All you need to know about monitors

Modern displays are produced with a diagonal of 17-35 inches. It is not surprising because more and more users choose middle size or big screens, this way the text field will visually increase. 19 inch monitors have the most optimal sizes, it is quite comfortable for work and entertainment. 

For work in the office, it is better to look towards averaged models, because you will have to sit close to the display and constantly run your eyes over the screen. Due to overstrain, visual acuity decreases, the user will tire more quickly. Before choosing a diagonal, you need to determine the purpose of usage.

  1. For the office: the optimal diagonal is 20-24″. This is enough to concentrate. After all, the screen is in the constant field of view. Such models are considered compact and at an acceptable price. If the display is necessary for a designer, engineer or designer, you should look at large  screens that display good colour rendering and a three-dimensional picture.


  1. For the house: just the device for inches.  They impressively broadcast games, movies, and photos. However, before buying such screens, you need to think about where to put them so that it is comfortable to watch. If on a computer desk, you need to adapt to the dimensions of the niche. On the pedestal – calculate the distance from the place where you will sit so as not to “break” your eyes.


  1. For gamers: good screens from 27 “. We do not recommend buying a screen without 4K support at all. The same applies to a strong component. When the device supports the 4K format, the usual Full HD will disappoint the user.


  1. Specific work and entertainment: A diagonal of 28-30 inches is enough. Such displays are a must-have for photographers, designers, and people who want to set up a mini home cinema.  They open in multi-window mode and support several programs.

Choose the monitor size for gaming 

You need to forget all monitors less than 15 inches. These make it impossible to immerse yourself in the game and quickly tire your vision. 

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A special gaming 17-inch monitor is the best in terms of screen size, both in terms of gaming comfort and in immersive mode made possible today by VR or virtual reality.


With the installation of a high-end graphics card, the screen of the gamer computer must also have a high-definition display (4K UHD if possible, Full HD at least). The set must be accompanied by the highest possible image refresh rate to remove any slowdown in the image (144 Hz at least).

It is recommended to have an IPS panel installed on the screen. This offers a faster display rate than the TN panel. It is nevertheless more expensive and therefore increases the price of your gamer device, but if you want to have a high-end gamer computer, it is more than recommended.

Brightness and contrast parameter

Contrast depends on how the peak light and dark points on the screen are correlated. Brightness is determined by the amount of light emitted from the screen when it is turned on. It is measured in candelas per square meter. Almost all modern devices are produced with a value of 200-700.  The higher the number, the clearer the picture.  Even with sun glare on the screen.


The brightness is selected depending on the lighting of the room. If you plan to place the monitor opposite the window, you should buy a model with indicators from 350 cd/m². 

The ratio of 1: 600 is considered the optimal level of contrast. If the user wants better colour reproduction, it is worth paying attention to 1: 1000.

Gamers, designers, designers are recommended to choose a screen with a contrast ratio of 1: 5000.

How to correctly choose a monitor for your PC?

Now let’s see together, how to correctly choose a monitor for your PC. It is not always easy to choose the different components or accessories of a computer, such as the monitor for example with different options available to you such as the size of the screen, the technology of the screen, its resolution, its refresh rate, as well as the different settings such as the height or the type of screen, curved, or not. 

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All these choices and options depend on the usage you plan to make of them. Indeed, a video game player will not have the same use of a computer as a computer scientist. Therefore, it is important to know the usefulness of your future computer and monitor before proceeding with your purchase. To properly learn about the different components, or the different existing monitors, there are several solutions.


The first is to inquire directly in store, from an experienced seller, explaining to the seller what purpose you plan to get a computer or monitor? It will be able to direct you to a product that meets all your needs. One of the best products on the market is offered by Beetronics! Such services like this one choose the best monitors for selling, that’s why clients usually return them back. 


The second solution is to inform those around you, via your loved ones who have already had the experience of buying a computer or monitor. They will undoubtedly be good advice, on the models to take or especially not to buy.


The third solution is to go to specialised forums, by directly asking your various questions to community members. They will be happy to answer you and exchange with you, so that you make the best possible choice during your purchase.


Finally, a last option is available to you to choose correctly your future monitor for your computer. It is about going to specialised websites, offering you the best products according to your needs and desires. We do believe that this article will be useful for you. Now you know more about monitors and there’s no doubts that you will be able to take a right decision!

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