Most Disliked Video on YouTube- Know the Taste of People

most disliked video on YouTube


YouTube is a video-sharing website. Every day thousands of people upload their videos on YouTube. And this website has thousands of years of videos. And every day, millions of people visit this website. This is the most famous video sharing site. Nowadays, we can hardly find a person who doesn’t know about YouTube. And this website is not just a website. This is the primary income source for some people. And people take youtube very seriously. They like the video they loved. And dislike the footage they don’t like. This article will give you information about the most disliked video on youtube. So, let’s start our journey of “Most disliked video on youtube- know the taste of people.”


The journey of YouTube

 YouTube started its journey in 2005. Former workers of PayPal created this website. Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen were former workers of PayPal. They left Paypal and started this video sharing website. And they named it YouTube. Today it’s a billion-dollar company. The headquarter of YouTube is situated in California. 


It started its journey on 14th February 2005. But Google bought this company in 2006. Hence YouTube now a part of Google LLC. Google bought YouTube for 16500000000 dollars back in 2006. And that is a massive amount of money. So, now Google controls YouTube.  


YouTube is a global company. Hence millions of people surf YouTube every day. For example, statistics say 720,000 hours of videos are being uploaded everyday. So, now I can understand how YouTube impacts society. And people are earnest about YouTube. 


YouTube and videos


The sole purpose of YouTube is video sharing. And the main business of YouTube is related to the video. Hence we cannot think of YouTube without videos.


The first video on YouTube was uploaded in 2005. And the video uploaded by one of the founders of YouTube. Jawed Karim was one of the founders of YouTube. And the first video on YouTube was made by jawed Karim. This video use uploaded on 23rd April 2005. And the title of the video was “Me at the zoo.” And in the video, jawed Karim stood in front of elephants at the zoo. 


But now, every day, thousands of people upload so many videos. In fact, a survey states that every day people watch 5 million videos. And that makes around 720,000 hours every day.   


Standing in 2020, there are 1,300,000,000 people use YouTube on a daily basis. Now let me tell you a story. Assume one day you decided to watch every video on YouTube. So, do you know how much time would it take? In fact, a mathematician calculated this problem. And the result was shocking. You might need 60,000 years of non-stop video watching to watch all YouTube videos. 




YouTube and marketing


In today’s all, YouTube is not just video sharing. YouTube has become a marketplace. You can earn money from making YouTube videos. And not only can you make videos but also advertise your products. As a result, you can say YouTube has become a source of entertainment. As well as a source of earning money. Now let’s take a look at how you can make money from youtube.


There are lots of ways of earning money from youtube. And now we are going to discuss some of them. YouTube plays advertisements. And advertisement companies pay YouTube a fair amount of money. So if your YouTube channel has a fair amount of views. Then YouTube asks you to monetize your channel. And YouTube, please these advertisements while playing your video. So you get a small amount for playing that advertisement in your video. 

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And if you are a good video editor. Then I have good news for you. There are tons of YouTubers who search for video editors. So if you can edit videos, then you can earn money from here. 


Again if you have a business, then you can advertise your products on YouTube. As a result, the sales of your products will increase by many numbers. YouTube has millions of viewers. Hence your product will get many audiences. 


Most liked videos on YouTube.


Millions of people use YouTube every day. And they like the video they love. 


The most liked video on YouTube is despacito. This song was played by Luis fonsi. It has 40.98 million likes. And this video was watched more than 2 billion times. 


The second most liked video is “see you again” by wiz khalifa and charlie puth. And this video has 30.91 million likes. In fact, this song was dedicated to an actor. 


Other movies like videos on YouTube as follows. The shape of you by Ed Sheeran with 28.89 million likes. Faded by Alan Walker’s with 21.29 million likes. Then come to the BTS. And Dynamite took the 6th position with 20.79 million likes. 


 Gangnam Style by PSY positioned 7th on the list. And Boy with Love by BTS took 8th place. Then on the 9th position, Alone by marshmello. And finally, maroon 5’s “Girls like you” is at the 10th position. 


Most disliked video on YouTube


As there are most like videos. And so are the most disliked videos on YouTube that exists. In fact, you will be shocked if you see the statistics. There are videos with millions of dislikes. And we are going to talk about those disliked videos. 


But first, we are going to discuss the most disliked video on YouTube. The most disliked video on YouTube is “YouTube rewind 2018.” Youtube has a youtube channel of their own. And they upload videos on there. In fact, each year, youtube makes a rewind video. And this video contains important affairs of that year. 


