Facebook app dark mode for Desktop, Android, and IOS

Facebook App Dark mode

Facebook App Dark mode has been in vogue for a few years now. If many services have already implemented it in their services and applications, the Facebook mobile application is not yet entitled. But that will not belong in coming.

Facebook has continuously rolled out dark mode across its various apps. But strangely enough, the Facebook app itself hadn’t yet been able to use. According to a tweet from researcher Jane Manchun Wong, that could change very soon as it appears. Facebook is currently publicly testing this long-awaited feature.

Dark mode has appeared for some users of the Facebook Lite app. The alternative app is a light version of the social network app, downloaded either on Android or iOS.

This news signals the start of the deployment of this black display, supposed to save battery. By force, Facebook was the only mobile application not to have taken the plunge yet. The Facebook group had already deployed it on various apps. Like Messenger, Instagram, and a version for WhatsApp on iOS is coming soon. Let’s know more about Facebook App Dark mode.


Facebook App Dark mode on Facebook Lite

According to our colleagues at Android Police, users began to see dark mode appear on Facebook Lite in January. But the specialized site explains that the number of cases concerned has increased rapidly in recent days. And the official deployment seems imminent.

These users can thus choose between the two display profiles by going to the settings. They did not receive an official message telling them that it was an experiment. The track of official deployment is, therefore, widely possible.


Facebook App Dark Mode on mobile and computer

The first time that Facebook initiated a dark mode experimentation phase dates back to August 2019. At that time, only tests the mobile application. The following October, a new stage was launched, this time on a computer.

We can therefore expect that Facebook will be available in dark mode on all platforms, eventually. The users of the main application should, of course, benefit from it very quickly. It will remain to see whether iOS will obtain a temporary exclusivity against Android or global deployment.

As for Facebook on computers, our colleagues at 91Mobiles recently reported that a mysterious deployment had started in India. A significant number of users had begun to access the display profile.

For the time being, this is not a generalized deployment. 

Facebook’s dark mode for mobile unveiled in the form of screenshots. These are posted by an American user on Twitter at the end of last week. Taken on the other side of the Atlantic, they pushed Facebook to detail its intentions with the American press. 

The firm has confirmed that this deployment concerned “a small percentage of users in the world to date.”Therefore, it is a test phase that is not yet accompanied by any timetable for everyone’s availability.


Facebook App Dark mode on its mobile apps.

It should note that not everyone currently has access to this famous dark mode on the Facebook. The mobile application even though the test is public. It isn’t easy to know how users can gain access to this test, if at all possible. Maybe the giant is just rolling out the feature in stages. It givs early adopters time to pick up any last little graphical bugs before everyone can take advantage.


A feature deployed in stages to certain users

That very easy to check if you have access to a said feature on your mobile device. All there is to do is open the Facebook mobile app, be it iOS or Android. Go to “Settings &Privacy,”and you should see “Dark Mode” there. If you are entitled to it, of course. 

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On this screen, you can then force the functionality to “on”or “off,”. Or you can let the change take place automatically according pto your system settings. 

If you have enabled dark mode on your phone at the global level. Either for all the time or through a schedule. The app will switch automatically upon opening.

If you don’t see the option, it means you are not currently in the test. It looks like the feature is rolling out to several users. So it will likely be some time before everyone can enjoy it. Hopefully, it arrives soon, to rest your eyes and conserve your battery if you have an OLED display.


Facebook App Dark mode at the back of the pack

The dark mode is one of the most popular ergonomic options at the moment, primarily since mobile operating systems have supported it since 2018 (Pie) for Android and 2019 for Apple (iOS 13). Both are saving users’ eyes in poorly lit environments and limiting the energy consumption of OLED display terminals. A growing number of applications support them. Most social networks have also started doing it, like Twitter and titles from the Facebook ecosystem. 

Messenger provides with such a mode for over a year, Instagram since October 2019, and WhatsApp since March 2020. Facebook is not left out. However, since a dark way activated for several months on its service’s desktop version. Finally, you should note that the dark mode of Facebook mobile has so far only been seen on iOS14, available in beta for developers, and proposed shortly in a public beta.

From apps for smartphones to software to online services and operating systems, everyone has it!


Facebook App Dark Mode is classy

Ergonomically speaking, some colors are better seen on a black background and therefore improved readability.

We give you the list of the most popular applications that use this Dark Mode.

Online video streaming

For an online video streaming service, click on your profile picture, and in the list of links, change language, and other options, you may notice “Dark Theme: Disabled.”Disabled by default, you only need one click to activate it when evening comes. For the smartphone application, you have to do some additional manipulations.

Go to your account settings, then click on General settings, and there, the Dark Theme offers you upon activation.


