How to transfer contacts between two mobile phones

how to transfer contacts from iphone to iphone

We all get a little trouble when we have to transfer all our contacts on our new mobile phone. It’s not hard, but many people don’t know how to do this. Here we brought a bunch of suggestions to help you who didn’t understand how to transfer contacts from iphone to iphone. 

There are a few different ways you can sync contacts with your new mobile phone. We will explain the fastest and most straightforward strategies and guide you on                                   how to transfer contacts between two mobile phones . Just read all the methods and select which means you want to do. 

Method 1. Transfer contacts between two mobile phones with one click 

There are many tools that you allowed to transfer any kind of data, including contacts between two mobile phones. You can transfer contacts directly between any mobile phones as you like. And also, you can move any kind of data like messages, call history, photos, videos, apps, etc. you want. 

To use this method, you need to connect your phone with your PC via USB cables. After that, enable USB debugging. Then tick on the contact and other files that you want to transfer. Click “Start Copy” to move them from your old mobile phone to your new mobile phone. Read below to see the detailed steps.

Step 1. Connect your Mobile devices with your pc by USB 

After downloading the tool, please run it. You can see an interface to let you connect your mobile devices to the pc, just with it to connect your mobile devices with your computer and at the same time with USB cables. Then enable USB debugging on your mobile devices. 

Step 2. Select the contacts to transfer from your old mobile phone to your new mobile phone 

Mark the “Contacts” options and other files you want to transfer to your new mobile phone from your old phone in the middle of the panel. 

Then click “Start Copy,” which means all the contacts and other files you’re marked will start transferring from your old mobile to your new mobile. 

Method 2. Transfer contacts between two mobile phones using Gmail 

In this method, we will discuss how to sync contacts from one phone to another by Gmail or Google backups. For doing this method, first, we need a google account. 

Here are the steps in this method :

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Step 1. Add your google account in your old android mobile 

Follow this: go to your “settings”> “Accounts”> “Add Accounts”> select “Google”> then sign in your google account there. 

By the way, you need to create a google account if you don’t have one. 

Step 2. Sync all your contacts data in your google account 

Now, you have to copy and backup your contacts or all data (which you want to transfer in your new mobile) in your account. To do this, you have to go again “Settings”> “Accounts”> “Google”> turn one “Sync Contacts”. You can turn all if you need to transfer everything from your old phone to the new phone. 

Step 3. Get back your contacts by syncing them on your new phone 

Here is the last step. Now you need to add your Google account on your new phone, which account was on your old phone. After adding, go to your “Settings”> “Accounts”> “Google”> select contacts from the list> click “Sync contacts” to transfer contacts from your google backups. 

When it is done, you will find all the contacts on your new mobile phone.

Method 3. Transfer contacts between two mobile phones via a VCF file 

First, What is a VCF file? 

A VCF(Variant Call Format) file is a standard file format for storing contact information (like Name, Address, phone number, email, etc.). You can transfer a VCF file to any storage. Here we will talk about how to move it. This method also an excellent way to transfer contacts but a little time-consuming. But nothing to worry, cause it’s a secure method. 

Here are the steps :

Step 1. Export contacts in your android phone as a VCF file 

To do this,

open your contacts app on your old android mobile and tap the menu icon on the top left corner, then choose “Settings.” There you will find an export option, touch it.

After that, select which contact you want to transfer. 

After selection, choose “Export to VCF file” and choose any folder to save it by taping. 

Then you will find a VCF file in your SD card where you saved it. 

Remember that the option will vary among android phones. 

Step 2. Import contacts to your new mobile phone 

Follow this 

Move that VCF file from your old mobile to new mobile by USB or any other way. 

Now, open the contacts app on your new mobile  Then tap “Menu” > “Settings” > “Import” >, and choose that “.VCF file” on the pop-up window. 

Select that “Contacts.vcf” file that you moved on your new mobile phone  And done, your contacts will be moved from the old mobile to the new mobile. It was easy, wasn’t it? 