But in 2018, we see a difference. The year 2018 was eventful. For example, great scientist Stephen Hawkings died in 2018. And the great YouTube war “PewDiePie vs. Tseries” took place in 2018. Even this YouTube rewind 2018 did not capture the “KSI vs. Logan Paul” rivalry. 


Hence their fans were disappointed. As a result, this YouTube rewind 2018 became the most disliked video on YouTube. And this video has 18.51 million dislikes.


Other most disliked videos on YouTube


But there are other videos on the list of most disliked videos on YouTube. We already know which one is the most disliked video on YouTube. So now, we will be talking about other videos on this list. 


The second most disliked video on YouTube is a movie trailer. And the name of the movie is “Sadak 2.” It is an Indian movie trailer. This movie trailer has 13.27 million dislikes. 


And the next video on the list is a song by Justin Bieber. The name of this song is “Baby.” This song has 11.84 million dislikes. But the funny thing is that this video also has 13 million likes. Hence we are confused if this song is good or not. 


And the next video on this list is “Baby Shark Dance.” It is a music video for children. And this video got 10.09 million dislikes. 


Do dislikes affect YouTube earnings?


Likes and dislikes are the measurements of how much people loved your content. But this fact doesn’t affect your YouTube earnings. These likes or dislikes don’t even matter. YouTube monitors your views. Hence if your channel got more ideas, then you get more paid.


So let’s imagine a scenario where you are a YouTuber. Let’s say you upload a video on YouTube. And this video gets 5k views. You get 4k likes on this video. And only 500 dislikes on this video. And again, you upload another video. But this time, you get 100 likes. And 7k dislikes on the video. But this video got 1 million views. 

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The funny thing is you will get more money from the second video than the first one. The main factor is the views of your YouTube video. So dislikes don’t affect your YouTube earnings. Quality content always attracts people. Hence try to make quality videos for your YouTube channel. Then your gutter will get more views. As a result, you can earn more money from youtube. 


Most watched videos on YouTube


“Baby Shark” is a music video for children. And this video is the most viewed video on YouTube. As of 1st November 2020, baby Shark has 7.1 billion views. And this video was uploaded in 2016. And mostly children watched this video. As a result, it became the most-watched YouTube video. 


The second most viewed video on YouTube is Despacito by Luis Fonsi. And this video has 7.05 billion views. 


The next video on this list is a song by Ed Sheeran. And the name of the song is “Shape of you.” And this song has been watched 5.05 billion times. 


Then the next video on this list is a song by wiz khalifa featuring charlie out. And this song is “See you again.” It was dedicated to an actor named “Paul Walker.” And this song has 4.08 billion views on YouTube.


The next video on this list is a video of “Masha and bear.” And this is a cartoon show for children. This is a famous show. And that is why it secured its position on the most-watched videos list. 


Frequently asked questions and answers of most disliked video on YouTube


Question 1: What is Youtube?


Answer: Youtube is an online-based video sharing platform. And this the most popular video sharing platform. For example, 1,300,000,000 use this platform to share and watch videos. And this made youtube the largest video sharing platform—people uploads thousands of videos here every day. 


Question 2: How many Videos are uploaded on youtube on a daily basis?


Answer: Lots of people around the world upload their videos on youtube every minute. And statistics show 500 hours of videos are being uploaded on youtube every minute. Hence you can have a glimpse of how many videos are uploaded on youtube everyday.  


Question 3: Which one is the most subscribed youtube channel?


Answer: Right now, the most subscribed youtube channel is T-series. And it is an Indian youtube channel. In fact, this is a music company. And T-series has millions of views on its youtube videos. You might remember the “T-series Vs. PewDiePie” rivalry back in 2018. Even PewDiePie made a diss song about T-series. Before T-series, PewDiePie was the most subscribed YouTube channel. 


Question 4: Do dislikes affect YouTube earnings?


Answer: No. Likes and dislikes don’t have effects on your YouTube earnings. In fact, YouTube earnings depend on the views. So try to get more views on your videos. And views will earn you more money from youtube. Hence you don’t need to worry about likes or dislikes.


Conclusion of most disliked video on YouTube


In the modern world, people love to capture their memories. Every day, people capture photos and record videos. And some people upload these videos on video sharing sites. Because they want to share their happiness with others, and some of them create video content to entertain others. And we can see some people share their gameplay on YouTube. There are many informative videos on YouTube. Hence you can learn many things from these videos. One can search for their subject of interest. And YouTube will not disappoint them. People give like the videos they love. And they give dislikes to the video they don’t like. The most disliked video on YouTube right now is “YouTube rewind 2018.” And there are many reasons for it. So if you haven’t watched that video yet, then go to YouTube, search the video. Then judge yourself if that video deserves a like or dislike. 


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