For Instagram, the system is slightly different, especially in terms of the mobile application, since Dark Mode is automatically activated when you switch your phone’s brightness settings to dark mode.

Most computers and iOs, Android, and Windows 10 operating systems have switched to Dark Mode, so there’s no reason not to take advantage of it.

Facebook Messenger

To switch the Facebook Messenger mobile application interface to dark mode, all you have to do is click on your profile picture. It is the first option available to you. One-click and the background will turn black to reduce eye strain and save your phone battery.


For Facebook, nothing is set up yet. Still, the system will likely mirror Instagram’s design, that is to say, automatically put itself in place when activating Dark mode in the phone’s settings. -even.


Twitter could not miss the dark mode niche, and like his little comrades, he is doing it in the latest version of his mobile application.

To access it from your smartphone application, click on your profile picture, then in “Settings and Privacy.”In the “General”section, click on “Display and Sound,”where you can activate the dark mode and deactivate it whenever you want.

Online Service 

On the online service, the procedure differs at one point. To access the settings menu, you must click on the “More”in the left sidebar where your menus are displayed. From there, the path is the same as Settings and Privacy>Display>Background>Black.

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For the Gmail messaging service, a few manipulations are necessary to access the famous dark theme. Click on the small cogwheel to access the interface configuration parameters. Several tabs will appear in different settings. The one that interests us is on the far right. In the Themes menu, you will define a theme first with colorful images and very nice photos. By continuing to scroll, you will reach solid colors and, therefore, Dark mode.


On the desktop, the Google browser does not have any visible settings to change the Light Theme to Dark Theme. It automatically locks onto your OS on Windows 10 and macOS. Your home page thus has a black background, and the location of the tabs is also dark.


It’s different for your smartphone since you have to go to the application settings and activate the dark mode manually. On the other hand, you have another option on some mobiles, which allows you to start the dark theme when the device’s battery saver is activated. With this option, you will also notice that your browser will go there automatically if your smartphone puts in Night mode, but only with the battery saver option enabled.


Dark Mode With Mozilla Firefox

Go to your browser settings in the “Extensions and Themes”section.

You have the option of manually activating the dark theme or the light theme to adapt the browser to your reading comfort, but you can also leave the default theme checked, which adapts to the color scheme of the operating system. It is automatically affecting the transition from dark to light colors and vice versa, depending on your OS settings.

A list generator, note-taking tool, and smart organizer, Evernote is one of the first software to go into Dark Mode to preserve its users’ eyes on macOS, iOS, and Android.

Accessible directly from the application’s main menu, you can activate and deactivate Dark Mode in 2 clicks. With high contrast and black or dark gray background, this theme is noticeably less eye-straining and saves battery power.

This feature is offered in the latest versions of Microsoft Office 365 and shows you on each interface of all Office programs. It is to benefit from an appropriate color background. To access the Office Theme change, go to File menu>Options>General>Office Theme.

The drop-down menu will offer you as well!

Default color theme with a ribbon of the color associated with the software,

Dark Gray theme, historically basic in software settings,

Black theme and its most substantial contrast with its black background and dark gray ribbon,

White theme with its ribbon of tools in white, its white background


FAQ of Facebook App Dark Mode

  1. What is Dark Mode?

The Dark Mode offers you a darker interface of your application. Dark mode has appeared for some users of the Facebook Lite app. 

  1. What’s the point of use Dark Mode?

Reduce eye fatigue

Reduce power consumption and therefore save battery. Technically, dark pixels consume less power.

Consume less energy. We are doing something for the planet.

  1. How to put Google in night mode?

Activate Dark Mode

After Chrome restarts, tap the main menu and enter Browser Settings. Then enter the Dark Mode menu to activate the function. If the Dark Mode menu does not appear, force closes Google Chrome and relaunch the application.

  1. How to protect your eyes from screens?

Raise your seat, and your gaze should be slightly downward. Position yourself at a reasonable distance of at least 50 centimeters from the screen. Adjust the contrast and brightness to your liking. Also, remember to look away from the screen regularly.


Conclusion of Facebook App Dark Mode

We are waiting to finalize this Dark theme and its generalization on all operating systems like Windows, which is a little harmed this time.

Slack, the collaborative tool for companies, also offers its Dark Mode. 

One of the last to get started but one of the few to provide it with its smartphone application and its online service, and its downloadable software for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Reasonably simple to activate, you have to go to the drop-down menu (green dot and name of your company) and select the Themes tab in the Preferences menu. 

You even have a small overview of the available modes: light, dark, or colors.

The Microsoft Office suite has long had themes of all colors to enhance your software interface. And make them more pleasant to use.

This customization now has a purpose since choosing a dark mode allows you to preserve your eyes. It is an important health measure when you work all day in front of a computer screen.


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