EPL: then and now


The English Premier League is one of the most popular football championships in the world. This is due to its deep historical roots, a large number of players and contracts for incredible sums. Every fan can login to the 1xBet online website and track any match of the UK Premier League.

Usually the tournament is held from autumn until spring. The first games start in early August and last until the end of May. The clubs play one game at home and one game away. The winner is the team with the most points after 38 rounds. You can follow the England championship online on the 1xBet website. It is also easy to bet on the most interesting events in the championship here.

Predictions and best players in the Premier League

Experts from specialized media assessed the prospects of teams that are going to take the gold of the English championship. You can bet on these clubs using the 1xBet mobile app. Among the favourites are:

  1. Tottenham (3%) — Harry Kane remained in the roster, so the team has every chance of winning the championship.
  2. Manchester United (20%) — Harry Maguire and Jadon Sancho joined the club, and Ronaldo has returned.
  3. Liverpool (20%) — the coach is pleased with his players, although center-back Ibrahim Konate has been invited.
  4. Chelsea (25%) — the club got Romelu Lukaku, who was named the best forward of the previous season. But other players have managed to adapt to English football too.
  5. Manchester City — Jack Grealish has been recruited for €117m to replace Raheem Sterling. But if the club managed to lure Kane out of Tottenham, it would definitely become the winner.
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In the English Premier League, as in any European championship, ups and downs are possible. So keep an eye on all events. For comparison, it is worth considering the best players in the history of the Premier League. The top 5 winners are:

  • Ryan Giggs played the most games for Manchester. He scored goals in 20 tournament seasons. Moreover, the player is still in good shape;
  • Thierry Henry scored 224 goals in Arsenal and was named the best player of the team;
  • Dennis Bergkamp is famous for a large number of goals scored for Arsenal;
  • Alan Shearer has been playing in Blackburn and Newcastle. He became famous for a record of 260 goals. Nobody else has scored so much in the history of the championship;
  • Peter Schmeichel is considered one of the best goal defenders not only in the Premier League but also in international arena. He felt the atmosphere of every game and kept himself in good shape.

It is thanks to such genius players that the English Premier League has become the top championship. You can follow its current matches on the mobile app 1xBet. To do this, you just need to run the corresponding utility on your gadget.  

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