FaceApp Pro APK

FaceApp Pro APK

Technology not only comes to make our tasks handy but also give us fun. Naturally, people can’t work for a long time, and people require entertainment to make them more productive. That’s why we can see all the existing OS brings many entertaining applications for its users. Likewise, android OS has developed many really awesome fun apps. Currently, android has 2.69 million apps, and those you find under many names. Here the entertainment section is one of the popular destinations for the user. Today, we bring one entertainment apps named FaceApp Pro APK for the user.

We hope that you can do lots of fun with this entertainment app. Here we discuss this app and show the easiest way to get on the device. You need to take a coffee and go through what we say here.

What is FaceApp Pro APK

In the play store, this app’s download time surge more than 100 million times. Not only the download time but also it has 4.6 stars ratings. Naturally, a question comes to you that why this vast popularity. The answer to this question is people can do fun with their faces. FaceApp Pro APK is a photo editor app that is powered by the FaceApp AI. As a result, the user will get a natural touch on their photo after editing.


Here the user can take their own photo and see how they look like with hair, bread, smile, etc. Also, the user can do fun by applying old age and young age effects, gender swap on their face. Interestingly, the user doesn’t need to learn the photoshop tools; rather this app helps to do by one tap. Therefore, this funny app doesn’t charge more time to do fun. Thanks to developer FaceApp Inc who brings this nice app and presents it to the user. 

However, the user can quickly get this 21 MB app from the play store without spending a single penny. 

The Features of FaceApp Pro APK

You already know that this app has a good amount of response, like over 100 million. This vast response could possible due to its blissful features. In this section, we are going to discuss this entertainment app’s features. Let’s see below what you will get from this app.

This app provides fun by changing the Face looking.

Hopefully, you understand that this app will provide great fun to the user. Here you will find many features like selfies face editing, background editing, and so on. Here the developer uses FaceApp AI that will give a natural look after editing. Whatever it is, this app becomes so popular because it provides fun by making young age people old.  Indeed, this app doesn’t provide you the actual result like you don’t look the same as the app’s result. But recently, some features like background change, the color effect will help the user slightly.

Do fun by changing the Age

This app has a feature that makes some changes on the face and provides a funny result. Here this app changes the hair color, skin transformation, etc. So, the young person can see his funny old looking simultaneously the old can see his the funny young looking. Moreover, the user could see the funny result in multiple ways. 

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Do fun by changing the Gender.

This is another fun feature that gives the opposite gender looking. Here, the male can see his female counterpart; nevertheless, the female can see the male counterpart. 

Can See the Hairstyle Changes 

This feature will help to know anyone’s looking when to cut hair or change the hair color. You will find many hair color and style filters that can easily apply and can get the result instantly. Hopefully, you can decide with this feature before bringing change to your hair. 

Add Beard or Mustache on the Photo

This is another filter that adds beard and mustache on the user’s photo. Therefore, the user can get some idea of how he looks like with a beard and mustache. In this app, the user will find some bread style like a full beard, half beard, etc. 

Can Edit Background 

How it looks like when you have the option to change your existing picture’s background? Hopefully, it is really a great thing for the Smartphone user. This feature will help to add different cities, some cool effects, and so on. FaceApp Pro APK has such a feature with many background options. Therefore the user can give surprise to his friends and family after changing the background. However, you can use any decent effect on the background to make your picture ready for CV or biodata. 

Can change the Color Effect on the Photo

Sometimes, we see our friend upload his or her photo in social media by changing the color. Usually, we see the recent picture in the old day’s environment. These types of changes can be done through many apps. Likewise, with the FaceApp, a user can do such color changes. Here the user will find Victoria, Vega, Retro, contrast, and many more effects.  

Beautiful Smile Effect on the Photo

If you want to see your friend’s smiling face, just take his photo and apply it. Afterward, you can see something funny then send it to your friend; hopefully, they will like it. However, you can use a lens; add tattoos on the picture by just a tap.

What’s New is waiting for the user in the Upcoming Update.

