A Matter Of Tarek El Moussa net worth 

tarek el moussa net worth

Have you ever become familiar with the name of Tarek El Moussa? If yes, then I can guess that you have sharp attention to the popular TV series Flip or Flop. The most prosperous HGTV superstar, Tarek El Moussa net worth is as much as his ex Christina. That amount must make you wonder.


Flip Flop star Tarek El Moussa’s life journey was eventful and adventurous. That will keep you curious to know more about how he has come to today’s position. For example, this television personality Tarek El Moussa had spent 120 days in this mother’s garage. Next, at the age of 22, he has been able to purchase his first million-dollar home

Before being famous as an HGTV star across the entertainment world, he made his living in the real estate industry. On the other hand, getting access to the HGTV platform, his real estate business has increased as the mushroom. 

Here are 14 things that you do not know about Tarek El Moussa. These will help you explore how he has been a leading person in the Television Show kingdom and in the real estate business giant. Let’s begin your next journey and get attached to this until the end.  

Tarek’s age and religion

This American TV personality was born on August 21, 1981, in Long Beach, CA. At present, his age is 39. You can consider him as an Egyptian because of his last name. On the contrary, he claims he is an American of white ethnicity. Again, you can assume him as Muslim because his last name comes with Arabian. But he has never unveiled what religion he practices. 

2.Tarek El Moussa net worth over $ 25 Million

A few couples of months ago, Tarek and Christina made a combined net, and that is worth between $2 and # million. Flip or Flop per episode paid them together $10,000. On the other hand, both two earned a good bit of flipping house, and Flip or Flop documented this on the show. 

You will wonder to hear that the duo claims as much as $40,000 to host speaking engagements. On the contrary, they handled real estate seminars in the past. To participate in this seminar, every participant has to consume $1,997 for three days of class. Also, they have to invest an additional $1000 in real estate software. This is how Tarek El Moussa net worth has been worth $ 25 million in 2022.  

Tarek and Christina both experienced significant backlash as scammers during their seminars.   

You have already known that they had managed a real estate seminar for three days of class. That is known as Success Path Education. From the number of people who had attended this seminar, they had not got what they wanted from this seminar.

 Basically, the couple does not focus on how they successfully flip houses. Nevertheless, they appoint an instructor for managing the seminar. This instructor always ignored answering many queries of the participants. Plus, he inspired the attendees to purchase extra seminar sessions. At last, participants considered them as scammers.

The relationship of Tarek and Christina

 From the age of 21, Tarek had sold real estate. By the way, Christina got connected in the same real estate office. Before that, both two were dating each other, and they became engaged deeply.

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Tarek and Christina’s marriage

You have built a relationship and wanted to turn it into marriage. Cause it is the final end of every love relationship. In Coronado Island, San Eigeo, California, 28-year-old-Tarek married

26-year-old Christina during a gorgeous wedding ceremony in spring 2009. The wedding party added seven groomsmen and seven bridesmaids. 

 All of them wore plum-colored gowns and carried a bouquet of red and purple roses. Christina’s dress was so splendid but straightforward. After years of their marriage, drama and anger made their relationship crack. On the other hand, you can check out how splendidly they dressed each other on their wedding day. 

A warrior of cancer 

A nurse is an attentive fan of the famous Flip or Flop episode. So, she tries her best level to enjoy every episode of this series. One day at the time of watching this fantastic episode, she saw there was a lump on Tarek’s throat.

 Being anxious, the nurse delivered a message to HGTV. After that, Tarek got this message, and it made him thoughtful. This is why he quickly met a physician, and the physician checked and Informed him that thyroid cancer affected him. 

So, within a possible short time, the physicians removed his thyroid and surrounding lymph nodes. The physician cured him of this cancer. Finally, coming round from the gruesome disease, he congratulated the nurse because she protected him from happening something terrible with him. 

Sperm banking effort of Tarek before experiencing treatment

There are a few numbers of cancer, and that has a significant impact on your fertility. This is why sperm banking lets you store your sperm so that you can use it after your fertility treatment. For this reason, Tarek had banked his sperm before he started treatment for thyroid cancer. 

By the way, this couple owned a daughter named Taylor. Both two wanted to enlarge their family member. After recovering from his thyroid cancer, Christina checked out her IVG, and finally, this couple gave birth to another child named Brayden.

Tarek El Moussa is not always considered a successful real estate businessman.

 At the time of beginning his real estate career, there was an increasing growth of the real estate business in California. At that time, Tarek married Christina, and as a result, the conditions of their business turned into a miserable situation. By the way, they had to count a huge amount of loss, and they noticed selling a house would be totally impossible now. So, to survive in these challenging times, they decided to launch flipping properties. 

