spell against Bogrob, Goblin, and Travers, Death Eater).

Thus, in the event of war, conflict, or self-defense, Unpardonable Spells are no longer so unforgivable since they use it for a laudable goal: to put an end to terror. The moral question which then arises is the following: must we necessarily authorize, on an exceptional basis, the use of “evil”to overcome evil? A sensitive question, which Muggles also have great difficulty answering. However, the current debates on post-attack measures are a perfect example of its complexity.


A game of Quidditch with all harry potter spells

 When you think of a Harry Potter-themed birthday activity, it’s hard not to think of the legendary sport of Hogwarts: Quidditch. How about organizing a real party in the heart of your garden? The Gryffindors and Slytherins will be ready to face each other in an extraordinary match.


Harry Potter’s magic potion recipe

Like at Hogwarts, children create their magic potions. During this culinary entertainment, they turn into a magic potion pro and put their taste and smell to the test. Will they succeed in following this fun recipe to the end?

However, to learn more about the Harry Potter magic potion, click quickly.


A “magical”Escape game with all harry potter spells

There is the Land of Two Skies in a distant world, a universe where the ordinary meets the extraordinary. Black and white mages confront each other with spells and spells of all kinds. A perfect activity for a Harry Potter birthday party.

Ideal for: children and pre-teens 8 – 12 years old (and for all those who have kept their child’s soul)

The principle: Children and pre-teens have 60 minutes to solve the mysteries surrounding the Land of Two Skies. In an hour of play, they will conduct the investigation, search, solve puzzles, find clues using augmented reality, decipher coded messages, and awaken their five senses.

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How to set up the game:

Preparation time: 60 minutes before D-Day + 10 minutes on D-Day

  • Start by reading the “Instructions for Use”booklet describing the procedure to follow to organize your Escape Home “The Magic Talisman.”
  • Print your kit by following the instructions
  • Cut out the elements indicated
  • Hide the clues by following our advice

Here we go!

You will need:

A few ingredients: chocolate, candies

A balloon to hide a clue

The mystery box all harry potter spells

 What can these strange boxes contain? Who will dare to plunge their hand into these mysterious boxes which have many surprises in store? The bravest will need to use common sense and calm to describe best what they are touching.

Ideal for: children from 6 years old and up to 77 years old (minimum)

The principle:Funny boxes have just appeared in your living room.

Children must guess what they contain by describing what they are touching (sticky, long, grains, soft) without ever saying the object or ingredient’s name think they are feeling. Be careful. Time is precious and what these boxes seem to contain is not very reassuring (hey, hey, it’s done on purpose).

You will need:

  • several cardboard boxes: tissue box (or shoebox, small packages)
  • several foods/objects to guess: cooked &cold spaghetti, seashells, sponges, buttons, wool, cardboard, plasticine, marbles, rice, large chignon of bread with wet crumbs (“beuuuurk”provided)
  • some decorative elements: wrapping paper, stickers, scotch tape, scissors, markers, gold pen 

How to set up the game?

Before the game:

Prepare your boxes by collecting cardboard boxes, tissue box type (ideal).

If the package does not have a pre-existing hole, create one on the top (a child’s hand should fit through it).

Decorate them with wrapping paper, stickers, and mysterious inscriptions.

Examples: “Attention sticky insects!””At your peril! “,”Who will dare to plunge their hand inside? “

During the game: Each child must make the others guess what he is touching. One of the children takes turns feeling whoever manages to think and think the most wins the game. 


The Hunt for Horcruxes

Anyone who has read or seen the Harry Potter Saga knows the meaning and mystery surrounding the famous Horcruxes: the 7 “pieces”of Voldemort that ended up in objects. Children have no more time to waste if they want to succeed in this quest! Otherwise, Voldemort might well come back to life.

Ideal for: children from 7 to 12 years old (and for all those who have kept their child’s soul)

The principle:Children have 15-20 min to find the 7 Horcruxes hidden in the heart of your home. For this, they will help with some clues given by the organizer of the game.

You will need :

  • pretty paper and string to write the name of the Horcruxes on each of the corresponding objects.

7 objects representing the Horcruxes:

A notebook – Tom Riddle’s diary

A plastic ring – Elvis Gaunt’s ring

A Medallion – The Slytherin Medallion

A pretty plastic cup/glass – The Hufflepuff Cup

A plastic crown: Ravenclaw’s lost tiara

Harry Potter figurine, magic wand, or lightning bolt – Harry Potter

A plastic snake – Nagini

How to set up the game:

Before the game: hide the seven objects representing the Horcruxes in the heart of the research area, which you will specify before starting the game.

During the game: Do you remember the famous “hot-cold”game you played when you were young? Same principle with the hunt for Horcruxes. However, indicate the temperature to orient them on the right path.  


FAQ of All Harry Potter Spells

  1. What are the magic words?

Magic words are part of what is called good manners and politeness.

Without a doubt, hearing “hello”, “thank you”, “sorry,”and “please”from a person completely changes your perception of them.


  1. How do you find a Knotty Hiding among the hedgehogs? 

You have to put a bowl of milk in front of them, and the one who drinks is the Knotty. Just put a bowl of milk in front of them, and those who drink are the hedgehogs.


  1. What differentiates gnarly from hedgehogs?

The Knotty looks like a hedgehog.The only thing that allows them to be distinguished is that if you offer food to a hedgehog, it will accept it. Whereas the gnarled will take it for poisoning and ravage the garden every night.


  1. Which creature to choose for Hagrid?

You will need to choose a magical creature as a gift for Hagrid. You have the choice between A Burlap—a Porlock.


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