The upcoming feature will bring some new update, let’s see what those are.

  • The FaceApp team will add a mask fixing for the Background tool. Therefore if this app’s AI accidentally separate you from the background, the user can manually adjust the error. 
  • The user will find the option to share their photos and videos to Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other social media.

How a User can Use this FaceApp?

This app has no complex mechanism so that the user needs to be an expert. Instead, this app is straightforward to use; let’s see how to use it.

  • At first, take a photo from your phone’s gallery or take a picture using the camera. Prior to that, the user needs to give the app permission to access your phone’s gallery. 
  • Now, you need to match your face by adjusting your picture frame on the screen. 
  • After that, choose the effects that you want to apply and let the app finish afterward. Bear in mind that, FaceApp Pro APK app needs an internet connection to operate.

FaceApp Pro APK iOS

If you have an Apple device, you can also run this app on your device. This app is also developed for the iOS platform. Moreover, to run this app your apple device need iOS version 11.2 or later. Whatever your devices are like iPhone, iPod, iPad touch, this app can run easily. In the play store, this app is 21 MB, but in the app store, it is 172.3 MB. Although here we see a slight difference in size, the function is the same as the play store. 

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How to Download this FaceApp Pro APK in the Smartphone

If you have an android Smartphone, then you can easily get this app. The process is not complex rather easy. All you need just visit the play store and search the app by typing the name. After that, you will see this app with its logo then enter it. Now, click on the install icon that you will find beside the app. After a while, you will see this app will automatically download and install on your phone. 

How to Download this FaceApp Pro APK in PC

Albeit this app is developed for the mobile platform, the user can also run this app on PC. Luckily, there are many software those are available to help to run any android app on PC. These types of software are known as emulator software.  In the emulator software, the Bluestacks and the Nox Player are so much popular. In this section, we discuss how to run this app on a PC using Bluestacks. Let’s see what we say in the following.

  • First of all, open your browser and type the Bluestacks afterward and click enter. Now, you will see a search list and click on the official URL of the Bluestacks emulator. 
  • After clicking, you will enter into the URL and see the “Download Bluestacks” logo with a green background. Now, click on that logo and wait to see an exe file that will download on your PC. 
  • Once the file downloads successfully, a pop up having to install now option will come on your screen.  Now, click on the “install now” logo and follow their instructions. After some time, you will see a file worth 513 MB will start download automatically.

This download takes time basically it depends on your internet speed.

  • When the Bluestacks software downloads successfully, you will see its logo on the desktop screen.  Now, click on it and give it some time to open.
  • Meanwhile, a pop up appears that says the sign in the Google Play Store. This step is essential because, without sign in, you can’t download anything from the play store. So, you have to provide your verified Gmail account to complete the sign-in process. Therefore, the play store authority will permit you to download anything from this platform. 
  • So now, you can able to make ready your PC to run any APK app. So, to download the FaceApp, you need to enter into the play store. This play store will find on the Bluestacks home page. All you need to click on it and wait to get inside. 
  • Once you find it open, type the app name on the search box and hit the enter button. You will see a list of the app; hopefully, you will find it easily over there and click on it.
  • When you reach the app’s main page, now click on the install button. Note that the install button lies beside the app with a green background. Now, you need to click on it and wait for some time. 
  • Now, you will see this app start installing automatically and appear on the Bluestacks home page. By following this way, you can install this app on your PC, laptop easily. 

How to get the FaceApp Pro APK in iOS 

In the iOS device, the process of getting this app is the same as the play store. But here, the user needs to access the app store with his/her Apple device.  Note that the app store requires the user to sign in on their Apple ID with Apple device.

Final Thought

Today, a Smartphone does not only provide us communication facility but also entertains us through various apps. Unlike many android entertain apps; FaceApp Pro APK is one of the popular apps. In this article, we try to provide all details on how a user can do fun with this app. Hopefully, as a reader; you will get all our points, which we discuss herein. Last but not least, if you find it really helpful then share among your friend. We also expect your comments on the problem you face to get it on your device.






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