Tarek made less profit out of his family members

During launching the season3, episode 1 of the hit TV series Flip Flop, Tarek collected an old Yorba Linda home and that cost worth $ 550,000. Then, he invested $103,400 to make this old house look modern. Seeing the decoration pattern of this house, his sister, Angelique, was fervent to own it. Hearing this, Tarek El Moussa agreed to deliver to his sister by reducing the cost worth $20,000. So, it showed you Tarek did not make much profit from his own family members. This real estate business helps Tarek El Moussa net worth estimated $ 10 million to earn.   

The journey of getting attached to the TV 

You may have watched many interviews on Tarek El Moussa net worth. In his countless interviews, he said he did not have any wish to be a member of TV. But this news will make you wonder if he created two videos and then delivered them to HGTV. Exporting his sent video, HGTV impressed and, within a short time, made a contract with him. This way, he started an incredible

journey with GHTV. In addition, the GHTV platform is another source of Tarek El Moussa net worth of about $ 10 million. 

A significant impact of Tarak on Social media

With being a hit celebrity of Flip or Flop, and having a roller coaster ride of being a real estate businessman, he plays a significant role on social media. Tarek’s solo Facebook page, along with a joint Facebook page with Christina, has also gained massive popularity with a ton of followers. 

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Besides Facebook, his Instagram page shows off an outstanding contribution.

Furthermore, a Flip or Flop page together with Christina is also playing a pivotal role in sharing many exciting pieces of these episodes to the followers. Consequently, the shared Twitter page between Tarek El Moussa net worth and Christia has an outstanding result. Without customizing their Twitter account, all their pages are updating with a lot of information regularly. 

Tarek is out of the family’s home. 

Tarek has faced many challenges in his marriage with Christian. This is because he had to leave out his gorgeous home in Yorba Linda, California. This real estate businessman left his home when their argument of marriage went to the police station. On the other hand, Christina and his two children- Taylor and Brayden- still now stay in California. But, he has a sharp look at them, and he visits them every week when he manages his time.

The marriage between Tarek and Christian is still alive. 

The reports of TMZ tell you this couple is trying their best to work out the dispute between them. To make their kids feel comfortable, they are going to get connected with each other. Plus, you can see hugging each other in public although this hugging looks they feel uneasy with each other. In contrast, this couple may not divorce yet. 

The divorce between this couple in January 2018 

After finishing their divorce process, both two agreed to be a co-parent for their kids. Besides, they promised to continue together whatever they were doing previously. Plus, Christina tells much false news on our divorce is on the social media platform. Most importantly, what you are noticing here is entirely bogus. 

The absolute truth I can say you are: we are normal. In addition, we two are trying to be the best co-parent and co-worker. Another important thing is: Tarek and I are best friends, and there is a lot of supportive attitude from both our families. Finally, Christina says that both we will be more supportive and look after each other whenever we have our time.  

Tarek EI Mossa’s new step with Heather Rae Young

Since Tarek has consumed a year of dating with Heather Rae Young, he is looking for the next step. This new person has spent a good amount of quality time in Orange Country and West Hollywood, California. Heather Rae Young has said Tarek’s children will be her first priority in her life. 

Individual Real Estate

Christina restored her own backyard in her Newport Beach house during the first season of “Christina on the Coast.” She paid $4.1 million for the house in 2018. Christina put the house up for sale in April 2021 for $6 million. She received $5.4 million for this house.

Christina made two significant real estate decisions in August 2021. She purchased a house in Nashville, Tennessee, for $2.5 million at the beginning of August. And Christina spent $10.3 million buying a house in Dana Point, California, in the middle of August.

FAQs of tarek el moussa net worth

How much is Tarek El Moussa net worth in 2022? 

With the help of countless net worth mechanisms, the most popular and eye-attracting Tarek El Moussa net worth is worth $ 29 million, according to 2022. In comparison with the previous years, his earing has downed somewhat less than his ex-Christian has earned. His ex-Christian net worth is about $12 million.

How much has Tarek El Moussa made on Flipping 101?


Tarek El Moussa has already gained massive fame by showcasing his brilliant performance on the audience-attractive TV series- Flip or Flop. In 2020, HGTV premiered the new solo series named Flipping 101 of Tarek El Moussa, and his contribution to this series was mind-blowing. 

But sorry to say that the authority has not yet uncovered how much he has earned on this show. On the other hand, fans can understand how much he has received from his solo new series compared to his ex Christina’s per episode income. Christina has claimed worth $50,000 per episode, according to Country Living.

Is Tarek El Moussa a published author? 

Tarek El Moussa has gathered a wide range of experiences from his ups and downs in life. Plus, his trying moments had shown countless ways of how he would get ahead facing all pressures. With his outstanding experience, he published a self-help book, and the title of that book was “Flip your life: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities.” 

He has highlighted some hurtful events he faced in life. Moreover, the biggest lesson he had master from his crisis is: convert your crisis into a great opportunity. This means he strived with full passion translating his career and life into another shape and explore how he can be a real estate businessman and a famous TV Star. So if you have access to read this, then you will experience he has collected a lot of adventurous travel he has made on this book. 


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