Method 4. Transfer contacts between two mobile phones manually by sim card 

Sim card is another way to transfer contacts between two Mobile phones. It’s more like the previous method, but here is a little different. This method is yet straightforward.

Here are the steps to do this : Open contacts app on your old mobile phone then choose the “More” option from the left side. 

Then go to “Settings,” you will find the Import/Export option there.  Select the “Export” option and export all the contact to the SIM card you want to export on your new mobile phone 

Take out the Sim card from the old phone and insert it in your new mobile phone. Then open the Contacts app again on your new mobile. Do the same thing to go to the “Import/Export” option.

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This time choose “Import from Sim card” to sync all the contacts from sim card to your new mobile phone. Then the contacts will start syncing with your new mobile phone.

Method 5. Transfer contacts between two mobile phones via Bluetooth 

The last one is transferring contacts between two mobile phones via Bluetooth. For transferring via Bluetooth, you need to enable Bluetooth in your both mobile phones. Keep your phones near each other and follow these steps. 

Turn on Bluetooth on both your phone. To do this go (Settings > Bluetooth > Switch on Bluetooth) 

Now open your contacts app. 

Click on the menu and choose the “Send Contacts” option.  Choose the option “Send Contacts by Bluetooth” from the pop-up window. 

The system will scan for a device that has Bluetooth paired and near to you.  Choose your other mobile phone as the receiving device where you want to send your Contacts. 

Accept the Bluetooth authorization request on the receiving device to start the transferring process.  And you are done, your contacts will be stored on your new mobile phone. 


Those were the easiest and fastest methods for transferring contacts between two mobile phones. Though you can find so many software to transfer contacts, they allowed sending communications on other phones.

 But there is a privacy issue. Third-party apps can restore your data. But not all of them are the same. Cause those made for helping everyone. So, that’s all on                                how to transfer contacts between two mobile phones. Goodbye! 


why do my connections move for my phone?

If that’s true, your contacts won’t automatically move from the I Cloud accounts into a brand new iPhone. You’re going to have to switch onto it; afterward, attempt turning it off again and back if you possess it on. Follow these necessary actions: Proceed into choices > decide on your title iCloud.

Is there an app to transfer contacts?

Contacts Move Backup Sync — in Touch App

This program operates by upgrading all your contacts how to transfer contacts from iphone to iphone your host. Hence in case you’ve Android combined side iOS apparatus, you may only move among them with the account you are using as the program can be found in applications.

Can I proceed with my connections from an iPhone into a second?

If you never utilize I-Cloud, then you can use I tune in to move contacts from your iPhone to the following. Connect your iPhone to an open and PC/Mac i-tunes. … Click Sync to employ the tastes and transfer connections to your Very Own fresh I-phone

How can I move all of my messages?

Assess “Sync today,” an essential computer data will how to transfer contacts from the iphone to iphone be stored within Google’s servers. Get started your Android mobile; it may ask you for your Google accounts specifics. After you sign in, your own Android will probably soon sync contacts along with unique information.

How can I move connections using Bluetooth?

To go to options >Bluetooth to your phone and exploit on that the device icon near the Auto strategy. Make Con-Tact Sharing is turned on. In case it’s, subsequently, tries out forgetting the phone by the automobile, then the car out of this the cellular telephone (in your grim enamel choices ), go through that the plotting process back again.

Why are my connections not syncing?

Continue and proceed to Contacts >Tap Default Account >Choose iCloud. On sync connections to I-Cloud, wifi system or mobile information system is necessary. … how to transfer contacts from iphone to iphone open tastes >Only click on basic > r e Setup > reset neighborhood selections. Be aware: be sure to check if your condition of contacts not updating to i-phone still stays.

What’s signature sharing in Bluetooth?

Including all the upgrade per week of March 26, 2018, there is a how to transfer contacts from iphone to iphone setting in Android to get Work > Devices constraints > Function preferences and contact sharing via Bluetooth.


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