Heart failure in the elderly: methods of prevention

Heart failure in the elderly is a very complex disease that can lead to more serious health problems:

  1. Signs and symptoms of heart failure
  2. Modern live-in care services as a method of prevention
  3. Care for the elderly in the nursing home GalaxyHomeCareNY

The boarding house for the elderly provides quality services from professionals who will help get rid of heart disease, mortality, and other negative factors. The cost of a private nursing home in Chernihiv is distinguished by its affordability since the prices for services here are much lower than those of other companies and organizations offering services of a similar nature.

The staff of the nursing home in Cherkasy will help prevent the possible onset and development of heart failure, which will increase the chances of a positive outcome after the detection of symptoms. Doctors of the GalaxyHomeCareNY network of private nursing homes for the elderly will be able to recognize all the symptoms and prescribe the course of the necessary treatment.

Signs and symptoms of heart failure

The doctors of the private nursing home GalaxyHomeCareNY will be able to quickly identify the first signs and symptoms of heart failure, of which the following can be distinguished:

  • Issues with the respiratory system. Very often there is shortness of breath;
  • Constant feeling of fatigue;
  • Swelling of all limbs in any condition of an elderly person, including at rest, rest.
  • All the above symptoms occur gradually in the patient.

In most cases, patients begin to show the first signs in the form of:

  • Constant dizziness;
  • Constant feeling of fatigue in any condition;
  • At any physical activity, even active rest, a rather high heart rate begins to be observed.

Properly selected preventive measures will help prevent the possible occurrence and development of the disease. Preventive measures should be aimed at keeping a person physically active. In this case, achieving good, high-quality, and effective results in the shortest possible time will be possible. For more information about at home aged care services head over to My Home Care.


Methods of prevention

At the moment, there is a wide list of different preventive measures, each of which has advantages. The use of additional means, equipment, and tools will increase the effectiveness of the fight against the disease of any nature.

Of the main measures aimed at remedying the situation, the following should be noted:

  • First, you need to get rid of bad habits: smoking and drinking alcohol. The very next day, as you give up addictions, you will feel much better;
  • Take up any kind of sport. Even half an hour of physical activity can significantly improve the situation;
  • Try to be more in the fresh air. This will boost your immune system, saturate the body with the necessary amount of oxygen;
  • Follow diets designed for the heart and blood vessels. Try to use less salt and sugar, foods that contain carbohydrates, and pastries. On the other hand, you can add vegetables and fruits, meat and fish, and low-fat dairy products to your diet;
  • Watch your weight, make a daily routine for yourself and try to stick to it. The sleep of the elderly should be at least seven hours;
  • Try not to participate in conflict situations, avoid stressful situations, and periodically need to be observed by a specialist. The doctor prescribed a preventive course. It should be noted that the course can be obtained after receiving tests from the patient.
  • Try to follow all the above recommendations, and follow a healthy lifestyle plan. And here the risk of possible development of heart failure will be minimal.

Care for the elderly in the nursing home GalaxyHomeCareNY

The nursing home has all the necessary equipment, facilities, and equipment that allow you to quickly and efficiently cope with problems of a different nature. Doctors and specialists have long proven their competence, experience, and high level of professionalism, which is reflected in numerous reviews from customers. Statistics show that most often issues associated with heart failure occur in elderly people aged 80-90 years. Doctors can determine the main methods of care in the treatment.

Everyone can use the services in one of the leading private homes for the elderly in the country. The services are distinguished not only by their high level but also by their accessibility. You can be sure that doctors will do everything possible to get rid of the concern. You can contact the specialists in any way convenient for everyone. To place an elderly person, just leave a request.

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Ways to prevent heart disease

Please note that the methods we offer and introduce to our clients for the prevention of heart disease will help you not only protect your heart from harmful effects but also lead a healthy lifestyle in general, protecting your entire body.

  • Physical activity. If you think that sport is only for certain categories of people, then try to devote at least 40 minutes a day to a slow walk, going swimming in the pool, or riding a bike. It is important that every day you try to move more and keep your body in shape, not to become an Olympic champion;
  • Proper nutrition – doctors and scientists around the world are probably tired of writing about this point. This is a critical point for health in general, and for your heart in particular. Do not abuse sweets and salt, and limit the consumption of red meat and flour. Instead, eat more vegetables, fruits, fish, etc.;
  • Healthy sleep – we think that no one should explain the importance of healthy sleep for the human body. If you are constantly tired and sleepless, it is hardly possible to talk about good health and good health. You should focus not only on the duration of sleep and the time when you go to bed and wake up but also on the choice of quality and proper sleeping place. Believe me, a lot depends on which mattress and pillow you choose, so you should not save on it;
  • The regime of the day also matters. Do not sit at the workplace all day without moving, eat only in the evening and go to bed late – all this adds up to stress for the body, and in particular for your heart;
  • No stress, so good mood. Depression and stress at work, at home, or anywhere else are what leads to diseases of the heart, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, and more, so say no to stress and depression;

In the end, we emphasize once again the need for medical supervision, this is what can protect you from the most severe consequences of heart disease.

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