Find My Lost Phone- The Things You Should Know to Get Your Stolen Phone Back

Find my lost phone

Introduction of Find my lost phone

Find my lost phone is the only thing that comes to your head when you lost your precious phone. When you lost your phone, you become upset. Some even start to panic. There remain many important files, documents & media files. Plus, your phone contains photos of memorable events, videos, songs, etc. These things are precious to you and maybe to your family. After such incidents, you think about ways like how to find my lost phone. There are some ways & apps from which you may find your device. So, let’s know the ways of how to find my lost phone. 

First things to follow to find my lost phone

In the case of searching for the phone first, we have to follow some things. Your initial task will be to call on your phone. If your phone is not a smartphone, then this method will be useful. If your device is a traditional phone, it will not contain any typical internet connection.  However, it will contain a IMEI number. Therefore, the next wise step will be reporting into the police station. So, just pick the details from the home, and run to the police station. File a general diary, and wait for cops to find that. Basically, you will get the phone back sooner or later if the rule of law is strong enough in your country. 

Ways To Follow

As we mentioned the initial steps in the previous section. I will mention a few ways to find your lost phone effectively. Brief on these points will be mention severely in upcoming sections. But who love to skim & want to learn in the quickest manner, they should follow these ways & can learn in brief through this article or Youtube on find my lost phone. So, these are the list of the ways-

  • Through IMEI Code
  • Gmail or Any Mail 
  • By GPS Location
  • With help of Sim Company
  • In Black Market 
  • In Dark Web
  • By Manual Searching

So, you have already skimmed. That’s great. Now, it’s time to jump into the main section. You just have to think & go through all the sections to know the ways in detail. These details can make a great difference in life. You just have to make yourself strong enough to bear it in life. So, you are ready to roll in. Just think, and be the helpful man. This could be life-changing. Just you have to trust yourself & run for what you want. It’s your time to secure your own safety.

Through IMEI Code

The first thing that can help you get your phone back is your phone’s IMEI number. IMEI  number is the ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’ of any phone. You can use this number to track down your phone’s location. The IMEI number is so useful that you can even locate it without having any sim or GPS on the phone. You will then find the IMEI number on the box, or you can also check the sides of the box of your phone. You will get a 15 digit number, and that is the IMEI number. So, you can choose two methods to use this. You can give it to the police after filing a report, and they will track down the number. Secondly, you can search for any tracking apps on the internet and then use the IMEI number to track your mobile on your own.

Gmail or Any Mail 

The second way to help you find your phone is your Gmail or any other email account that is logged into your device. Usually, a Gmail account is the most helpful one in this case. So, it would be best if you assured me that you have your Gmail account or Google account logged into your phone, and also the location option of your phone is on. First, you have to browse the internet and open your Gmail account on that browser. You have to go to the home page and click on the ‘Manage Your Google Activities,’ It will show some blocking activities. After that, you will find a location history block. Click on this option, and you will find the latest location on your phone.

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By GPS Location

GPS is a common thing in modern mobile phones. So, GPS is the third way for you to find your phone. You will discover many searching websites that help people in finding their lost phones. So, you have to go through one of those websites first. Remember, these websites also have apps of their own. If you want to use the website, you must have one of the apps installed on your phone. So, it is always better to install one of these apps in the first place. Now, let’s move on to the other process. After entering the website, you have to enter your email id and password, allowing you to log into your phone’s account. Then, you have to click the option ‘Next’ and do so again, and you have to click ‘Accept’ promptly. After that, the website will start searching your device through the internet.


With help of Sim Company

The fourth way to get back your lost phone is help from your sim company. Usually, sim companies do not help in this case. But, if you can convince them, then they may help you, but it is rare. So, if they assure you to help you, then it will become straightforward for you. The sim companies always have the location of their every sim card. So, from your sim number, they can easily detect the location of your lost phone. But, this method has some problems. First of all, it is so easy for the thief to remove the sim from your phone. If he does this, then the sim company also won’t find the perfect location. So, this method is lengthy, and the success rate is low.


In Black Market 

Have you heard about ‘Black Market’ yet? A black market is a place where you will find every stolen, lost thing. This market belongs only to these things. Every stolen something goes into this market to be sold again without having any difficulties. But, before selling it also, they try to change a lot of things about the device. In this market, every person knows about stealing. They can tell you who stole a thing at exactly where. So, you can go there and check the market out & find my lost phone. If you can convince the right people, they can consider telling where you will find our phone. But you have to repurchase it. Sometimes, they do not help much. So, you have to prepare yourself before going into the black market.


In Dark Web

The dark web is the most significant part of the internet. It is said that the white web is just one percent and the ninety-nine percent is the dark web. So, it is evident that the dark web will have much more information than the white net. It is not easy to get into the dark web & find my lost phone. You will need bitcoins for it, which is so expensive. If you can manage bitcoins, you can track down your lost phone using email, SSD, and GPS. The dark web will help you with a lot more information than the white web. But, you have to ensure your security first. Other than that, you should not enter the dark web. So then, you have to decide wisely.

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By Manual Searching 

The last step that we are going to tell you is the manual searching. You can also go for manual searching to find out your lost phone. This manual search does not need any apps or something. This is mainly the traditional or the old way to search for any missing thing. 

So what you have to do is file a report in the nearest police station by mentioning the place, time. Again, you have to bring the box of your phone to the police station and hand it over to them. They will get the IMEI number and other needed things to find my lost phone. Then, you have to wait for the results. Police will search it by tracking from their office. It will take time. But if you rely on them, it will be hard for you to get back your lost phone. So, it would help if you tried other ways also.


Things to do after Finding Out 

From the earlier sections, we learned about the ways and methods of getting lost phones back. We learned about many many ways that are so helpful. But, what to do after finding out? Do you have any idea? To help you out, we have brought this section to you. In this section, we will learn the things to do after finding the lost phone.

So, whenever you find out your lost phone’s location, you should immediately inform the police. They will help you to get back the phone. Now, when you get around the missing phone, you have to go through each phone’s option. You must check all of these for security reasons. If any information, images, videos, or anything is missing, inform the police immediately. Other than that, it can become harmful to you.


A few Pro Tips

We learned about the ways of getting the missing phone back, and we also learned about the things to do after finding out about the phone. We also need to know some of the pro tips not to lose phones in the future. So, in this section, we will have a few pro tips. Therefore, let’s get started.

  • Do not always show off your phone in public.
  • Try not to leave your phone unattended in any place.
  • Always be aware of the situation, people around you.
  • You must install any finding phone app on your phone first.
  • Do not forget to attach a Google account on your phone.

These are the few tips which may help you in not missing out on your phone again. These tips will also help you in getting back your lost phone.


FAQ of Find my lost phone

How can a person lose a phone?

  • People can lose their phones in various ways. Moreover, few of them can lose it through the flow of our world. For others, a thief might steal that or anyone might leave the phone in any place unintentionally. In these ways, a person can lose a phone anywhere anytime. 

Where to find first when a phone is lost?

  • Just find it in the last place you saw that. Simply, go there & search by the edges. There is a 99% chance that you might find the phone 
  • in the same spot you were working with it. 

In what ways a person can follow to search for a lost phone? 

  • A person can find their phones in various ways. However these methods are the popular ones- Through IMEI Code, Gmail or Any Mail, By GPS Location, With help of Sim Company, In Black Market, In Dark Web, By Manual Searching.

How many people lost their phones every year?

  • According to different statistics, more or less 2-5% of phone users lost phones every year. This number varies from country to country.

Conclusion of Find my lost phone

Hopefully, find my lost phone-based article has given all the answers you were searching for. That’s great then. Now you can search for your & your peers’ phone anywhere anytime. Moreover, you can give other advice about how to keep their phones safe. Because he knows the best who has gone through the situation. Always try to make the best use of your equipment to protect your phone. And don’t forget, you all have a responsibility for society. Therefore, try to put that responsibility first, and help others in every situation. Good Luck & keep your phone safe. 

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